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The functionality of the tool depends on the serviceability of the work node. Incorrectly installed or blunt chain for chainsaws Calm will turn work into anguish. The saw chain is a vulnerable node. The teeth are erased, the links are stretched, the banded fabric brakes. Proper maintenance of the chain, its timely replacement, will extend the life of the tool.

Parameters of a chain headset

The saw unit of each type is designed for certain characteristics. Thus, the distance between the teeth of the driven and the leading sprockets is standard. And the teeth of the chain exactly enter the chain holes created by the movable links on the rivets. This distance is called the chain pitch, measured in inches:

  • chain, 25 is designed for light work, put on a household tool;
  • step, 75 (3/8) is used on saws up to 4 kW;
  • chain pitch 0, 404 is applied to a professional tool.

The larger the step, the more power is needed for the cut and the higher the productivity.

The thickness of the driving link determines the strength of the chain for the chainsaw and is measured in the range, mm. An important characteristic is the chain profile. For amateur chainsaws, the headset is installed with a low profile, which reduces the load on the engine. Saws with a high profile "tear" the wood deeper and more aggressive. But this increases the vibration. If a high-profile and long-pitch saw blade is placed on a professional tool, it will work with great vibration, which is harmful for the saw and for the person. Therefore, choose the middle - a large step, low profile or vice versa.

The number of links in the chain for the chainsaw depends on the length of the tire and is indicated in the passport. The leading chainsaw manufacturers use their own chains. The most reliable saw blade Husqvarna, links of 1, 6 mm section are durable, steel is used carbide-tipped. The Makita saw chains are considered light, the thickness of the tooth, mm. The recognized global chain manufacturer is Oregon. The saw chain Picco Duro, Rapid Duro, Picco Micro are recognized as the best, they have welded cutting edges, including the winning ones. The chain price of the chain saw depends on the material used and the number of cutting teeth in the canvas.

When buying a chainsaw, you need to buy 3-4 chains at the same time. Periodically change the cloth, for even wear. When all the chains are stretched, the transmission mechanisms will also become unusable. There is no need to replace each chain to restore the asterisks.

Care for the saw unit - the criteria for tensioning the chain

During operation, the saw blade experiences enormous loads. Over time, the pitch of the chain increases and even possible slippage of the blade on the teeth. It is normal, if the upper tooth, when stretching it up, rises in the groove, remaining in it for a third. It is abnormal if the lower part of the chain is strongly sagging. How to properly tighten the chain on the chainsaw? It is necessary to loosen the fastening of the tire and pull the chain.

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In order to pull the chain there is a tensioner. When the adjusting screw rotates, the pin moves the tire along the groove, the saw guide bar moves forward, increasing the axial tension of the chain tension. When adjusting, it is necessary to turn the chain and achieve a lack of sagging and lack of snacks on the go. After fastening the tires tighten and the saw is checked in operation.

The stretch is considered correct when after a stop at the saw there is a small free stroke.

Bracing can lead to breakage of the tire, rupture of riveted joints. A free chain will lead to a snack and a slip, with a possible rupture. The tensioning bolt can be in front of or behind the protective housing.

Why do I need chain saw chains?

Lubrication of rubbing parts of mechanisms creates a film in the gap, which prevents contact of surfaces. It is this chain protection that allows:

  • less effort to move the mechanism;
  • Reduce the abrasive wear of the contacting parts;
  • prevent heating during cutting, friction during friction;
  • prevents the sawing of saw blades.
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Modern saws are equipped with a continuous forced lubrication system. Still there are chainsaws, where the lubricant is periodically fed from the tank, the pump is switched on from the drive by a button installed on the handle.

The oil for chainsaw chain is selected by special composition. It should:

  • keep fluidity at sub-zero temperatures;
  • have special additives to prevent the oiling of teeth;
  • protect from sawing the saw blade.

Such qualities are possessed by special oils developed and manufactured by Stihl and other leading manufacturers. Suitable oils are M6 and M8. The flow of grease to the chain during operation is checked by working on a blank sheet of paper at idle. The oil should leave a characteristic trace in the form of a strip. Lack of lubrication will show itself by heating and smoking in the area of ​​the saw unit.

Automatic oil supply for chain saw chains lubrication with a regulated pump will help reduce the cost of an expensive product.

The more dense the wood, the more effort is required for cutting. Automatic feedrate provides flow depending on the load on the chain. In the future, the oil is mixed with sawdust and absorbed by them.

If you use a chainsaw famous brand of foreign manufacturers, you need to use the recommended oil. On how to use oil for chainsaw chains depends on the duration of the overhaul period of all equipment. A smaller load on the saw unit will create better conditions for the operation of the engine.


Chainsaw chain sharpening order

Any chainsaw over time loses the sharp edges of the cutting tool. It is impossible to work with a blunt instrument, the load on the engine rises, the work moves slowly. Therefore, the saws are sharpened, not leading to a strong wear of the teeth. Depending on the quality of the saw blade, sharpening may be required after different working times.

Chains with a winning surfacing at home can not be sharpened. But such a tool is several times more expensive and is used in special conditions. The rest of the canvas can be sharpened using a file for sharpening chains chainsaws, a special set of tools or a machine tool.

All work with the saw chain should be carried out in leather gloves to avoid injury.

It is important to get the final result regardless of the way of working and the tools used. The correct angle of sharpening, the plane of cut and the uniform faces of all the teeth will lead to the restoration of the operability of the chain cloth.

All angles should be consistent with the passport data of the chain.

If you sharpen chainsaw chains with your own hands using a file, you will need attention and patience. The work is smooth, it's better to use the template, so as not to go beyond the mark. It is easier to use a special set for sharpening the saw blade. The kit includes:

  • round and flat files;
  • holder;
  • calibers and templates;
  • a set of handles;
  • Hook for clearing clearing gaps.
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The holder is needed to fix the direction of the file, it serves to control the profile. The caliber is used to adjust the depth of the edge. It is necessary to follow the sequence of the sharpening operation:

  1. Install the clamp that prevents the chain from sliding.
  2. Secure the template so that the arrow points to the spout;
  3. Mark the first link from which the sharpening begins.

You need to work with a file from yourself.

Where can I chain the chainsaw chain to an inexperienced user? If the saw's teeth are strongly and unevenly rubbed, a sharpener will be required, working on special equipment. It is difficult to sharpen the saws themselves with a carbide tip. In the service center, the sharpening is done taking into account the standard angles to the state of shaving sharpness.

Tool storage

Having finished the work, the tool should be put in order. Cleaning of the gaps and sawdust of the sawdust from the adhered saws will avoid corrosion and provide air cooling of the tool. The oil must be drained, so that it does not leak out, and develop a combustible mixture in the gas tank. Store the saw in a warm, dry place, away from heaters.

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