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The roof of the building is a complex engineering structure. Roof aerator is an element of air exchange and removal of excess moisture from the layer of thermal insulation and structural elements.

Consequences of improper roof installation

Roofing is created to protect the structure from atmospheric precipitation. It crowns the building, it should be aesthetic and perform protective functions for the entire structure. The quality materials used to build the roof will be powerless in damp, stagnant air. So, only 3% of the moisture obtained by the mineral wool, used for thermal insulation, will violate its main function. The wooden rafters will rot, the corners will be covered with mold. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the ventilation of the roof in advance, at the design stage.

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The manufacturer of roof aerators Tehnonikol purposefully conquers an extensive market of building materials. Production was started in 1994 on the basis of the Vyborg roofing plant. Today, the company is the first in the country to launch an enterprise for the production of heat insulation material PIR, popular in the West. Next is the launch of the fifth plant of basalt mineral wool.

Technonikol is the first enterprise in the industry that provides not only a guarantee for certain types of products for a period of 10 years, but also a liability insurance.

Roof aerator helps to remove excess moisture from under the rafter space. But in order to warm the heated air in the upper part under the ridge, it is necessary to organize an inflow in the lower zone of the cornice. As the supply air ventilation works:

  • dormer windows;
  • subcranial cracks;
  • ventilation chambers.
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On the top of the installation of exhaust pipes or slots of a special design, called aerators for the roof. The design of air exchange elements depends on the type of roof. Soft is called a flat or a small slope design, when on a solid foundation lay a vapor barrier, a roll or matt insulation and a protective coating based on bituminous mixtures.

If the soft roof does not have enough air exchange, it quickly collapses, will not keep heat, there will be leaks on the inside of the ceiling. Inevitably, water vapor from the heated dwelling through the ceiling penetrates into the layer of mineral wool. There, cooling, the moisture condenses, wetting the heater. The water can not rise above, the bitumen roof interferes. So the insulation becomes unusable. The moisture that separates it passes down through the overlap.

The soaked mineral wool insulation after its drying does not restore the volume, which means that the fibers are compressed, and the air channels do not work. To restore the insulation, the material needs to be replaced.

The protective layer itself does not always lie densely on the bitumen. In some places there are swellings in which atmospheric air is located. The moisture condenses, then freezes and breaks the fragile basis. Coverage has become unusable if the air exchange conditions were not met during the installation phase.

How to create aeration of a finished soft roof

In the air there are always molecules of water. In the room every person evaporates a liter of liquid per day, then it also conducts economic activity. Steam rises and penetrates the roof. To get rid of dampness on the roof you can:

  • drain condensate to the heater;
  • gradual weathering of excess moisture with removal into the open space.
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Create a hood at the top of the roof, if it is gable, a ridge aerator for the soft roof of the technonikol will help. The device is linear, consisting of an angular linear element spaced from the ramp to the height of the ribs. The resulting gap is covered by a sealant through which air passes, but insects do not fly. From the top, the plastic profile element is closed by the material intended for the decoration of the ridge. If you use ventilation tapes inside the waterproofing and skate aerators together, then this will be an air exchange system.

Roof aerator for a soft roof can be a point if there is no slope on the flat roof, or the ramp is long, more than 15 meters. Then they establish a continuous ridge and point aerators. In this case, the point aerators are located on the line, which is at a distance from the upper point by -0.8 meters. If the roof with a special configuration, the points are planned by the designers, having studied the possibility of attic air exchange.


Types of point aerators

If the roof is flat, single-skinned or made as an extension to the wall, you will need to use point aerators for a soft roof.

They are produced by different manufacturers, have different designs and efficiency:

  1. Aerator CATV is a low structure raised on one side of the pocket on the solid sole. An elevated "tongue" forms a slot, decorated with a protective grille. Through it, and air comes out. Each device is able to create a hood with 20 m2 of area.
  2. The KTV valve represents a pipe on the sole, covered with tiles on top of the roof color and taken in a grid. Airgun with a larger cross-section provides 40 m2 under roof ventilation.
  3. High structures are required when the roof is covered with snow and low-lying slots can be buried. High elements are in the form of a pipe, covered with a cap. They can have a section of 75, 11, 60 mm, set on a ridge or ramp under a slope of 14 and 27 degrees, such is the angle of the sole. An example of such an element is the aeronik roofing Tehnonikol with a size of 160x460 mm.
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Sequence of installation of a point aerator on a soft roof

Install the aerator roofing can be in the process of construction. If the need arises during the operation of the building, it is possible to install air vents, but it will be necessary to seal the mating parts. The best way to improve the air exchange is to install an aerator on the soft roof. Operating procedure:

  • in the design through, a hole is cut to the layer of waterproofing along the diameter of the tube of the aerator;
  • check the condition of the insulation, if necessary, replace it to increase the insulation effect;
  • the sole of the aerator is pressed against the base, the density is provided by a layer of mastic;
  • the skirt is fixed with screws;
  • waterproofing the damaged surface.

Placement of aerators is chosen based on greater vulnerability. On the flat roof, these points are considered to be the docking points of the base. Universal for installation on blood with a slope will be high aerators. To effective turbine models include aerator roofing technonikol eko 160h450 mm. Its design allows you to install inside the electric fan, thereby creating a forced acceleration of air exchange.

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