Washing machine jumps and vibrates

The washing machine jumps and jumps during washing? There can be several reasons. Much depends on the life of the styralka, the place of its installation, the correct operation. This problem must be solved immediately, because today you are hampered by a strong noise, and tomorrow, the filling hoses can come off, which will lead to a flood in the room.

After reading the article, you will learn how to diagnose and fix the problem with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of vibration of SMA
    • 1.1Which models vibrate most often
  • 2Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting
    • 2.1Bearings - hum, rumble, jumps
    • 2.2Counterweight - knock
    • 2.3Shock absorbers and dampers - tank subsidence
    • 2.4Engine - rocking machine
  • 3How to fix a washing machine if it jumps

Causes of vibration of SMA

If the new washing machine vibrates and jumps, which was installed recently, the reason can be:

  • In transport bolts. These are safety bolts that are installed to secure the tank. Thus, it is protected from damage during transport. If the bolts are not removed in time, the main parts begin to wear out, the machine is noisy and staggers when squeezed. The bolts are located on the rear panel, you can pull them out yourself.

Save the shipping bolts. When moving, they can be installed in place.

  • If the stiralka shakes and shifts during washing, the cause may be in the wrong setting. When the technique is installed on a wooden floor, it eventually settles. Check if the machine is unstable when it is turned off. If so, it's about installation.
  • Why does the jerk jump, jerk and jumps on the floor? Improper operation leads to imbalance. The overloaded drum will vibrate strongly during spinning. And if you put big things, they can get lost in one on one side of the drum.
    In modern machines, there is protection against imbalance. But it is better to stop washing, drain the water and evenly distribute the laundry.
  • It happens that a small object gets into the space between the tank and the drum. You can detect it by scrolling the drum with your hand. Try to reach the object, having bent the cuff of the hatchway. If this could not be done, it is necessary to remove the heater and take the object through its hole.

Which models vibrate most often

Manufacturers each time improve the design of washing machines, trying to reduce noise. The drum rotates at high speed during spinning, so natural vibrations are simply unavoidable. The strongest jump:

  • Narrow built-in washers. Due to the narrow body, the support part is reduced, so if the machine is not properly fixed or built-in, it will move along the floor in the bathroom.
  • AGR with metal tanks also strongly rattles during operation.

When buying, pay attention to the ways of fastening the washing machine, as well as the materials of its construction.

Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting

The causes of vibration of the washing machine may be more serious malfunctions.

Bearings - hum, rumble, jumps

When the drum bearings are worn out, it's impossible not to notice. Noise is heard, the car thunders and jumps. Verify the failure will help such a check:

  • Open the hatch door and turn the drum by hand. Notice the non-uniform rotation? The drum may be spinning with difficulty. So, it's a matter of bearings.
  • Shake the drum up and down. If it moves away from the tank, forming a play, - the bearings are worn out.

It is difficult to replace the bearings on their own, since it is necessary to completely disassemble the styralka. But it is necessary to do this, otherwise the shaft begins to wear out, and then the tank of the machine. As a result, you will have to buy new equipment.

How to replace bearings in different brands of AGR, we wrote in previous articles.

Counterweight - knock

Concrete counterweights are attached to the tank to dampen vibrations. Counterweights rarely fail. Causes of their breakdown may be loosened fasteners or a split of the concrete base.

If the counterweight is defective, you will hear a knock during the CM operation. Confirm the guesses as follows:

  • Remove the upper part of the case by unscrewing the screws from the rear.
  • Depending on the stylalk model, the counterweight can be attached from above, from the front or from behind.
  • Inspect their fasteners, tighten if necessary.
  • If the counterweight collapses, he needs a replacement.

Replace the counterweight in reverse order.

Shock absorbers and dampers - tank subsidence

These two parts also serve to extinguish vibrations, soften tank jumps during spinning. Shock absorbers were installed on old models of SMA, almost all modern machines are equipped with dampers.

Check their serviceability by removing the front or back panel:

  • Push your hand on the tank. If he quickly got into place, then the springs are all right. If the tank has started to hang out, inspect the details.
  • Dampers are located below the tank. Examine them. If a breakdown occurs, two parts must be replaced at once.
  • Unscrew the lower mounting of the part to the body.
  • Using a nut, secure the hub of the damper at the top to neutralize the latches.
  • Pull out the sleeve with pliers. Install the new part.

Along with the shock absorbers, the springs on which the tank hangs. They attach it to the hooks from above. Over time, the springs can stretch and lose elasticity. You only need to replace them.

Engine - rocking machine

The electric motor can also cause strong vibrations of the styralke during operation. Most often this happens due to the weakening of the mounting bolts. You need to remove the rear panel and inspect the engine. The fixing bolts must be adjusted and secured.

If the reason is not in the bolts, it is better to contact the wizard for a detailed diagnosis of the device.

How to fix a washing machine if it jumps

How to properly install the machine so it does not jump? Stiralka should be installed on a flat, non-slippery floor, otherwise it will constantly shift. What to do:

  • Align the surface, place a special mat or sheet of particleboard, fiberboard. Especially necessary additional substrate, if the floor is wooden.
  • Adjust the uniform contact of the surface of all the legs with a level.
  • Place special anti-vibration pads on the legs. Adjust the feet to the desired height.

Having found out the reason of strong shaking of the washing machine, do not start business on its own accord. If you can not solve the problem yourself, call the wizard.

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