Apple Honey - popular summer variety


Apples are a useful and tasty fruit. There are many varieties of apple trees, among whichthey are isolated with Honey.

It belongs to the category of common fruit trees in the Russian Federation.


Table of contents

  • Description of the summer grade Honey
    • Characteristics of wood and fruit
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Terms of ripening and harvesting
  • Where to buy seedlings?
  • The region of natural growth and adaptation in other regions
  • Rules for planting seedlings
  • Care
  • Diseases and pests of apple trees
  • Reviews of gardeners about apples Medunitsa

Description of the summer grade Honey

Apple Honey has the second name Medunitsa. It was bred by breeders from the Moscow State University named after VM Lomonosov.

Plantbelongs to the category of summer high-yielding varieties. The choice of the growing region of the tree is influenced by climatic conditions. Honey apple is a winter hardy plant. It is able to fully transfer the temperature to -35-40 degrees.

To grow apple trees is best in the south of the Russian Federation. Climatic conditions of Siberia apple tree is poorly tolerated.

Lungwortcharacterized by abundant fruit bearing. The plant is pollinated by insects. The first fruits on the plant appear 4-5 years after planting.

Harvesting in August. The fruits of the apple ripen at the same time. After harvesting, it is stored for two months.

Characteristics of wood and fruit

The tree is large and has a wide pyramidal crown. It is characterized by the presence of a branched root system, which is not affected by closely located groundwater.

The tree has green foliage, which is characterized by the original form. The branches of the tree have a skeleton type.

Apple-tree apple is a summer dessert variety

The apple tree isresistant to pests and diseases. The tree is characterized by the presence of shoots of round shape and brown color.

The leaves on the shoots are characterized by different sizes and a matte-green color. In the center of the leaf there is a bending plate.

Apple Honey is a summer dessert variety. With the use of the fruit of the plant, jam is prepared. Apples are juicy, soused for making juice.

Thanks to honey taste and pleasant aromaeat fruits in fresh form.

During the storage of apples, the loss of their taste qualities is not observed. The fruits of the plant do not fall apart independently during the ripening period.

Advantages and disadvantages

Apple Honey has its advantages and disadvantages.To the pluses of the plant include unpretentiousness to cultivationand ease of care. The apple tree has tasty and large fruits.

Despite the fact that this is a summer variety,its fruits, in comparison with other types of apple trees, are stored for two months. If the apples are put in the refrigerator, then the storage period increases.

The disadvantage of the plant isconstant need for the formation of the crown. The root system of the tree is protected from stagnation of water. The bark of young trees is damaged by rodents, and therefore requires close protection, especially in the winter.

Apple tree needs constant pruning. This procedure is not convenient when the tree reaches a considerable size.

Pruning of the tree is carried out in March immediately after bud blossoming. After this, only adjusting point pruning of the branches is carried out.


Terms of ripening and harvesting

Apple Honey is a summer variety, which ripens in August. Often there is a simultaneous ripening of the fruits of the plant. In the conditions of shading, the fruit ripens gradually.

The indisputable advantage of apple trees is thatits fruits do not crumble. Harvesting is performed during the maturation period manually.

The advantage of Honey is that the ripe fruit of the apple tree does not crumble

Where to buy seedlings?

Buy Apple Honey seedlings offered in various outlets. In this case, you may be deceived by slipping another plant variety.

thereforeit is recommended to buy trees in organizations that are engaged in growing seedlings.


The region of natural growth and adaptation in other regions

The most favorable regions for growing a tree- Ukraine and Belarus. Jablon Honey is grown in Russia. The southern regions of the country are the most favorable for this.

Apple tree simply adapts to new localities while providing it with optimal growing conditions.


Rules for planting seedlings

To plant apple seedlings, it is recommended to select nutrient and fertile soils. It is best to give preference to loams that have a good drainage system and water permeability.

