Let's make a reliable lawn mower with our own hands

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Create an island of family well-being, a beautiful well-groomed site, using a minimum of manual labor, every owner dreams. A lawn mower with one's own hands is one of the ways to rationally use knots from abandoned mechanisms. The resulting tool not only saves money, but takes into account the characteristics of a particular lawn. Depending on the need, the craftsman can create a tool with manual mowing, electric drive. The use of different types of cutters, wheels, their arrangement leads to unusual solutions. Read about the popular model of the chainsaw Stil ms-180 on our website!

Motivation for creating tools from improvised materials

First of all, it is necessary to determine which tool effectively replaces the usual hand braid when caring for the site. Perhaps a dense planting, frequent bushes and flower beds will not provide access to the area to be heaped, and then the "vortex" of the grass will need to be cleaned manually. Lawn mower own hands to collect for mowing the area, more than 4 acres.

Select the method of driving cutters - the basis for collecting the necessary nodes. Knives can be set in motion:

  • due to manual action, pushing forward the mechanism, which requires great physical strength;
  • using the electrical energy of single-phase or three-phase current;
  • the motor from the accumulator;
  • using an internal combustion engine, two or four-stroke.

Determined with the energy component, you will need to choose the wheels, handle, platform for collecting lawn mowers with your own hands. To assemble the necessary fasteners and components of the connection, protection and connection circuits.

Principles of the use of electric motors

The electric motor can be single-phase, operating from a network voltage 220 V, or three-phase. When connecting the motor, it is necessary to observe all safety rules when working with electrical appliances. The protection of the RCD for a single-phase electric motor must be performed, and a powerful three-phase device should have capacitors in the circuit corresponding to the capacitance.

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For an electric lawnmower, you can use your own powerful slow-speed drill with a speed of 1500-3000 rpm. It is necessary to choose the correct ratio of power and width of the swath so as not to overload the motor. Installed on the platform, a rechargeable or network drill will create the necessary torque, and the grass will be chamfered. During operation, do not forget to observe the rest intervals, for cooling the brush motor. Such a tool will help clean the local area, easily folds and does not require a lot of storage space. The platform on which the engine is installed should be narrow so that the wall area can be processed. Stability depends on the location of the center of gravity. The lower it is, the less the tipping point of the platform. How to properly cost a lawn mower your own hands, watch the video:

When creating a tool yourself, remember that it is a tool of increased danger. It is necessary to include a blocking button in the circuit, which works when the knife is jammed or broken. You can not work with electric mowers in wet weather, in the morning dew.

More complex models with an engine, power from, to 6 kW are installed on a specially made sole. The engine is better to use asynchronous, it is less noisy. The undercarriage is a metal rubber wheels with a wide protector, so that the grass is less crumpled. The bearing units in the bushes on the axle are more reliable than the plastic liners.

Run the deck and knife using an old skillet and a plate made of tool steel. The design, when knives are mounted on the mandrel, is more effective. It is important to observe the proportions and profile of sharpened edges, using the drawings on the lawn mower's photo with your own hands.

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A great value for the operability of the high-speed assembly is the correct alignment. A small heartbeat can create a strong vibration, destroy connections, create a backlash at the expense of generating seats.

In the household, the mechanisms and details that have served their time are always accumulated. Something can be found in household dumps of old things. Unfortunately, such cemeteries surround any residential area. Perfectly suitable wheels from the baby carriage, useful and a handle from it. Like an example of a lawn mower with my own hands from a washing machine of Soviet times. They were then made of strong metal. The engines from these machines can not be better in terms of parameters and power suitable for use in the lawnmower.

A high-quality steel casing will serve as a protective skirt and guide when slipping the grass sideways. In addition to the motor, two pulleys and a belt are used to transfer rotation from the engine to the drive of the knives. The motor is fixed to the platform and connected to one phase.

Such homemade mower works on the adjacent territory, as it is tied to the network by a power cord. You can use a special coil wire extension, selecting a section corresponding to the engine power. Such a device is manufactured with a length of at least 40 meters and should provide mobility.

Using a chainsaw engine in a lawn mower does not require additional protection. It is already made in a dust-proof design. Air filters are hammered less often.

How to make a mobile lawn mower your own? The tool based on the drill depends on the capacity of the battery and requires recharging in the network. In the absence of electricity, it remains to build a lawn mower based on an internal combustion engine. All small machinery that is refueled with gasoline or a combustible mixture can become a donor for a homemade lawn mower.


Do you have an old chainsaw "Friendship" or "Ural"?

Here is an example of folk savvy. A beautiful frame from the corner is thrown out of the warehouse as scrap metal. Special knots of wheels with a turn on 180 on the hinge were found in the same place. Do not be such a frame, the platform could be welded. The carried out working unit is executed with an independent drive from a chain saw by means of a belt drive. The torque is transferred to the disks, where metal chains with a length of 25 cm serve as a cutting tool. Lawn mower of chainsaws with their own hands is effectively used for several years. An advanced version with a rotary cutter and a two-wheel frame is made. It works more efficiently, but is complicated in manufacturing.

Each master is proud of his wit and ability to work. However, it should be understood that the collective mind of designers and designers creates no less functional, but more secure tools.

The advantages of self-made tools include:

  • economy of means for purchase of the tool;
  • the ability to use lost merchandise, but usable parts;
  • thorough knowledge of your tool and the possibility of its improvement and repair.
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The height of the mowing of grass is not regulated, and not always the clearing turns out cut straight. The absence of a grass catcher increases the proportion of manual labor. A heavy tool with narrow wheels, it happens, spoils the appearance of the lawn - this is an objective answer, why it is better to use a factory-made tool.

Video about one of the variants of a lawn mower from a washing machine

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