F23 error in Bosch washing machine

In the Bosch washing machine, the error on the scoreboard is F23, while the machine stopped in the middle of the washing program. Maybe you found a leak.

All signs indicate that the water does not leave the styralka as it should.

If you have a model of the machine with electromechanical control without a screen, then it gives an error in its own way. The light bulbs (1000-800, 800-600, 600-400) will flash on the panel together with the Rinse indicator.

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  • 1What does error F23 mean?
    • 1.1User Response
    • 1.2What does Aquastop mean and how does it work?
  • 2Degree of protection
    • 2.1Partial protection
    • 2.2Full protection
  • 3How to fix the error

What does error F23 mean?

When the Bosch washing machine displays F23 on the display, it means that the Aquastop device has been activated, which serves to protect against leaks. Therefore, in order to fix the problem and remove the error, you need to find out the reason for the system's operation.

Let's sort it out in order.

User Response

If in a Bosch stitch worked Aquastope, first of all you are concerned with the question: what to do?

  1. Disconnect the machine from electricity.
  2. Close the water supply valve.
  3. If the protection has worked in the middle of the washing program and there is water in the tank, drain it through the drain filter.
  4. Release the tank from the laundry.

Now you can check what type of system is equipped with your washing machine. Therefore, before looking for and fixing a malfunction, you need to understand the operation principle of the Aquastop system.

What does Aquastop mean and how does it work?

Washing machine Bosch, equipped with a device to protect against leaks, necessarily has a bottom pallet. The system is equipped with a float made of foam plastic and installed on the inside of the pallet.

In the event of a malfunction and leakage, the water fills the pallet, the float rises, the control module signals the stop of the SM operation. As a result, the error code is displayed on the scoreboard 23.

Degree of protection

There are two types of flood protection:

Partial protection

The system operates according to the principle indicated above.

If the internal defect of Bosch's washer and the leakage occurs, the float is triggered, and the microsensor sends a signal to the board. As a result, the drain pump pumps the water out of the sump.

However, partial Aquastop does not protect against external leaks. If the filler hose is damaged, there will be no use in protecting it. In this case, you need to constantly monitor the quality of connections and the state of communication.

Full protection

In addition to the Aquastop sensor, a hose with solenoid valves is provided. When there is a water intake in the tank, the pressure switch alerts the control module - enough. The module sends a signal to the valves, they close, the fence stops. Therefore, in this part of the leakage should not be.

The hose itself is treated with a special shell, so if the water is damaged, the water drains into the drip tray, where Aquastop is triggered.

The photo shows the principle of work.

How to solve the problem and reset the error F 23 in the AGR Bosch?

How to fix the error

How to fix the situation:

  • Restart your Bosch washing machine by pulling the plug out of the outlet for 20 minutes. When the reason lies in the failure of the controller, the error disappears after the reboot. The method is effective, if there is no leak, only the malfunction code on the scoreboard.
  • Check the water inlet hose and its connection points with the appliance. Is there any damage, depressurization of the fastening. You may need to replace the hose.
  • Inspect the detergent dispenser tray. It happens that it is installed unevenly, so water begins to flow.

The reason can be and in more serious breakages. Therefore it is necessary to check and replace if necessary:

  1. Pressostat.
  2. Control module.
  3. Electromagnetic hose or its valves.
  4. Inlet nozzle.

During any work, disconnect the Bosch washing machine from the mains. If after the repair the machine no longer gives an error F23, you did everything correctly.


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