In the refrigerator, the ice on the back wall

Causes and symptoms
Difficulty of repair
Opening the refrigerator, you saw ice on the back wall? So, you are faced with the most common problem of refrigeration equipment - frost. Typically, it is typical for "crying" models with droplet thawing of the main camera. The first unpleasant consequence is spoilage of products. In addition, the snow or ice cover of the camera will be periodically thawed, which will create an additional problem with leaks.

If you notice ice on the wall, the cause should be found immediately. Do not attempt to chop ice and permanently defrost the chambers. This is not a solution, because frost and frost are symptoms of a serious malfunction. Therefore, having found ice on the back of the refrigerator "Atlant" (or another brand), you need to understand what contributed to this. Often snow is not at all a sign of breakdown, but this is below.

Content of the material:

  • 1When the "coat" on the wall is not a breakage
  • 2Snow on the back of the refrigerator: causes and signs of breakage

When the "coat" on the wall is not a breakage

When the ice on the back wall ("Stinol "Ariston "Nord" and other brands), the reasons can be as follows:

  • Cool mode is not selected correctly. Especially this applies to users who believe that in the heat you need to install the lowest temperature mode. It ends with a frozen wall. As for the freezing regime, it is worth it to refuse from it on hot days.
  • Constant is formed and melts a light layer of frost. This is also not a breakdown, if the defrost is a "drip" type. You can confidently use refrigeration equipment (hereinafter - XO).

  • Incorrect operation. The ice on the back of the Indesit, Samsung, Bosch (and other brands) can grow due to neglect of the manufacturer's recommendations. If you load shelves with unheated dishes without a lid or put a lot of open containers with liquid, the water will evaporate and collect in the form of drops on the back wall. When the cold circuit is operating, the droplets will turn into ice, which will recede when starting the heating. If the drainage hole is not clogged, the water will flow into the drain, without creating problems. And with a clogging of the drain pipe, the water will go under the boxes, creating additional difficulties. Because of the excess moisture in the ice chamber, each time will be more and more.

When all the listed reasons are excluded, but snow or ice still does not leave the branch wall, then there is a breakdown. What malfunctions may cause the evaporator to frost, you will learn further.

Snow on the back of the refrigerator: causes and signs of breakage

In the table we collected the most likely malfunctions, which can provoke freezing of the wall. If you have a "crying" evaporator, these reasons will be relevant.

Symptom Why there was a problem
The refrigerating compartment is freezing. The compressor is almost not turned off, but rests only a few minutes. The nature of the snow cover on the back wall is uniform.

Likely,the thermostat broke down(the thermostat is characteristic only for models on the electromechanical type of control). The unit regulates and measures the temperature indices in the chamber.

In the electronic model could breakair temperature sensor, which monitors the cooling of the main chamber. A defective sensor reports incorrect signals to the control unit that the cold is too low. The compressor runs for a long time and almost does not stop, trying in vain to lower the temperature, which is already normal. Because of the excess of cold, snow grows on the back of the refrigerator.

It is necessary to replace the faulty units - thermostat or sensor.

The compressor is in constant operating mode. The frost is uneven, mainly at the corners of the chamber. Attempts to defrost the refrigerator result in his refusal to work.

Diagnostics should showFreon leakage. In most cases, the coolant passes through the solder points. If the refrigerator for many years, and it already has a rusty evaporator, freon can flow out from there. Because of the leak in the cameras, it warms up, so the motor runs non-stop to compensate for the temperature loss.

To eliminate a malfunction, refrigerant charge is required. If the diagnosis reveals that the leakage point is the foam part of the evaporator, this part must be replaced.

The main chamber does not cool the products, the compressor operates without pauses. On the wall grew a "coat". The motor compressor is hot.

The capillary tube is clogged, which causes the even circulation of the refrigerant to be broken.

How does a blood clot form in the pipeline? Usually it is clots of engine oil from the compressor, which heats up when heating freon.

How to fix the crash? You need to clean the system, charge it with a coolant, check the oil, if necessary - fill in a new one.

Wall frosting is uniform. Compressor operation is constant. There are almost no trips.

Inspect the rubber band on the refrigerator door - it may have worn or damaged. The warm air outside goes into the compartment. The compressor tries to cool it down to the required parameters.

No defrost the evaporator (due to the operation of the compressor without shutting down), so the wall appears ice or snow.

It is necessary to repair or replace the seal.

The wall was overgrown with a block of ice or a lump of snow in a certain part. It is worth checking the insulation of XO. If the thermal insulation is broken (when getting wet from the excessive formation of droplets of condensate), you need to replace it partially or completely.
The main chamber freezes too much, the rear wall is frozen, and in the freezer, the temperature is high.

Breakage of the solenoid valve. This component monitors the alternate cooling of each compartment.

If the valve fails and "freezes" on cooling both chambers at once, the cold is not enough for the freezer; The refrigerating chamber, on the contrary, is overcooled too much.

Replace the valve.

Important! In our review, we did not write about refrigeratorsNoFrost, as for these models is characterized by freezing not the main compartment, but a freezer. This is due to the fact that there is no such part in the refrigerating compartment as the evaporator. This element is one on both chambers, and is located in the freezer. That is why the ice or the "fur coat" inside grow only in the lower chamber.

If the "coat" in your refrigerator "Indesit" (or any other) appeared for the first time, you can not take any action. Try to unfreeze the CW first. If the snow or ice does not return after the procedure, then there is no serious breakdown of the speech. If the situation recurs, contact the technician for further diagnosis and further repairs.

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