How to quickly and easily plant potatoes

There are various ways to grow potatoes. The main thing is to choose one planting method that will correspond to a certain region of growth and will be comfortable for a gardener. After all, if the successfully chosen method is quite possible to collect 700 kg.with one cottage weave.


  • Various methods potato planting
    • Traditional under shovel
    • As planted in ridges
    • In
    • furrows Under count
    • Method according Mitlayderu
    • unusual Chinese way
    • checkrow embodiment
    • The barrel
    • landing Species in ridges
    • sadim in
    • trench under black
    • film Smooth planting
    • In the box
    • Breakdown of these methods into traditional and new
  • General moments
    • How sowing of potatoes occurs
    • How does the planting of the potatofella
    • Which varieties are suitable for planting potatoes
    • Tips for quickly planting potatoes
    • How to make beds

Different methods of planting potatoes

Whatever method is chosen, the main thing is to follow all the rules recommended for planting with a specific method. It has also been known for a long time that the increased yield

has always depended on the planting method successfully chosen.

The yield depends directly on what planting method is chosen

Traditional for a shovel

For this method, the soil for planting potatoes must be prepared in the fall. The plot is dug up by hand on the bayonet of the shovel and nitrogen fertilizers are applied. You can use rotted manure, ash and urea.

In the spring, such a site will no longer require digging, but it will be necessary to level the ground with a rake, getting rid of large clods of soil.

Planted at the time of the dissolution of the buds on the birch .This will mean that the earth is warm enough to not destroy the culture. You can plant the beds directly at the eye of the digging holes, and you can use the twine and pegs to make the markings and then the rows will be even.

Rows dig at a distance of 70 cm from each other. Tubers for planting choose not a large size 4 cm in diameter and they must be healthy. Before planting, planting material should be germinated within two weeks.

It is convenient to plant by applying the method to two people - one digs pits with a depth of no more than 10 cm, and the other spreads the potatoes in the wells with sprouts up. Put compost on top and not a lot of ash.

Under a shovel

Soil when digging the next hole is thrown on the hole dug before it. The step between the tubers is 30 cm.

After , the young sprouts of seem to be and, before blooming, hilling is necessary twice to increase the yield. Do not forget about watering and fertilizer with manure and mineral fertilizers.

How to plant in ridges

The method is also called Dutch technology.

They make high ridges up to 35 cm high and in 70 cm steps. Wells are dug out and manure and planting material are put into them simultaneously.

Further care Traditional only hilling soil is taken between the rows and therefore the root system of the bush is not injured.

Two weeks before digging potatoes need to mow the tops.

In ridges

In furrows

A furrow is dug out, 20 cm wide and 15 cm deep. Tubers are laid out in it in 30 cm steps and slightly sprinkled with earth. As the tops grow, the ground sprinkles until a mound grows above the ground.

Dumping earth from above, use also humus and ash.


holes are made with the help of a special stake. For such a plant it is good to have two people - one goes and does the marking with the help of a stake, and the second follows him to plant potatoes, at the same time filling it with earth.

Preparing the soil beforehand in the fall by digging up and adding nitrogen fertilizers.

Mitlider method

The reception of an American scientist doubles the yield. So, they dug the beds up to half a meter wide and with a step between the beds of 100 cm. The beds are dug up without touching the soil between the rows.

The beds are permanently laid out on the and cannot be transferred to a new place next year. So that the water during the irrigation does not spread in different directions, make the sides of the ground or boards. There is one peculiarity, in such a bed the tubers are put in two rows, but in a staggered manner, marking the step between the holes of 25 cm.

Fertilizers and potatoes are laid in the pits. Further care consists of weeding, fertilizer and irrigation, but it is not necessary to spud.

The beds for the method are made for a long period.

By Mitlayder

Unusual Chinese method

With this method, a pit for potatoes is dug out in the autumn time, the size of a meter by a meter. At the bottom of the pit, organize the compost pile , adding a little wood ash. In the spring, a large potato tuber is put into such a pit; its weight is at least 200 grams.

Previously, a cross-cut is made on it, which will stimulate a large number of shoots. After the tuber is germinated for 2 weeks. After planting potatoes in the center of the pit, it is covered with 25 cm. Layer of fertile soil.

After the appearance of the first shoots, they are treated with potash fertilizers and covered with earth. Such layers can be up to 3 pieces.

With this method, is used a lot of fertilizers and this does not increase the quality, but only the number of tubers harvested from one bush.

The square-nested version of

. Or it is also called Gulich's method. For this method, the entire plot of land intended for planting potatoes is divided into squares with a side of a meter. A circle of humus with a diameter of 25 cm is laid out in the center of each square, and potatoes are sprouted down in the center of this circle.

And fall asleep with his primer. As soon as the first shoots seem, the tuber should be laid on the ground like a fan. They do this three times.

In dry times, such plantings need to be watered with .

