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The electric plane is technically difficult, posing a danger to unskilled hands, an instrument. The more qualitative and functional the model, the higher its cost. It is worth buying an instrument if the construction of your own home begins. Buy unprocessed boards and prostrozhgat them will come out much cheaper. For a professional, the dignity of an electric tool is known, not to be mistaken with the manufacturer.

Criteria for selecting an instrument

The purpose of the tool is to create a smooth flattened plane. To achieve the desired result, the electric plane must meet the following requirements:

  • frequency of torch rotation;
  • depth of planing in one pass;
  • width of the surface to be treated;
  • motor power.

The surface is cleaner the faster the knife rotates. The speed of rotation of the blades should be no less than 1, 00 rpm, while not falling depending on the load. The higher the rotation speed, the higher the surface finish. On the professional electric plane of Bosch and other well-known manufacturers there is an electronic power control with a constant in revolutions.

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The progenitor of modern electrical planes was manual wooden, and still alive. Even today they are doing miracles in the hands of cabinetmakers, and according to the work they perform, they are called zenzubel, face zenzubel, shpuntubel, falsgebel, additional.

The indicator of effective power is less than the nominal power of 2 times. For planing, not less than 350 watts is required. As the length of the blades increases, the resistance of the material increases. When choosing a tool, it is reasonable to buy a more powerful model. Gentle working conditions will increase the service life of the electric plane.

The width of the planing in one pass depends on the length of the cutters installed in the drum. Standard knives have the size 5 0, 10 mm. Usually they acquire a tool with a blade width of 8, 02, 110 mm. Blades are removable, inexpensive, the most budgetary - 82 mm. Optimum purchase of electrical planers with a planing width of 110 mm.

To ensure that the entire workpiece is treated equally, first you need to press more on the front handle, at the end - on the back. You can take the workpiece along the length with a margin, after processing cut edges from the ends.

What thickness of the layer of wood in one pass can be removed depends on how high the cutters protrude above the level of the cast sole. The greater the depth of immersion, the greater the power of a manual electric plane is required. Household tools are rarely adjusted to a depth of more than 3 mm because of the risk of clogging the pipe for chip removal. The smaller the cross-section of this hole, the less depth the device is designed for.

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Considerable indicators of the efficiency of work are the quality of knives and belts in the drive. The presence of a dust collector will simplify the cleaning at the end of work. The bottom of the plane must be level, but have grooves for chamfering, have an invisible to the eye, but palpable fingers to drain air.

Before you choose the electric plane completely, you need to clarify the possibility of purchasing consumables - knives and belts for the tool of a chosen brand in your region.

Which electric plane is better for choosing a lover

For use from time to time, it is best to choose the plane of the amateur series. This tool is different in value. When working, it is necessary to control the heating of the engine, not allowing the temperature on the housing 60. The quality of the electric plane, as well as of other tools, largely depends on the manufacturer. Amateur instrument company Bosch is much more reliable than Chinese production. But here there is a difference - the device released on the Chinese platform under license and under the control of the owner of the brand or assembly in the workshops with the label of the label.


Choosing an amateur hand-held electric plane of budget value you need to know:

  • quality household tools produced by Skil, Ryobi, Bosch green;
  • Manufactured in China, but under the name of well-known European and Russian brands, in Russian manufactures;
  • manufactured in China without the indication of the country of the manufacturer, with indistinct documentation and crooked stickers.

For a single use, even the third option is suitable, especially since the price of such products is much lower. With a careful attitude, even the most inexpensive model will fulfill its purpose.

An electric tool in inexperienced hands is dangerous, involving injuries. When choosing a plane, you must choose a model with the maximum closed surfaces of the cutters. Any repair and cleaning of the nozzles must be carried out with blocking from accidental starting.

A more expensive electric plane for professionals is produced by many companies. They are available to the population with an average income. Industrial machines are expensive and their acquisition is economically advantageous only when working under particularly difficult conditions. They are installed if the professional plane does not withstand the load.

