How to choose a lawn mower to care for a manor house

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Before choosing a lawn mower you need to carefully and impartially inspect the property. The work will be fun if the tool failsafe to perform all the functions. The choice of technique depends on the condition of the lawn, the terrain and the size of the plot. There are self-propelled models, and driven by the power of the hands. For an even large lawn, a lawnmower-robot or raider is suitable.

Criteria for choosing a tool for herbal care

First it is necessary to determine approximately the area of ​​the field, and what kind of grass it is sown. On an even lawn, any technique will work, the encountered thickets of lignified perennial stems will not be subject to each cutter. The choice is affected by the width of the cultivated space between the flower beds and along the fences, whether the grass is growing close to the fence. These characteristics are important when choosing a lawn mower.

Determine on what energy the mower will work, means to plan the costs, conditions of maintenance and use of machinery.

The choice depends on the user:

  • electric network drive;
  • accumulator motor;
  • petrol 2 or 4 stroke engine;
  • manual mechanical device.

In addition, the way of movement is important - the wheel mechanism or the sucker mechanism is more suitable in your case.

Choosing a dacha mower

We will discuss what to choose a lawnmower for giving, if there is a standard plot with beds, trees and flower beds. There is nowhere to turn around the technology with the wheels. You have to sway the roadside near the fence, the passages along the paths, the trunks of trees. Need a trimmer - a scythe with a barbell. Such a tool can be powered from the network or have a gasoline engine. The petrol two-stroke engine works very noisily, but it is not tied to the mains by a cord. You can work on the dew and after the rain.

There will always be flammable mixtures in the pantry, which is dangerous if there are ubiquitous children at home.

The electric trimmer is much lighter than the gasoline trim, and cheaper, which is important. But in order to reach the corners you will need to buy a coil with an extension cord. With electricity, you can not work in wet weather, by dew or after rain.

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If your dacha has a lawn of weave for three, then you will need wheeled vehicles. How to choose a lawn mower for giving and garden a small area depends on the financial possibilities. Well-known manufacturers sell lawn four-wheeled vehicles from 19 thousand rubles, depending on the equipment and brand. Mechanical wheel mowers can be purchased at a lower price.

Selection of the unit for a country estate

Then she and the manor, so that the owner could look around with a well-groomed lawn with elements of landscape design. In the fashion of alpine hills, group planting, but the tone is set by a well-groomed lawn. And the question is how to choose a lawnmower of a prestigious brand that works efficiently. You can use an electric trimmer to handle the adjacent territory. For mowing grass along the fence, this is the most effective tool.

Among gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers there are two and four-stroke models. Four-stroke - more economical and have a long service life.

For an even lawn with a slight slope of up to 25, it's best to choose a self-propelled lawn mower with a petrol four-stroke engine. Depending on the presence of hills or an absolutely level platform, the size of the rear wheels is selected. If the wheels are larger, the handling of the unit is higher. But with a big bias, the diesel engine will have problems - a tank with fuel in an inclined position will flow.

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Therefore, on the steep slopes, a trimmer or a battery lawnmower can work. Well-known manufacturers have already anticipated how to choose a lawnmower for an uneven suburban area. A few shifted cent of gravity and high rear wheels make the slope handling comfortable.


Characteristics affecting the functionality of the lawn mower

First of all, the ability to perform the required amount of work depends on the power of the instrument. Trimmer can be mowed for a day no more than 3 hectare, and the self-propelled machine processes up to, ha. But the more powerful the mower, the more expensive and heavier it is.

From the power often depends on what width of the lawn can the mechanism handle in one pass. How to choose a lawn mower on the width of the cutting will tell the size of the site and the presence of narrow strips, where a wide tool will be difficult to squeeze. The width of the deck is decisive for the layout of the hull and platform.

The case is preferable to metal, but modern plastics are inferior to metals in strength, but they aesthetically benefit. It is necessary to pay attention to how much the wheels protrude beyond the body line. Ideally, they should be in the same contour.

Already managed lawn mowers are robots that have software installed at a remote command post. Sitting in the office, you can give a command from the phone and the lawn will be processed.

It is especially important to choose a tool with a knife made of hard high-carbon steel. It will not be blunted longer, and the cut will be sharp, the lawn after treatment will not be covered with yellow coating. It is good, if in the working mechanism there is a protection, protecting from deformation at hit of a firm subject. The protective skirt must be metal.

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Choosing a lawn mower with a mulching function will make it easier to care for the lawn and leave the ground litter to feed the roots. It is important to determine the direction of discharge of waste and whether there is a collection of travosbornik. Travosborniki come in different sizes and are made of fabric or plastic. Folding handle will facilitate the transportation of the instrument to the storage location.

It is necessary to take into account, non-self-propelled models have the same rigging - four wheels, a grass collector, a cutter. The engine only works to cut grass. The wheels are propelled by the power of the hands. Such devices save up to 30% of capacity, are cheaper. For small areas - the best option.

Mechanical lawnmowers are fully operational due to the efforts of the operator. They are equipped with a rotary drum with cutters, mounted on a common axle with wheels and driven by the rotation of the wheels. The man can work such a tool.

There are lawn mowers with a seat and a large capacity, but this is already a professional technique.

Choosing a lawn mowers according to specifications and requirements - video

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