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The woodcutter is screw, rack and pneumatic - tools designed for chopping chickens into logs. Rural craftsmen collect woodcutters from improvised parts, but they are of low power, the designs require refinement. Kolun with a screw cone is easy to manufacture by yourself or buy inexpensively.

The device of a screw колуна with an electric drive

A wood splitter with an electric or diesel drive is an installation capable of processing up to 10-12 cubic meters of chickens about 60 cm long (firewood standard). Use the plants to reduce labor costs. At home, high-performance installations are not in demand.

The device of the screw splitter is based on the interaction of the screw-nut pair, where the nut is softwood. On a stable steel platform, a geared motor with a tip in the form of a conical screw rotating at a speed of 250-450 rpm is attached. From the engine, however, a thrust bar is set in motion, pushing the choke, which faces the end, onto the rotating cone. As a result of the entrance of the cone of the wood splitter to the lateral surface of the chock, the wood splits along the fibers.

When working with a wood splitter, precautions must be followed. Clothes should sit tightly on the body. Gauntlets are a danger factor. It is better to work in tight gloves.

The geared motor is replaced by a belt drive with the engine installed under the cutting table. Then the rotation on the shaft of the helical cone is transmitted by pulleys designed for optimum screw turns. This design allows the use of a single-phase 220 V motor, with it the price of a screw-cutter is significantly lower. If the cleaver is equipped with a stopper, the working cone will return to its initial position independently. How does a wood splitter work, you can watch the video:

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Making a wood drill yourself

The cost of the screw spade factory manufacturing, depending on the configuration of 16 to hundreds of thousands of rubles. The main working element is the cone for the wood splitter, which can be ordered in the lathe workshop. To make a screw-type wood splitter work with their own hands, drawings for craftsmen are offered.

It is impossible to make a thread with a bulgarian, since the fixed carving on the "carrot" should be held accurately. In addition, when manufacturing a cone, the turner must know the ratio of the length and section of the base the thread is double-pitch in increments of 5-6 mm, the profile of the tooth is like that of a chisel.

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Depending on the size of the part, it will cost up to 5000 rubles. Completely finished work node:

  • screw cone;
  • shaft with bearing assembly;
  • transmission belt pulley.

The whole set will cost no more than 6 thousand, but made for the calculated load, the node is safer.

The machine must meet the following requirements:

  • engine power not less than 2 kW;
  • at high speeds, the thread pitch must be kept less to reduce the load on the drive;
  • landing on the shaft of the reducer must be tight, avoid scrolling;
  • The cone is made of tool steel;
  • the point of the screw is sharply sharpened, it must enter the wood gently, without effort;
  • height of the working platform - 80 cm.

Schematic diagram of the device looks as shown in the diagram.

As can be seen from the diagram, the device is simple, but requires precise alignment of the assemblies, selection of pulleys with the required gear ratio and V-belts corresponding to the profile.

To help the craftsman have a video, how to make a log splitter with his own hands:


There is another scheme that does not require a belt transmission and a reducer. The motor shaft with a low speed can be directly connected to the screw wedge. The speed of the shaft is less than 500 rpm and is not dangerous for the drive of a screw-type wood splitter.

Knotted and deformed with bending chocks should be pricked with extreme caution. The log can bounce off on an unpredictable trajectory, rotate the chock in his hands. A wedge can get stuck in solid wood. Therefore, if possible, the machine must be equipped with a reverse.

It would be superfluous to recall that the engine must have a waterproof housing and be earthed. The belt drive is closed with a protective cover. When feeding chicken to the cutting table, it is impossible to work in the tops. With an awkward movement, she can wind on the cone with her hand. The machine must be equipped with a stopper for emergency braking.

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As an example of folk savvy can be given a device for splitting a small number of short choks. A cone nozzle with a section of 30 mm on a slow-moving drill perforator will allow to split the dry churochki. But here there are difficulties. The drill tries to make a turn for the screw, it should be firmly held, resisting, or to strengthen the tool in the holder.

Wood splitter, made by own hands, in work - video

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