Requirements for the greenhouse for mushroom cultivation


Greenhouse construction is considered an indispensable assistant to the owners of suburban areas. In addition, that it grows vegetables and fruits,Many enterprising owners began to adapt the greenhouse for mushroom cultivation. It is believed that they are an ideal option for year-round cultivation. It remains only to figure out how to properly equip the building to create the right conditions.


Table of contents

  • Which greenhouse is suitable for breeding mushrooms
    • Heating system
    • Water supply
    • Shading system
    • Humidity
  • Mushrooms for greenhouse cultivation

Which greenhouse is suitable for breeding mushrooms

For each mushroom variety it is necessary to choose the right greenhouse. Oyster mushrooms can be grown in a cellar or cellar, but mushrooms should be equipped with a film shelter.

Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse is an interesting and easy process

The greenhouse can be made of polycarbonate material, polyethylene film, glass.An excellent solution is the use of greenhouses in which to grow seedlings.

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As a framework, it is possible to use steel or aluminum billets, wood or plastic material. When deciding which material will be applied, it is necessary to give preference to quality, duration of operation, level of heat conductivity and cost. If you plan to build a large greenhouse, then you can fill the foundation foundation.

The main condition is not the type of construction, but compliance with the necessary requirements:

  • on the level of humidity;
  • lighting;
  • correct application of fertilizers;
  • observance of the temperature regime.
Double-coated greenhouse

In addition, it is possible to install equipment necessary to properly grow mushroom crops in greenhouses. Many advise to purchase a mist sprayer, which will perfectly help to disinfect the room, cool it and maintain the desired level of humidity.A good help will be a straw chopper with manual or mechanical drive.It will not be superfluous to have a ventilation system consisting of fans and plastic pipes. It is allowed to install lighting. It is best to use fluorescent lights that must work at least twelve hours a day. To control the temperature regime, you need thermometers.

Heating system

The simplest option is to connect a hothouse structure to the usual water heating of your house with a balancing valve. This will allow you to control the temperature in the required parameters. But such a possibility does not always exist, therefore it is necessary to install a heating device.

Electric heating boiler is equipped with automation and safety systems

If the greenhouse is not too big, it is recommended to install a not too powerful electric boiler, which has certain advantages:

  • maintaining thetemperaturesin the automatic mode;
  • easeheating adjustmenttaking into account the phase of growth of fungi;
  • compactness;
  • no need for a devicechimney;
  • not too highcost of.

Modern boilers have built-in expansion tanks and circulating pumps, which ensure safe operation and even heating of the entire area.

Heating scheme with electric boiler

There is one, but very significant drawback - electric energy is quite expensive.Lower the cost of heating is possible with the help of a quality heat insulation and sealing of the building, sealing gaps and gaps. It should be noted that the fungi are not too demanding for the temperature regime, so that the cost of electricity will be quite acceptable.

On the perimeter of the greenhouse, you can place heating radiators or registers made from pipes of large diameters.

Heating pipes are located around the perimeter
Stationary heating is useful in the spring season when growing vegetable seedlings.

Water supply

Pour the substrate composition in which mushrooms are grown, and maintain the necessary moisture can be by means of fine dispersion of water.In small greenhouses, it is convenient to use manual sprayers, and more spacious greenhouses are recommended to be equipped with full-fledged moisturizing systems.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Water should be pre-conditioned, giving it softness. It is allowed to install water tanks under the hothouse racks. Thus, the humidity level is maintained, and the water acquires the necessary temperature.

It is best to use thawed or rainwater collected in an ecologically clean place.

Shading system

Mushrooms need a subdued light. Under the hot sun they will dry up and perish.To protect mycelium from "extinction it is necessary to think over the system of shading.

Shading in the greenhouse

If you used a double layer of agglomerated fiber or colored polycarbonate in the greenhouse device, then you will not need the shading. Such materials will perfectly dissipate the sunlight and lower the level of illumination. In all other cases, under the roof of the building, you should mount curtains from thick fabric or whiten the greenhouse with lime.

The use of lime can protect against solar ultraviolet radiation and disinfect the walls.


Its level should be highand stay within ninety percent. For monitoring it is recommended to install a special device in the greenhouse.


Mushrooms for greenhouse cultivation

Experienced truck farmers say that not all fungi are suitable for cultivation in greenhouse conditions.It is recommended to breed:

  • veshenok;
  • winter windfall;
  • champignons;
  • white mushrooms;
  • chanterelle.
. . Champignon.. Chanterelles.. Oyster mushrooms.. Porcini.. Winter chill.

Technological methods used to grow these species and the conditions necessary for this are different, so it will be necessary to determine in advance which mushroom you would like to breed.

Grown in greenhouse conditions, fungi do not contain toxic substances that may be found in their relatives collected along roads or near large enterprises.With their help, you can easily fix your financial affairs by organizing your own business.If you correctly arranged the greenhouse, then the harvest can be collected all year round, bearing the minimum amount of expenses.

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