Friction of the refrigerator door

For normal operation and good preservation of the food, the doors of the refrigerator must be closed tightly. If this does not happen, condensation occurs on the walls. Over time, the problem leads to spoilage of products, an unpleasant smell and breakage of some of the nodes. Therefore, if you notice a skew of the refrigerator door, do not delay, the problem should be solved immediately.

For what reasons there is a skew and how to eliminate it, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why did the refrigerator door buckle
  • 2How to eliminate the skew

Why did the refrigerator door buckle

The main reason that the door is warped is the overload of hinged shelves. Heavy bottles, cans pull the door down. These products can be found on the shelf in the chamber, not necessarily completely hinged the hinged door of the refrigerator.

With a prolonged sag, the hinge-bracket deforms, which fastens the door of the equipment from below. As a result, the part can be cut off, and easy repairs can not be eliminated. A similar breakdown also occurs when the refrigeration equipment is not transported correctly.

Fill the refrigerator evenly. This determines the circulation of cold air between products. If the shelves are tightly clogged, the cooling will be less qualitative, which will lead to spoilage of food.

What if there is a gap between the door and the camera? First of all, check:

  • take a sheet of thin paper;
  • alternately insert the sheet around the perimeter of the chamber and close the door;
  • where the sheet will sit tightly, - the closure is sealed; where it will fall out or be easily pulled out, the integrity is broken.

If you are convinced that there is a gap, inspect the brackets. From the fact that the door does not fit properly, the adjustment of the fastening bolts will depend.

How to eliminate the skew

To properly adjust the fasteners, disconnect the equipment from the mains and install it on a flat surface.

We remove the skewing of the door of the refrigerator "Atlant

  1. Free the fridge shelves from the products.
  2. If there are lower boxes, push them up.
  3. Use the key to loosen the bracket fixtures. Completely they do not need to be untwisted, otherwise without fastening of a refrigerator fasteners to not get.
  4. Use the key to adjust the height of the door. If there is a strong sagging, you can remove the patch in one of the attachment points. And, on the contrary, substitute the lining where you need to tighten the fasteners.
  5. Stronger press the door to the body. Fasten the loose fasteners.

Open and close the camera several times. See how tightly seals the seal to the body. Is the door enough to turn on and off the light in the compartment. If something does not fit, you still need to adjust the fasteners.

If the sealant in certain places does not fit well, try to replace it or straighten it. When the camera is opened frequently or when strong cotton is clogged, the rubber seal is deformed when closed. If it is old and worn out - replace it with a new one.

A good sealant should be straightened with hot water. To do this, heat the water in a teapot and pour a thin trickle around the rubber perimeter, then immediately straighten it. Such repairs can be done independently.

After adjustment, did you notice that the skew remained? Then you need to completely remove the fasteners and re-align the door with the installation of new loops. Watch the video on the topic:

Watch your refrigerator work. Fix the problems early on, until they lead to a serious breakdown. Better still - adhere to the norms of loading the refrigerator, do not clog the shelves with products excessively. So you will avoid serious repair costs.

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