Equipment for cleaning ventilation: types and rules of choice

The purpose of the ventilation system is to provide a comfortable atmosphere in the room. It is responsible for supplying clean air and removing waste air masses.

Over time, the ventilation channels and devices become clogged and cannot function normally. In this case, it is necessary to get rid of the accumulated deposits, using special equipment for cleaning the ventilation in the room. Timely maintenance will extend the service life and increase the efficiency of duct operation.

We will understand when it is necessary to carry out cleaning of ventilation, we will describe effective technologies and features of the use of different equipment. In addition, we list the most popular manufacturers of equipment for servicing ventilation systems.

The content of the article:

  • Basic ventilation functions
  • Features of the ventilation system
    • Why do you need to clean the ventilation channels
    • Frequency of service of ventilation systems
    • Main signs of contamination
  • Technologies and methods of service
    • Mechanical maintenance method
    • Chemical cleaning method
    • Other options for the procedure
  • Types of equipment for maintenance of ventilation system
  • Popular treatment plants
  • Equipment selection: focus on manufacturer
    • Devices of European manufacture
    • Models of domestic manufacturer
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Basic ventilation functions

It is important to have an idea about the purpose of the ventilation system, as well as to know what parameters and characteristics it possesses.

Indoor ventilation performs a number of functions:

  1. Evacuation of waste, polluted air and the flow of new from the street. In some situations, purification, ionization, cooling and heating of the air mass occurs.
  2. Various impurities and odors are removed from the room. This has a positive effect on the well-being and efficiency of people in the room.

The air exchange system is able to fully cope with its functions when it is perfectly clean. For these purposes, it needs regular cleaning. It will increase the efficiency of technology and eliminate the possible appearance of allergic reactions in people due to the accumulation of dust and various impurities.

Ventilation blockage

In the air there are small particles of dirt and debris that fall into the ventilation channel. In the absence of regular cleaning, they form deposits that reduce the internal section of the duct

Features of the ventilation system

Not only dust, but also microbes, allergens, mold organisms, fungal spores, leave through the ventilation channels. Over time, they settle on the inside of the ventilation, from where they spread around the room. In addition, the dusty network is a conductor of fire and a source of suffocating burning in case of fire.

Why do you need to clean the ventilation channels

Timely cleaning of the canals helps purify the air, regulates the humidity index and prevents the development of fungus and black mold. And also it allows you to create ideal microclimatic conditions in the room and deal with the problems of the engineering system.

In addition, cleaning helps to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. If dust and fat deposits are observed in the ventilation ducts, if a small spark occurs in the duct, a fire may occur. And the spread of fire will be fast.

Air duct after cleaning

It is important for a person to secure comfortable living conditions. Purification of ventilation ensures the creation of a perfectly functioning ventilation system

Cleaning the air ducts allows you to perform sanitary standards, from which the well-being and health of each person depends. Timely maintenance of ventilation channels will provide a favorable atmosphere and a comfortable indoor microclimate.

This is important both in residential areas and in the workplace, where people spend a lot of time.

Frequency of service of ventilation systems

Ventilation is a necessary element of residential, industrial, commercial and warehouse space. If you do not take into account the technical features, the ventilation system is conditionally divided into 2 types: natural and forced. Each of them needs constant cleaning.

It is carried out as the ventilation channels are contaminated or periodically as a preventive measure. In the second case, the procedures do not depend on the degree of contamination.

This option is more optimal, as it guarantees efficient and long-lasting ventilation. It will also ensure a comfortable atmosphere in the room, while the ventilation system will fully perform its functions.

Cleaning the ventilation system in the room

Constant maintenance of the ventilation system of the room in normal working condition allows creating a microclimate favorable for work and rest.

If the maintenance of all elements of the ventilation system will be performed regularly, the room will be perfectly clean air. Favorable microclimate has a positive effect on the health of people who live or work indoors.

Main signs of contamination

Cleaning the ventilation system in the apartment should be carried out regularly. Otherwise, dirt, dust and various deposits begin to circulate in the room with air currents, causing harm to human health.

The need for cleaning is indicated by a number of signs:

  • dust and cobwebs are constantly gathering around the grate;
  • it is stuffy in the room, although this has not been observed before;
  • the next day after cleaning the apartment dust accumulates on the floor.

To test the system in a small room, you can use the visual method, smoke or open flame. In case of inadequate cleaning, it should be carried out.

Special tools are used to assess the condition of large area ventilation systems.

Cleaning ventilation

Periodically it is necessary to carry out a performance check of the ventilation system. This will avoid fire situations.

Technologies and methods of service

The ventilation system provides air circulation from the room and back. Universal equipment eliminates dirt and dust, allows you to keep the room clean. Air purification should be carried out both at the production using industrial installations and in residential buildings.

The system for air purification can solve different problems. Some of them are designed to get rid of part of the dust, others are designed to combat fats and fumes. On the inner walls of the equipment there are different deposits, depending on which use the best option for service work.

