Description varieties of apple Delight

Variety Uslada became widespread not so long ago, but gardeners and gardeners have already managed to fall in love with these wonderful pink apples for their great taste and unpretentiousness in care.

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  • Description of the apple variety Delight
    • Pros and cons of the
    • variety Disadvantages
  • Planting rules
  • Pruning
  • Storage
  • Diseases and pests
  • Conclusion

Description of the apple variety Assured and pests
  • Description of
  • AppearanceThe variety of apples was discovered and brought out by the famous breeder Isaev, a follower and disciple of Michurin. The essence of his research was that he crossed wild and cultivated varieties of apples, trying to get all the advantages of one and another species in one variety.

    In 1961, research and experiments were successfully completed. They passed in the research laboratory of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Immediately after this, the test samples were placed in natural habitat conditions. It was found that the Uslada apple variety is an ideal choice for those people whose gardens and summer cottages are located in rainy regions.

    The variety is not susceptible to scab ( a disease that occurs due to the large amount of moisture).In addition, these apples safely endure the winter, so they will not have to worry about their freshness.

    By itself, the tree does not grow large, a maximum of 3 or 4 meters, so the variety of apple delight is sometimes called dwarf. The crown of such an apple tree will be round for the first years, and then stretch out into an oval. Krona will have to constantly form and prune, as the branches grow too thick.

    Fruiting the tree does not begin immediately, you have to wait several years from the moment of purchase, before the tree grows stronger and fruits appear on it. But then, when the apple tree begins to bear fruit in full force, it will be possible to observe regular harvests on it.

    If the crown growth is allowed to drift free and not pruning, this will significantly harm the yield process, the apples will grow in different sizes and vary greatly in taste.

    The apples themselves are green, the sides are beautiful, bright crimson. The color of apples is solid, they keep well on the tree, so they will not crumble and be damaged. On the skin you can see dots. Under the skin, the pulp is mostly white, without any blotches, sometimes it can be a little pinkish in ripe apples. The apples themselves are large, growing on strong apple trees weighing up to 170 grams.

    Apple varieties Uslada

    As for the taste of this apple, the name speaks for itself. The variety is considered an elite, usually used for cooking sweet and dessert dishes. Real gourmets can catch raspberry notes in the taste of apples. The flesh is dense, juicy. Apples are well stored, can be put aside for eating as raw, and let them to prepare various preparations for the winter.

    Apart from the fact that Uslada apples are beautiful and tasty, they contain a large amount of vitamins. These apples can be used by those people who, due to health restrictions, require dietary nutrition.

    Pros and cons of the variety

    What are the advantages of this variety of apples?

    1. tolerates winter.
    2. Not susceptible to disease.
    3. This grade is not afraid of moisture, and, accordingly, scab disease.
    4. Stable and large yields( if there are many apple trees of this variety in the garden, then you can think about growing apples not only for yourself, but also for commercial purposes).
    5. Apple tree does not require strong care .
    6. Grows well and bears fruit in the central regions.
    Although the apple tree is rarely considered to be ill, it is still not worthwhile to provoke some diseases of the tree itself. For example, after the leaves fall, it must be completely removed so that no harmful insects, parasites and rodents do not spread there.

    Disadvantages of

    The only disadvantage of this variety is that annually has to cut off extra branches and form an crown. Of course, this is a burdensome task, especially when the tree is not small.

    It is necessary to skillfully wield a saw and pruner, to have some skill, but it can be said with confidence that all these difficulties and inconveniences can compensate for incredibly tasty apples of Delight that you can enjoy all autumn and part of winter.

    Size of ripe apples

    Planting rules

    Before making a decision about planting apples, it is necessary to carefully analyze the weather conditions and the area in which the planting is planned.

    If it comes to the southern regions, where the main soil is black soil, then it is necessary to plant apples of this variety late, almost at the end of autumn, in October.

    As for the central part of Russia, they should be planted in spring, at the time when the entire harvest occurs.

    1. Young saplings brought from the nursery( and they are best to buy there, since the probability of an unfortunate mistake or that you are simply deceived by unscrupulous sellers is reduced to zero), should be planted in the previously prepared loose soil.
    2. After the apple tree was planted in the ground, it is necessary to water the soil and fertilize it with manure. You need to understand that it will be necessary to fertilize an apple tree every season. A good fertilizer for apple varieties Uslada is wood ash. In the spring Apple Delight is recommended to be fed with nitrogen fertilizers, it helps to scare away insects and other pests.
    3. In order for the apple tree to grow and produce stable yields, you need to choose the right place for its planting. With , you need to sharpen it where there is a sufficient amount of shade and the sun is not too bright.
    4. To prevent a small and fragile sapling from falling down, you need to place a special steady peg next to it, drive it into the ground and carefully but firmly tie the plant to it. In this case, the trunk of the tree should not be in contact with the plane of the peg.
    5. During the life of an apple, it is customary to ensure that the soil beneath it dries out, otherwise the root system will suffer and the apple tree will die.
    6. The root system of the apple trees is superficial, so the roots need to be carefully covered for the winter with humus and spruce branches, otherwise the apple tree will not suffer the fierce Russian winter and, again, will die.
    In any case, Uslada sorts of apple trees are planted when the soil is moist.

    The variety of apples Delight is self-pollinating, therefore, in order for pollination to occur to a sufficient extent, the apple trees of this variety are planted next to other apple trees of any variety, however, pollination will occur when you plant a Pear or Papia next to the Delight.

    Apples Delight on the bush

    No need to plant the apples away from each other, it will impede the process of pollination. If you plant one apple tree and do not take care of the apple trees in the neighborhood, then there will simply be no harvest, or it will literally have a few apples.


    1. Pruning should be done only in the spring.
    2. First you need to inspect the entire apple tree for the presence of dry branches that appeared during the winter. They are no longer needed for the tree, they will create an additional load on healthy branches, so dry ones will have to be cut first. Cut them to healthy wood, do not leave dry ends on the branches.
    3. In order for the cut branches not to hurt, they must be lubricated with a special liquid , which is sold in a garden shop.
    4. Krone should try to give an oval shape, do not leave too long and too short branches.
    Since the Uslada apple tree is a low tree, it is pruned without much effort.


    Apple trees bring their first harvest in late August - early September. If there is a desire for apples to lie in storage, then you need to pick them slightly unripe, then they are stored for about a month, over-ripe apples will not lie.

    In addition, cannot be stored for storage apples with broken sides, wormholes and other defects. These apples rot themselves, in which they can spoil and those that lie nearby.

    Apple harvest

    Diseases and pests

    Apple variety Uslada is one of the leaders in resisting various diseases, and not only scab, but also various fungal diseases and pests.

    Since the apple tree does not require any special care, you only need to buy a solution for the prevention of diseases in the store and annually treat the tree trunk with it( this solution is somewhat like whitewash).


    Thus, the variety of apples Delight is a delicious delicacy, which is to the taste of both children and adults. Beautiful red-green apples with a pleasant sourness can be easily grown on your own plot, as the tree does not require any special care, and the apples grow lovely.

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