How to remove the top cover from the washing machine

Disconnecting the top panel often causes difficulties for ordinary users. But, once having removed the top cover yourself, you will see that there is nothing complicated in it, and for ever remember the easy sequence of actions. You do not need professional skills, expensive and rare tools, a lot of time.

Use our recommendations and you will learn how to remove the top cover of the washing machine.

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  • 2Rare cases

Removing the cover

Often the need for dismantling work occurs when a breakdown inside the shell. If you are confronted with a breakdown of the washing machine, you need to understand the cause of the malfunction - here it will be necessary to disassemble. In many cases, it begins with the removal of the lid.

If you are interested in which washing machines the top cover is removed, the first answer to the question will be: for CM with front loading. In the article, we will consider whether it is possible to do this on our own.

With regard to brands and models, it happens that under one brand there are different model series, in which the covers are removed in different ways, and maybe not removed at all.

If your machine is not older than 10 years, the top cover in it must necessarily be removed.

Removing the top cover of the washing machine does not require careful preparation, and from the tools you will need only a screwdriver - give preference to the cross type.

Important! The upper panel is bolted to the rear. Therefore, if your stylalka is installed close to the wall, you need to push the machine.

Do not forget about safety: before removing the cover, unplug the power cord, pulling the plug from the outlet. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Pull out the machine for convenience, and unscrew the fixing bolts (located at the rear).
  2. Slightly move the panel back, slightly pushing it.
  3. When it comes out of its grooves, you can easily remove it.
  4. Now nothing prevents you from getting inside the SM casing to make the necessary checks and repairs.

Knowing how to open the top cover of the washing machine, you automatically get an idea of ​​how to close it. To replace the panel, it is necessary to put the front part in the grooves and push it forward. At the very end of the fastening screws.

Rare cases

Above we considered the removal of the upper part of the machines, which provided a classic fastening of the top cover. But what if you have a lid attached differently?

This question is often asked by the owners of washing machines of such brands as Ardo. As in the standard case, it will be necessary to unscrew the fixing bolts. But further actions are radically different:

  • After removing the screws, lift the back of the cover slightly upwards.
  • Continuing to lift the panel, slide it forward, moving relative to the body of the machine.
  • You can move the part, doing operations only at a certain angle. If it does not work out for the first time, try again and again until you "catch" the right degree.

In machines Bosch and Siemens, released long ago, the panels are also attached differently. In modern models, there are no difficulties with the removal, but with the "old ladies" it is necessary to tinker:

  1. Find the fixing bolts. They are not located behind, but on the front panel and are hidden by plugs.
  2. After unscrewing the fasteners, lift the panel and pull forward relative to the body of the AGR. As in the previous case, it is necessary to search for a suitable angle for easy removal of the panel.

To thoroughly understand how to properly disassemble the body, starting from the top of the machine, look at the training video, and you definitely will succeed:

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