Mechanical maintenance method

The cleaning procedure involves the use of special equipment - a vacuum cleaner, brush machine or a robot equipped with a video camera and special brushes. The mechanical method is characterized by high speed and efficiency, however, it is not suitable for removing fat deposits.

Its main advantage is safety for people working or living in the building. Effectively removing pollution from the duct walls, the equipment does not damage the elements of the ventilation system.

Chemical cleaning method

Using mechanical means, it is not always possible to get rid of strong pollution. In public kitchens often have to apply dry cleaning of air ducts. This is necessary if there is a significant load on the ventilation system or the owner of the room does not comply with equipment cleaning standards.

Chemical method

If the ventilation system is very dirty, a chemical cleaning method is used. This method will allow to get the desired result and return the ventilation channels to the normal state.

Cleaning is carried out by spraying special chemicals through the air duct.

The chemical method is the fastest and most effective. It requires prior preparation, since the cleaning products used are toxic.

Other options for the procedure

The combined cleaning method is also called wet. It involves the use of chemical and mechanical cleaning methods, which are carried out in turn. The advantages of the method are high efficiency.

Among the disadvantages of this method of service work:

  • quite high cost;
  • its implementation takes a long time.

Another expensive cleaning option is cryogenic blasting. It involves the use of dry ice or soda.

The substance used by compressed air at high speed enters the ventilation, where it crashes into contaminated walls. As a result, a microexplosion occurs, effectively destroying plaque on the inner surface of the ventilation channel.

The lack of blasting - the procedure requires sealing the system and a lot of time. But this method allows you to effectively cope with deposits on the walls.

 Ventilation cleaning method

There are various methods of cleaning the ventilation system. They are selected depending on the factors: the purpose of the hood, the requirements and technical capabilities of the client

In practice, mechanical or combined cleaning is often used. These techniques allow you to remove deposits of greasy deposits and dust from the inner walls of the ventilation system. The remaining methods are relevant in the presence of complex contaminants that simple tools cannot cope with.

Types of equipment for maintenance of ventilation system

Dust, dirt, fatty and fungal accumulations accumulated inside the ventilation system are not always easily separated from the walls. Usually this requires the skills of professionals and special equipment.

Cleaning equipment

Professionals use special equipment to remove deposits from the duct. It is intended for maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation system in various premises.

There are several types of equipment for the maintenance of the ventilation system: diagnostic and cleaning.

First, using the diagnostic device, the condition of the ventilation channels is assessed. Based on the diagnostic results, materials and suitable equipment are selected.

In order for the cleaning of the ventilation system to be effective, it is necessary to use only equipment that is specifically designed to solve a particular problem. Depending on the purpose of use, it is widely used (domestic) or professional.

Conventional ventilation cleaning equipment includes brush sets, mobile filtering units, replaceable filters.

Professional solution to the problem of contamination of ventilation involves a thorough inspection of the ventilation system. special devices to identify the degree of contamination and to determine the most problematic plots.

Cleaning equipment

Equipment designed for effective cleaning of the ventilation system is not only ordinary brushes, but also powerful filtering devices.

Professional equipment for cleaning the ventilation channels includes a video camera, which is installed on a small moving platform. Her task is to transmit a signal from the ventilation system. Professional devices allow you to perform a video inspection of ventilation to find out the degree of contamination.

Cleaning companies that specialize in working with air ducts, use special equipment. It allows you to diagnose the degree of contamination and carry out operational cleaning of the ventilation channels.

Professional cleaning equipment

Specialists use complex professional equipment to clean the ventilation ducts, which quickly and efficiently copes with the task.

One of the main advantages of the work of specialized cleaning organizations is that during the cleaning of ventilation, people who work or live indoors do not feel discomfort.

When choosing equipment, you should take into account on what objects the ventilation system is located:

  • in apartment buildings or in private country buildings;
  • at catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars, bakeries);
  • in public and commercial buildings (shopping centers, offices, medical facilities);
  • industrial premises.

For work on cleaning ventilation systems in industrial enterprises in most cases use cleaning robots equipped with video cameras and special brushes. The feasibility of using this equipment depends on the degree of contamination of the ventilation channel.

Selection of equipment for cleaning

Completion and power of special equipment is selected depending on the features of the objects on which the ventilation system is installed

Popular treatment plants

To carry out work on cleansing the ventilation system, it is necessary to use special equipment. It should effectively remove the mud deposits from the inner walls of the channels and remove them from the duct system of the room.

For these purposes, the equipment is used:

  • powerful industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • air driven brush systems;
  • electromechanical units;
  • vacuum apparatus;
  • cleaning devices equipped with filters;
  • chemical cleaning equipment and sprayers;
  • blaster for dry ice.

The listed equipment is used for different cleaning methods and is usually included in the package of professional specialists in the maintenance of ventilation systems.

Before starting the service, the system is analyzed and preparatory procedures are carried out. Then specialists come to the site with a set of necessary equipment and consumables.

Vacuum cleaner. One of the most popular cleaning units is a high negative pressure ventilation cleaning unit. The device is attached to the outlet of the ventilation system. After switching on the installation, it begins to effectively absorb dirt, which has separated from the walls during the cleaning process.

Vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning works that require the creation of a powerful stream of air. This is necessary in ventilating systems with a large length. The equipment removes dust, dirt and residues used in the work from the system.

Ventilation cleaning process

The power of the vacuum unit is the main indicator of the quality of cleaning the exhaust ventilation system. Powerful units are used to work with dimensional air ducts.

The vacuum unit is equipped with a powerful engine that can withstand the influence of the environment. It is equipped with a high purity pocket and HEPA filter. This allows you to effectively and quickly clean the air from dust, microorganisms, mold, spores of fungi, sawdust, asbestos, quartz and mineral wool.

Brushing machine. It is used in the mechanical version of the service of the ventilation system. This machine, located on a moving platform, is placed in a polluted air duct. It removes dirty dust from the walls and is not designed for fat deposits that quickly clog the fibers of the brush.

Brush Cleaning Machines

Brush machines for cleaning the ventilation ducts are usually equipped with shafts from 25 to 40 m. Pneumatic devices clean systems equipped with air ducts with a diameter of 100 to 1200 mm

The equipment is equipped with a rotating brush that performs mechanical cleaning of the inner walls of the duct. It can be effectively used for rectangular, round or vertical ventilation ducts.

Flexible shafts. They allow you to get to the most inaccessible places: grids, valves, pipes and core layers of the main channels. Devices are widely used for cleaning mine apartment buildings.

For self-service air channels apply flexible shafts attached to a source of rotation (drill or screwdriver).

Flexible shaft cleaning

The flexible shaft with a hydraulic motor has a length of 40 m. Some models can be supplemented with special nozzles for disinfection

Blaster. Innovative equipment is used in the blasting procedure. The device provides careful cleaning of internal surfaces of ventilation from dirt.

It is a modern installation for supplying dry ice and a sprayer to the ventilation system. The abrasive is fed using a high pressure blaster, and the process is identical to sandblasting.

Dry Ice Blaster

Blaster for dry ice can effectively get rid of mud deposits in the ventilation system without causing damage to the duct surface

In addition to devices, the market is represented by special chemical agents and sprayers, which destroy deposits that have accumulated on the inner walls of the ventilation system. Effective preparations are widely used for chemical and combined cleaning method. They are especially in demand in the factories and kitchens catering.

Means are applied using a special sprayer on the inside of the ducts. The active ingredients effectively break down fat deposits and dirt, after which they are easily washed off the walls.

Separately, mention should be made of equipment for teleinspection and video diagnostics. It is designed to conduct surveys and diagnostics of the technical condition of venkanalov.

Video research allows you to see with the camera and monitor what is happening inside the duct.

Pollution Diagnosis

Video diagnostics equipment - a way to get high-quality video and photo materials that show minor damage on the inner walls of the duct

Depending on the purpose and dimensions of the duct, different tele-inspection equipment is used to diagnose the degree of contamination. It is portable, self-propelled, propelled and floating.

Equipment selection: focus on manufacturer

According to the legislation, cleaning of ventilation systems should be carried out at least once a year. This will ensure a normal level of fire safety in the food industry and in buildings where dirt and flammable materials accumulate.

Every 5 years it is necessary to check the condition of the air duct in a hotel, restaurant, medical and correctional facilities.

Devices of European manufacture

The indoor climate and the safety of people depend on the effective operation of the ventilation duct. Sophisticated operation of the system is the regular cleaning of the duct. When choosing the best equipment for cleaning the ventilation should pay attention to the reliability of manufacturers.

The best installations for cleaning ventilation from pollution are represented on the market by European manufacturers. Market leaders offering a wide range of products are companies Goodway (USA),Pressovac and AirPower (Finland).

The equipment is of high quality and excellent performance. Minus products - the high cost.

Models of domestic manufacturer

A significant part of consumers chooses Russian-made cleaning equipment. It is much cheaper, although the quality of the equipment is impeccable.

When buying Russian equipment for cleaning the ventilation, it is better to focus on the major manufacturers who offer world-class high-quality equipment. In demand products LLC “Equipment for Professionals”, LLC "Probat Rus".

Not always cleaning the duct helps to solve the problem, sometimes repairs are required - detailed information on the restoration of the ventilation system is given in the articles:

  1. Repair of ventilation systems: analysis of popular faults and how to eliminate them
  2. Recovery of ventilation: causes of reduced efficiency and restoration of air ducts

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video # 1: Comprehensive cleaning of the ventilation shaft. The maintenance process consists of three stages: diagnostics, cleaning and disinfection.

Video # 2: Ventilation system service using a robot.

Video # 3: Duct cleaning technology with a flexible shaft.

According to research, about 40% of the pollution gets into the room due to poor quality of the ventilation system. This is due to the late replacement of filters and the accumulation of dirt, grease and harmful substances on the inner walls of the duct.

With the help of the service equipment for cleaning the building will begin to receive clean air and establish the optimum level of humidity.

Have experience cleaning ventilation in an apartment or private house? Please share information with our readers, suggest your own way to solve the problem. You can leave comments in the form below.

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