What to do if the drum knocks on the washing machine

The breakdown of the washing machine does not happen "suddenly its prerequisites the user may notice in advance. If you notice that the drum is tapping in the washing machine, then you need an urgent check, and possibly a repair.

Do not delay the diagnosis, because the reasons for extraneous noise in the AGR can be different, and this can lead to serious and expensive repairs.

Content of the material:

  • 1In which cases does the drum noise and knock
  • 2Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting
    • 2.1There was an imbalance
    • 2.2Installing the washing machine incorrectly
    • 2.3Foreign object has been caught
    • 2.4Bearings worn out
    • 2.5The counterweight loosened
    • 2.6Dampers are out of order

In which cases does the drum noise and knock

If you hear a knock and buzz when launching the indesite, Samsung, LG and other models, do not be afraid. Perhaps you have laid things out with paillettes, metal buttons that can beat against the surface of the drum. Such clothes should be turned out before washing or placed in special bags.

Checked the laundry, and similar things were not found? Then you need to diagnose and find out why the machine is noisy and vibrates strongly.

Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting

It is necessary to pay attention when the drum starts to make noise.

There was an imbalance

If the drum knocks while rotating, the cause may be in imbalance. When a little clothes or one big thing is loaded for washing, in the process they are crumpled and fall on one side. Therefore, the drum begins to knock on the tank wall, which leads to extraneous sounds.

Solve the problem like this:

  • Stop the cycle or pause. If there is water inside the stylalki - drain it.
  • For the drain open the small hatch - it is located below, under the front panel.
  • Unscrew the filter by inserting a container to collect water.
  • After unlocking the hatch, open the door and evenly arrange the clothes.

Such a malfunction, as an imbalance, is typical for old-fashioned washing machines. Since in new models, manufacturers have provided the function "Protection against imbalance."

Installing the washing machine incorrectly

In this case, the drum knocks when it is gaining momentum - for example, when spinning. At the same time, a strong vibration is felt, the whole construction rattles. How to check if the installation is correct:

  • Place the CM level on the casing.
  • Sway the body with your hands. If it swings, and the legs come off the floor, then the problem is in the wrong installation.

The machine should stand on a flat surface, the legs - firmly in contact with the floor. If you can not even put the legs, use silicone pads that you can buy in stores.

Foreign object has been caught

What are the signs that there is an object in the drum:

  • The drum of the stylalka was strongly pounded during washing and spinning.
  • When you scroll the drum with your hand you hear a strange sound: noise, ringing and knocking.

If even after cleaning the laundry in the drum something rattled, probably a coin, a button, could get caught, garbage from pockets could get stuck. You can not start the event alone, otherwise it may cause the drum to jam.

You can remove the object by bending the cuff of the hatch or pulling the TEN. In difficult cases it is necessary to remove the tank from the housing.

The same goes for the separated filter.

Since the filter is attached to the rear wall of the SMA housing, it constantly strikes the tank during operation.

To fix the situation, you need to remove the top cover. To do this, unscrew the two screws from the rear, slide the lid away from yourself and remove it from the casing. Check the filter mounts: if they are OK, fix the filter in place. If broken, replace them.

Bearings worn out

From what else can the machine grind when scrolling? Scraping and noise indicate the wear of bearings. And if you hear that the SMA is buzzing and whistling - this means that the life of the bearings is already running out, and you need to make a replacement urgently.

How to be sure of a malfunction without disassembly of the washer:

  • Scroll the drum by hand, if noticeably non-uniform rotation - the bearing has begun to wear out.
  • Shake the drum up and down. If it moves so far away from the tank that a backlash is formed, then the bearing is about to fail.

Replacement of the bearing in a drum - repair inexpensive, but long. But if you do not make a change in time, it will damage the tank and the crosspiece. As a result, it will be cheaper to buy a new washing machine.

To replace the bearing, you need to purchase a repair kit and completely disassemble the machine in order to remove the drum with the drum. If your machine is creaking, do it as soon as possible.

The counterweight loosened

Because the tank itself is light, for its weighting, uniform rotation, and vibration damping, counterweights are used. If the weights of the counterweight are loosened and he loosens up, you will hear a crash and feel a strong vibration.

How to adjust the counterweight:

  • Remove the front panel of the styrler. Usually two counterweights are fixed on the front wall of the tank.
  • After removing the top cover, pull out the dispensing tray by pressing the latch in the center.
  • Unscrew the bolts that secure the control panel.
  • Squeeze the plastic clips using a flat screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the control panel and place it on the body.
  • Remove the plinth panel. Now there is access to the front panel fasteners.
  • Unscrew all bolts along the perimeter, remove the front panel.

Check the counterweights, fasten their fasteners. If one of the counterweights is destroyed (this is rare, but it happens with concrete stones), you need to replace it with a new part.

Dampers are out of order

If the shock absorbers are worn out, or their springs are stretched, the vibration will not be extinguished during the operation of the AGR. You can hear how something clicks, repeating the sound of a rattle. As a result of imbalance, the tank heels one way and hits the walls and other parts of the machine.

Repair shock absorbers are not subject to, you can only perform a replacement. To do this, remove the back panel of the washing machine by unscrewing the bolts around the perimeter. There are shock absorbers underneath the tank. Replace them with your own hands is easy:

  • Remove the lower shock absorber mount. It is necessary to unscrew the bolt.
  • To remove the upper part, you will have to pull out the rods. Secure the nut to the back of the stem to neutralize the latch.
  • Using pliers, pull the stem from the other side and pull it out with the shock absorbers.

It remains to install new elements.

Now you know why the drum is tapping. Do not start the problem, and at the first signs of trouble check.

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