Strawberry cheesecake - the most delicious recipe

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Strawberry cheesecake is a dessert that is known all over the world. If earlier this tasty and incredibly beautiful dish was prepared only in restaurants, now more and more housewives make it at home. In order to pleasantly surprise the household with such a cake, it takes a little effort and, most importantly, a minimum of products. If everything is done correctly, then no guest will refuse this dish. The most delicious recipe for a strawberry cheesecake with a photo is described below.

A simple way to make strawberry cheesecake without baking

This dessert is made incredibly simple and easy. The uniqueness of this recipe is that the cake does not need to be baked. This not only saves time for its preparation, but also money for used gas.

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When grinding cookies, special care should be taken to ensure that small pieces do not remain in the crumb.

Selection of ingredients

To make strawberry cheesecake according to this recipe you need:

  • about 300 grams of shortbread;
  • a tablespoon of butter (with a slide);
  • half a kilogram of cream cheese;
  • 2 packs of gelatin (for filling);
  • a glass of cream (fat content from 33 to 35%);
  • about 150 grams of sugar;
  • 380 grams of fresh strawberries;
  • a glass of freshly squeezed strawberry juice;
  • a bag of gelatin (for jelly).
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Stages of cheesecake

The process of making a strawberry cheesecake without baking begins with the filling. Gelatin pour into a deep bowl and pour half a glass of cold water. In such condition leave for an hour. A similar procedure should be carried out with gelatin for jelly. In this case, pour the ingredient with freshly squeezed strawberry juice. You can take a cherry or other fresh red.

Cookies are put in a blender and chop to fine crumbs.

Put the butter in a bowl and put in a microwave. The resulting liquid is added to the crumb and mixed well by hand.

Lay out the prepared mass in a split form. Spread evenly on the surface and compact. To ensure that the substrate is well-frozen, place the container in the refrigerator.

The next step in creating a strawberry cheesecake without baking is processing strawberries. Wash the berries with the stems, then remove the tails. Fruits cut into small cubes of the same size.

Wet gelatin for toppings put on a weak fire, so that it dissolves well. As soon as a uniform consistency is obtained, remove the bowl from the fire, and allow the liquid to cool.

Cream pour into a container and beat with sugar until a dense consistency is formed. To get the desired structure, the milk product should be well cooled. To prepare this recipe for a strawberry cheesecake, you can use cottage cheese. It should be homemade with a high percentage of fat. Put cream cheese, gelatin, pieces of strawberries into a battered mass and mix well. Do this only with the help of a whisk, so as not to damage the berries.

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The container with the base can be removed from the refrigerator. On the cookies lay out the creamy mass and spread evenly over the surface. To the filling is well frozen, place the container for 20-30 minutes in the freezer. Once the surface has grasped, you can decorate. To do this, slip the strawberries with cream cheese.Top with a mixture of juice and gelatin. It is important to make sure that the berries do not float upward. Ready to put cake for a day in the refrigerator.

To the edges of the cheesecake were perfectly even, before you remove it from the mold, you must warm the container with a hairdryer.

Before serving, decorate each piece with fresh mint leaves.

The recipe for a delicious cheesecake in the oven

No less popular is strawberry cheesecake with pastries. A dish cooked on this principle turns out to be as tasty, but it takes more time to make it. A distinctive feature of this dessert is the use of cottage cheese instead of cream cheese, which is often knocked down by the blender until an oily consistency is formed.

Selection of ingredients

Products for cooking:

  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • a glass of sugar (can be brown);
  • , a glass of wheat flour;
  • a tablespoon of soft butter;
  • half a kilo of cottage cheese (high fat content);
  • 0, 5 liters of fresh strawberries;
  • a dessert spoon of potato starch;
  • 2 glasses of sour cream (homemade);
  • a sachet of vanillin.

The classic recipe for strawberry cheesecake uses Philadelphia cheese.

Cooking Strawberry Cheesecake

Two eggs are put in a bowl and beat together with sugar until air mass is obtained. Then sift the sifted flour with the melted butter and add it to the mixture. It is necessary to stir with a spoon, with movements from top to bottom.

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Cover the form with parchment paper and apply a little oil. Place the dough in a container and spread it well with a spatula. Keep in the oven for 20 minutes.

To prepare the filling, you need to grind the eggs with sugar. Then to them put cottage cheese, starch and vanillin.

On top of the cooked biscuit put the pieces of strawberries and pour them with curd mass. Put the container for 40 minutes in the oven.

The final stage is the preparation of the cream. To do this, in a deep bowl, beat the sugar with sour cream. The mixture must acquire a dense consistency. Ready cake plentifully anointed with cream and put in the refrigerator for 24 hours. From above you can put pieces of berries.

Dessert is ready and you can start tasting!


If you want to surprise with your dish all guests and family members, then strawberry cheesecake will be the best option. This dessert is not only beautiful and tasty, but also very useful. This is due to the use of natural components that are not amenable to heat treatment, thus preserving all their vitamins and trace elements.

Delicious cheesecake - video recipe

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