For planting a plantyou need to choose a well-lit place. Optimum growth of the seedling will be ensured only if the rules for its disembarkation are fulfilled:

  1. Since the Honey apple has a large crown, the distance between the trees should be at least 5 meters.
  2. A few weeks before the planting, a pit is dug out, which should be twice as large as the root system of the seedling. At the bottom of the pit, fertilizer is poured into the slide.
  3. Before the apple tree is planted around the apple tree, the soil is dug, which will ensure its air permeability.
  4. Planting of the seedling is carried out in such a way that above the soil level the root neck protrudes by 7-9 centimeters. It is strictly forbidden to cover it with soil.
  5. To strengthen the seedling in the first two years, it is attached to an even cola. This will not only ensure the formation of a flat crown, but also protects the tree from gusts of wind.
  6. After the tree is planted, several buckets of water are poured under it.

The rational planting of apple-tree Honey is a guarantee of rapid growth and proper formation of the crown.

For planting apple-tree Honey choose a well-lit place


Apple Honey needs regular care. The rules of care are simple, which allows them to perform even an inexperienced gardener.

Honey apple - thisnon-demanding watering plant. This is due to the fact that the tree takes its root system to groundwater. With a prolonged period of drought, apple trees should be better watered.

Depending on the age of the tree, 5 buckets of water are poured under it. Watering should be uniform, as the plant does not like waterlogging the soil.

To stimulate the growth of the tree after landing, fertilizers are applied under it. The procedure is carried out in the spring. For this purpose, sodium humate is used. In autumn, they fertilize the apple tree with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

To stimulate the growth of plants use fertilizers, which include nitrogen. Fertilize the apple tree in accordance with the instructions on the fertilizer package.

Apple tree needs preparation for wintering. A few weeks before the onset of frost in a radius of 10 centimeters lay out solid fertilizers.

In the snowy winter around the trunk of the plant form a snow pile. In winter, young trees are tied to a peg.

The process of caring for the apple-tree Honey is simple, which allows it to be performed by anyone.

Apple Honey is undemanding to watering, needs preparation for wintering

Diseases and pests of apple trees

Despite the stability of the apple honey to pests and diseases,she is sick in the severe winter.

That's why for preventionit is recommended to spend an autumn and spring whitewash of a trunk. To avoid the appearance of a scab, the tree is treated with insecticides.

In winter, the tree bark is damaged by rodents. That is whyThe trunk of a tree is wound with a roofing felt or lapnik in the autumn.

Reviews of gardeners about apples Medunitsa

Nikolai: "I grow on my site 5 trees apple-tree variety of honey. It has a delicious fruit. Thanks to the rich harvest, not only my family and I enjoy the taste of fruits, but also other people. In the season I sell apples in the market and earn money. "

Ivan: "I like the apple-tree with the fact that it has a rich harvest, which is enough for my whole family. I planted a tree 7 years ago. Two years later it began to bear fruit. I liked the pleasant honey taste of apples. Next year I plan to plant another tree. "

Anna: "I love gardening. At me in a garden only sound trees which have tasty fruits. There was a place on my site and for apple honey. Every year it gives me a rich harvest every August. Fruits from the tree I take off weight up to 200 grams. I like the fact that regardless of the weather conditions, apples are large and juicy. I like to enjoy the pleasant taste of fruits, especially with honey. I like that the apple tree does not need painstaking care. "

Leonid: "Apple Honey was on my site when I bought it. I first wanted to cut it, but when she gave a harvest, and I tried the apples - I changed my mind, although the tree hinders me a little. Well, delicious apples and a pleasant aroma. I keep them after harvesting for almost two months, but the taste remains the same - sweet and pleasant. I am satisfied with the simplicity in the care of the apple tree. "

Medunitsa is a universal apple tree, which is characterized by summer fruit bearing. The tree is unpretentious to the conditions and is distinguished by a high yield.

Caring for an apple tree is easy, that any gardener can do.

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