Codes of errors in the refrigerator Atlant: what does it mean what to do

The errors of the refrigerator "Atlant" make it possible to understand the cause of the breakdown. If your model has an electronic control system, you will find the fault codes on the display. Their decoding is in the instruction manual and in the table below. Having learned the meaning of the code, you will find a malfunction and you can eliminate it yourself.

Codes of errors of the refrigerator "Atlant"

What if the technician gives an error? First of all reboot the system: disconnect from the network for 10-15 minutes, after again look at the display. The icons disappeared from the screen? So, the reason for the system failure. If it's lit up again, then it's time to examine our table.

DTC What does How to fix the problem
F1 In refrigerators with electronic control the air sensor does not work. Check the wiring and the tightness of the connection of the sensor contacts. Replace the part if it breaks.
F2 There is no signal from the evaporator sensor. Inspect the wiring harness from the main module to the sensor, if there is any damage. Check the contacts. Install serviceable parts.
F3 The sensor does not work in the freezer compartment. Diagnose and replace broken parts.
F4 Insufficient voltage in the network: below 170 volts. We must wait until the voltage is restored. Experts recommend a large-scale equipmentinstall stabilizers.
F5 Increased voltage in the network: above 260 volts. When the voltage is exceeded by 10%, the control board displays error F5 to protect the components of the refrigerator from combustion. Malfunction can not be eliminated by the service center. Help preventive work in electronic networks, replacement of wiring in the house. Also installation of the stabilizer.
F6 The two-compartment refrigerator got a malfunction of the motor of the refrigerating compartment. If the technician has completely stopped working, carry out the diagnostics of the electronic module:
  • Remove the starter relay from the compressor.
  • Connect the refrigerator to the mains.
  • On the panel, set the clock to -2.
  • Follow the changes.
  • Is the time reset? Hence, the reason for the voltage drops.
  • Is it showing the code again? There were problems with the module.

It is necessary to repair the defective item.

F7 Breakdown compressor freezer.
Flashing L The temperature in the freezer or refrigerator is too low. Adjust the thermostat value.
Flashing H In the chambers, the temperature is exceeded.

The reasons for the occurrence of the error H should be discussed separately. Situations that do not require repair:

  • Closed compartment door. Press it harder.
  • Accidentally rotated temperature controller, too high a value.
  • If you checked the first two items, but H continues to flash, defrost the refrigerator - at least 24 hours.

What else could the code cause:

  • The lamp does not turn off when the door is closed. Then it begins to heat the inner space of the chamber. It is necessary to check and replace the switch, clean the contacts.
  • Loading a large number of products. Wait for about half an hour, until they cool down and in the office the microclimate will recover.

It is not recommended to put hot dishes in the refrigerator. This will lead to the accumulation of condensate and the formation of ice on the walls.

  • Deformation, wear, contamination of the door seal. Restore the form of the sealant can be hot water: water the rubber with a thin trickle. You can clean it with soapy water. At deterioration it is necessary to replace an element.
  • Broken rosette, fork leaves. Check the network connection.

When you can not do without a specialist:

  • Leak of gas-freon.A system is inspected, along which the refrigerant circulates: capillaries, valves, filters. If the capillary tube is in oil, this indicates a leakage of the refrigerant. It is necessary to eliminate leaks and refuel the system with gas.
  • Motor Compressor Problems. If you notice that the compressor is running without stopping and is not turned off for rest, conduct the diagnostics.
  • Clogging in the capillary pipeline. You need to clean the system.

Do not panic when the code appears on the display. Problems can be eliminated by summoning the master or with your own efforts.

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