Error codes for dishwashers Electrolux

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When a dishwasher breaks down, the user will have to conduct a full inspection of the equipment. To facilitate troubleshooting, manufacturers have established a self-diagnosis system. Error codes for Electrolux dishwashers are displayed on the display. You just need to understand its meaning in order to determine the cause of the problem.

How to decode the code and fix the breakdown in the MMP, is indicated in the table below.

How to decode the trouble codes Electrolux

Electrolux dishwashers are manufactured with electronic and electromechanical control. This means that some models have an LCD display. There, all the specified functions are reflected, as well as the time until the end of the cycle. In the PMM without a display, the fault code is displayed on the indicators. The lamp lights several times to report a breakdown.

It is important to know how to restart the machine. If you selected the wrong mode or the error was displayed for the first time, a reboot will help reset all settings:

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  • unplug the machine from the power;
  • Wait 20 minutes;
  • connect to the network.

If the code is displayed again, then you can not wash the dishes until you eliminate the breakage. How to do it, read below.

DTC Number of blinking lights with a break in 5 seconds What does Causes of appearance Repair by own hands
i10 1 Water is not poured into the PMM tank. If there is no water intake during the allotted time, there may be problems c:

· Blockage in the priming system: hose, filter, valve;

· Water in the water pipe - it is possible that it was turned off for a while.

1. Check and clear the obstruction in the water inlet hose. Adjust its position. Clean strainer after hose. Inspect the inlet valve.

2. Wait for the water to appear.

i20 2 No discharge of waste water. Why is this happening:

1. The drain filter, pump, hose were clogged.

2. The pump is blocked.

3. The drain hose was transferred.

4. The pressure switch does not work.

How to fix the situation:

1. Clean the filter and hose from clog.

2. Remove the pump cover and check that the impeller is not blocked with debris. These can be food remnants or pieces of glassware.

3. Ensure the drain hose is flat.

4. Diagnosis and replacement of pressure switch.

i30 3 What is the code: the system "Aquastop" has worked. Water in the pan. As a result of leakage in the tray of the dishwasher "Electrolux" water accumulated. Find and eliminate leaks:

· In the PMM tank;

· In hoses and connections;

· In seals and cuffs.

i50 5 Malfunction of the control triac of the pump. Problems with the management board. As a result of a short circuit, the triac is faulty. Diagnosis of the electronic board and replacement of the triac control of the circulation pump.
i60 6 Problems with heating. What's the matter:

1. Breakage of the heater or its wiring.

2. Thermostat does not work.

3. Low level of water for heating.

4. Circuit pump problem.

5. Incorrect module operation.

What can be done:

1. Inspect and replace the wiring. Test the heater, install a new part in case of malfunction.

2. Check and change the thermostat.

3-4. Inspect the pump. Because of its breakdown, the water does not circulate well.

5. Repair of the main module of the dishwasher.

i70 7 Faulty NTC thermistor. What are the causes of the failure: the contacts were broken after a short circuit. When the dishes are washed without heating, the thermistor must be replaced.
i80 8 Incorrect work of the module "Electrolux". Error EEPROM memory. The main module is defective. How to solve the problem: call the wizard to reflash the module.
i90 9 Serious error of the electronic board. You can not select and install the program. Full board replacement.
iA0 10 Locked rocker. A rocker that sprays water does not rotate. Causes:

1. Incorrect installation of dishes in the bunker.

2. Locking the rocker arms after a power outage.

1. Check that the dishes are correctly positioned.

2. Elimination of the reasons for blocking.

ib0 11 The turbidity sensor is broken. If the sensor is faulty, the mode can be used for strong contaminants by default. Installation of a new sensor.
iC0 12 Which means: the control panel has lost contact with the board. The electronic dishwasher charge is faulty. Contact the service center to replace the card.
id0 13 The device does not work. The sensor does not regulate the engine RPM "Electrolux !. How to repair:

diagnostics and change of the vehicle.

iF0 14 Water overflow in the tank. The water was poured longer than the time required. It is necessary to discharge the waste liquid to resume work.

The simplest repair - removal of blockage - you can perform on your own. For this, look in the instructions of the dishwasher "Electrolux where these or other parts are located.

More complex work is the replacement of nodes. You can entrust it to a master or make it yourself. If problems with electronics and the dishwasher board "Electrolux" is better to contact the service center.

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