For amateur use, the length of the blades is limited to 110 mm, the 150 mm electric plane is produced only in an industrial configuration.

Summing up what has been said, the gradual distribution among specialists will help in choosing the tool:

  1. The industrial class of equipment is produced under the brands Dussa, Protool, Hilti, Milwaukee.
  2. A professional plane can be purchased from the companies Bosch, AEG, Makita, Metabo, Hitachi, Kress, DeWalt.
  3. Semi-professional electric planes Sparky.
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About an amateur instrument you can not say that it is bad. The companies Interskol, Zubr, Bort and others produce high-quality products, production is developing, and they can compete with well-known brands.

However, the accepted classification explains the price policy in the woodworking tools sector, and will help determine which is better to choose an electric plane.

Examples of models of electric planes

Despite the fact that the electrical planes of Bosch PHO 20-82 for fans, green, are produced on the production site in China, they are of good quality. The banks are balanced. Adjusting the depth of planing is accurate, high-speed rotation makes the machined plane clean. There are models with a planing width of 82, 102 and 110 mm. Their price depends on the width of the knives, power and configuration. Models weighing, kg, with a capacity of 680 W, with a width of the strip of 82 cm are slightly more than 3 thousand rubles. The Bosch planers are equipped with one knife, but the drum rotates at a speed of 1, 00 revolutions. The devices have connection points for the vacuum cleaner and the chip container.

No less famous among professionals and amateurs is the manufacturer of electric planes by the company Makita. Manufacturers hold a high price for the tool, rightly believing that they are leaders in developing new tools. They are constantly working to improve security. So, the model Makita 1902 has a knife length of 82 mm. With a power of 550 W and weight, the unit operates at a speed of 1, 00 rpm. Rubikok Makita performs the finishing treatment of the blade, since the chip thickness is 1 mm. Despite the fact that the instrument is claimed as amateur, it is used by professionals. Knives and belts for planes of this brand can be bought in any most remote corner of the fatherland.

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With models of eminent brands, the company's products compete with Interskol. In 2009 the company bought the famous production of woodworking tools in Italy. In the property of the company designers and designers and a full-scale plant for the production of tools went. Therefore, the electric plane Interskol P 110 1100M is created with the latest technology, with a cast aluminum outsole. This is the first model with a knife length of 110 mm created on the basis of the model P 102 1100EM.

The weight of the tool is, kg. It can handle the surface at a speed of 1600 rpm, depth up to 3 mm. At power consumption, kW, it cleans 110 mm of the surface, has an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, a branch for removing chips. As for the equipment, the tool is not inferior to professional tools, it costs much less, just over 5 thousand rubles.

The electric plane Interskol 102 1100EM is very popular among specialists. The tool is used for the production of shaped blanks. Despite the modest speed, only 11000 rpm, electronic control contributes to a qualitative result. The machine weighs, kg, performs a cut, mm and a chamfer 15 mm. The cost of the instrument is about 4 thousand.

Electric plane Bison ZR 1300 110 is indispensable in the carpentry workshop. The power of the tool makes it possible to cut the chip thickness, mm. A high-speed knife at a speed of 1, 00 cuts even the knots that are found in the canvas flush. The electronic system maintains a constant number of revolutions under load. The tool processes wood of any density. The parallel stop allows you to select a quarter. The depth adjuster is combined with the front handle. There is a lock from accidental start. Weights plane, kg. Warranty from the manufacturer on the plane is given for 5 years.

The inexpensive electric plane Bort BFB-850-T will become an assistant to the master for the initial cleaning of the building material. A molded sole with grooves for removing frescos densely lies on the surface of the material being processed. For manual planing there is a second handle. The sole is covered with a protective shoe during idle time. Using the bed, you can turn the plane into a woodworking machine. The width of processing in one pass is 82 mm. Thickness of chips up to 3 mm. The rotational speed of the knife drum is 16500 rpm. The weight of the plane is 3 kg, the price is 3350 rubles.

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