Bugs in croup: 12 ways to get rid of parasites forever


  • 1 Types of "unwanted newcomers"
  • 2 Pest control
    • 2.1 Chemicals: 4 effective drugs
    • 2.2 Grandma's recipes:
  • 3 Prevention
  • 4 Conclusion
The best habitat for insects is dirt!The best habitat for insects is dirt!

My girlfriend has long been struggling with a delicate problem. In her cabinet with cereals, beetles are constantly settling. In search of an answer to the question of how to get rid of bugs in the croup, we decided to try all the known methods. As they say, all means are good in war.

Types of "unwanted newcomers"

Enemy need to know in person! The choice of combat tactics depends on the characteristics of the insect. To get rid of some bugs in the croup, it is enough to deprive them of their usual habitat conditions, and they will die. Others are able to survive an atomic war.

Picture Type of beetle
table_pic_att14946923071 Bread grinder

Red insect, 3 mm in length. Prefers bakery products, but does not give up tea, buckwheat or rice.

Thanks to the ability to fly, bread grinders are difficult to produce.

width = "1187" Flour bug

Dark cinnamon pests 4 mm in length. They settle in all kinds of flour, oatmeal and semolina. The flour bugs multiply very quickly, laying eggs disguised as white grains.

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table_pic_att14946923162 Food moth

It looks like a butterfly, it reaches 1 cm in length. Due to the dark color and the ability to fly easily masked and hides.

It reproduces at a rapid pace, laying about 250 eggs per week. Hatching larvae weave a web, on which they are easy to detect. Moth eats everything - from flour to dried fruit.

table_pic_att14946923223 Red Mucoed

The red bug is 2 mm long. It inhabits where it is warm and humid. It feeds on spoiled cereals and multiplies up to 7 times a year. Without food and suitable habitat dies.

table_pic_att14946923264 Weevil

Black insects reach 5 mm in length. A distinctive feature is the long proboscis.

Absolutely unpretentious insects - they eat everything and settle everywhere. Can do without food for a long time.

Pest control

Beetles settle only where they feel good. Consequently, the first step in the war against pests is the deprivation of their favorable living conditions. Get rid of dirt and dampness in your home.

Some insects will scare the usual hygiene. Against others, use special poisonous substances.

Any bug can be destroyed, the main thing is to know how to do it!Any bug can be destroyed, the main thing is to know how to do it!

Chemicals: 4 effective drugs

Cockroaches best poison. The same applies to beetles. Insects - the most unpretentious and hardy creatures on the planet. Accordingly, the fight against them requires a radical approach.

Remember that the remedies for beetles are poisons, so do not treat them with the grits or flour.

Picture A drug
table_pic_att14946923346 Remedy 1. "Antizhuk"

The substance is actively fighting with all types of beetles, without harming the treated surfaces.

Price - about 300-350 rubles.

Before use, read the instructions - the drug is toxic.

table_pic_att14946923417 Remedy 2. "Malathion"

Means, produced in various forms: liquid, tablets, powder, aerosol.

Able not only to remove the bugs, but also to prevent their further occurrence.

It is worth "Karbofos" about 150 rubles.

table_pic_att14946923458 Remedy 3. Crayon "Masha"

Universal drug has proven itself, having several advantages and low price.

It is enough to spread with small corners in the kitchen cabinets, and you will permanently scare away the pests.

For the small producers ask for from 20 to 25 rubles.

Remedy 4. "Lovin Fire Protection"

Want to learn how to get rid of bugs in cereals in a short time. Try this drug. He kills both the insect and its future offspring.

For high quality will have to pay about 2000 steering wheels.

Treat the areas that are not accessible to animals - the poison has the same effect on all living things.

Grandma's recipes:

When there are not too many “new settlers” in the house or they periodically come to visit from the next apartment, they need to show that they will feel bad in your home. I will tell a few folk remedies that will repel insects from your products.

If large numbers of insects are bred in the croup, discard it completely with the package.

Picture Recommendations
table_pic_att149469236510 Recipe 1. Beat the temperatures.

If you find parasites, while they have not yet had time to breed, the product can be saved!

Throw out the grits or flour for a day in the freezer or warm up for 10 minutes in an oven at 110 ° C.

table_pic_att149469237011 Recipe 2. Salty water

Get rid of the bugs in the peas or dried beans will help ordinary salt:

  1. In a liter of water, dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt.
  2. Water on affected beans or peas.
  3. Wait for the bugs and maggots to pop up and catch them.
  4. Drain and dry the product.
table_pic_att149469237612 Recipe 3. Vinegar

A universal remedy with its acrid smell once and for all will scare away insects:

  1. Mix a liter of water and a tablespoon of vinegar.
  2. Thoroughly wipe all the shelves in the kitchen cupboard, jars for storing cereals and dishes.
table_pic_att149469238013 Recipe 4. Strong smell

Insects do not tolerate strong odors. Arrange citrus peels, garlic, walnut leaves, bay leaf, seasonings or nutmeg in the cupboards.

table_pic_att149469238514 Recipe 5. Lavender

The aroma of this plant adversely affects the nervous system of insects. Spread dried bouquets or lavender oil on the shelves, and the little brown bugs will not want to go back there.

Analogues of the tool are sprigs of wormwood and oil of clove, basil, fir, chamomile or rosemary.

table_pic_att149469238815 Recipe 6. Borax Balls

Multifunctional tool will be the best poison that you can cook with your own hands.

In addition to borax, millet and icing sugar will be needed - they will attract beetles:

  1. Grind millet in a coffee grinder.
  2. Mix all the ingredients in equal proportions and roll the balls out of them.
  3. Spread the balls in the barn.

Wash and sanitize the cabinet before use.

table_pic_att149469239116 Recipe 7. Brown powder

Dry yeast, sugar and borax will be useful for preparing the powder:

  1. Crush components and mix in equal proportions.
  2. Scatter the mixture on paper in small quantities.
  3. Place the agent in places inhabited by the parasite.
table_pic_att149469239417 Recipe 8. Boric acid

The poison from the bugs can be prepared at home. Take some flour, sugar and boric acid:

  1. Mix the ingredients equally.
  2. Scatter in insect habitats.


To avoid the appearance of "unpleasant tenants" is quite simple. If you yourself do not know what to do, follow these tips:

  1. Keep the house clean.
  2. Keep the cereal in an airtight container.
  3. Air the room.
  4. Store nuts and dried fruits in the fridge.
  5. Do not allow moisture to enter the cabinet.
  6. Regularly conduct an audit - get rid of the "delay".
  7. Keep dry plants on the shelves.
If you do not “run” the problem, it will be much easier and faster to solve it.If you do not “run” the problem, it will be much easier and faster to solve it.


I shared with you my secrets of storing cereals and flour. If you are interested in how to prevent the appearance of bugs, see also the video in this article. And if you know other ways how to get rid of parasites in croup, share them in the comments.

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