Square-socket method

In a barrel

put a mixture of earth and compost on the bottom of the barrel or bag. Then put the potatoes and lightly sprinkle with the same mixture. As soon as their sprouts appear, again they are sprinkled with a mixture of earth and compost and so on up to 70 cm in height.

This method is ideal if there is little land on the plot or most of it is covered with asphalt. Then these barrels can be placed around the perimeter of the yard.

It is necessary that the walls of the barrel have holes for air penetration to the root system of potatoes.

Into the

barrel. Type of planting in the crests of the

This method of planting is used when the groundwater is located very close to the ground surface on the ground chosen for potatoes. The most convenient way to do combs using the motoblock. Combs are made at a distance of 70 cm from each other and not less than 15 cm high.

At the same time, germinated potato material is laid out on the top of the ridge in 30 cm steps.

Further care traditional :

  • Watering;
  • Loosening;
  • Hilling;
  • Fertilizer.

This method has a number of advantages - reduction of manual labor, with constantly raw soil potatoes dry quickly and therefore there are no rotten potatoes.

This method is suitable only for wet soil with stagnant moisture.

Sit in the trenches of

In the middle of autumn are digging trenches 30 cm deep and in 70 cm steps .Over the entire length of the trench lay a layer of hay up to 15 cm in height and lightly sprinkle it with a mixture of manure and ash.

By spring, this layer will be compacted to 5 cm. And potatoes are laid out on it with a step of 30 cm. If it is planted early, such plantings are covered with agrofiber or other insulant present in the farm. Further care of plantings consists of normal actions.

Compost, laid in the fall, warms the potatoes well and retains moisture. Also, it serves as a good feeding for potatoes and additional planting landing is no longer needed.

The method is excellent for sandy soils.

In the trench

Under the black film

The place allotted for planting potatoes is well fertilized and covered with black film. Instead of digging dimples with a step of 30 cm. Make holes in the film, and they are planted potatoes.

This method has its advantages:

  • No need to weed;
  • No need to roll up;
  • Watering is reduced by , as the soil dries out more slowly under the film.
Under the film

Smooth fit

This is the same way as with a shovel, but in order for the rows of potatoes to be smooth, they make markings on the field with the help of twine and pegs. The potatoes unfold and the earth is poured on top.

Hilling germinating potato tops in time.
Smooth landing

In the box

This method boils down to constructing the box to a height of 25 cm. At the same time, the width will be 100 cm.

The passage between such beds is about 70 cm. At first, these boxes are filled with earth from a compost pile mixed with rotted manure, and already on this mixture the tubers are laid out in a double line in a staggered manner in 30 cm steps.

.After harvesting, the boxes are sown with any sideratami.

In the box

Breakdown of the indicated methods into traditional and new

View Method name

Method "under the shovel";

Smooth fit;


Into the trench.


In a barrel;

Under the black film;

Chinese method.


Mitlayder landing;

Square-socket mode.

Suitable for giving Any method that is convenient for the gardener, since everyone has different conditions.

General points

Whatever method is chosen, you need to be sure that that the tubers will get :

  • Heat;
  • Air access to the root system;
  • Watering once a week during flowering;
  • Fertilizers.
Proper care is a must-have attribute to any method of planting

How sowing of potatoes is performed

Sowing potatoes with seeds is not used, as this is a troublesome business. But if there is a desire, then after flowering seeds appear, resembling small black tomatoes.

They are collected and is stored until spring , and in the spring they are planted on a prepared small garden bed. Under good conditions, by the end of the season, planting material of potatoes grows from seeds.

How does the planting of

look like? For this purpose, planting material no more than a matchbox is selected and pulled out of the basement 21 days before planting in open ground. This time it is necessary that the potatoes set aside for planting should sprout.

When 3 cm sprouts are formed on the tuber, it will mean that the potatoes are ready for planting. Overgrown sprouts of will give a weak growth of , therefore they take out potatoes according to the specified period.

Then apply any method that is described in this article.

Which varieties are suitable for planting potatoes

Each gardener chooses a variety that suits him best.

The yield stability of a crop depends on the cultivated variety

. Important factors to be guided by when choosing a variety:

  • Productivity;
  • Stability in the winter;
  • Tastes.

It is selected empirically, relying on its taste and personal storage conditions of potatoes until spring.

Tips on how to quickly plant potatoes

You can quickly plant potatoes, , if there are two or three people working in the garden and in the usual traditional way under a shovel. But having previously dug up the whole earth with a walking tractor, which will greatly facilitate the planting of potatoes.

How to make the beds

You can dig up the beds for potatoes with a shovel or use a technique such as a walk-behind tractor or a mini-tractor. It all depends on the gardener and his funds.

There are many different ways in which you can plant potatoes on your site. Everyone wants to choose the easiest and most effective option. The main thing is to choose the convenient and not time-consuming , which is suitable for a particular gardener. Some people use two methods of planting potatoes in their plot to increase their yield.

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