Power consumption of the refrigerator: how much electricity is consumed + how to save

The refrigeration unit is almost the most honorable place in any kitchen. Without it, it is impossible to store food and cooked food for a long time. In the course of continuous work the equipment constantly spends energy.

The value of this indicator is affected by energy dependence and power consumption of the refrigerator. These criteria are paramount when choosing technology.

The content of the article:

  • Main Energy Classes
  • Rules for choosing an economical refrigerator
    • Compressor
    • Cooling system
    • Number and size of cameras
    • Tightness
  • Impact of external factors on energy consumption
  • TOP-5 economical refrigeration units
    • Model # 1 - Liebherr CBN 4815
    • Model # 2 - LG GA B489 YEQZ
    • Model # 3 - Bosch KIS87AF30
    • Model # 4 - Samsung RB-31 FERNCSA
    • Model # 5 - Siemens KG39NXB35
  • How to prevent overuse of electricity?
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Main Energy Classes

Back in the 90s, all modern household appliances began to be divided according to the new classification of energy consumption. This applies equally to miniature light sources, as well as volumetric hot-water tanks, washing units.

Now marking with indication of the class inherent in a particular device is required.

Information stickers on the body of the refrigerator

On the sticker placed on the surface of the equipment, you can quickly find out how much electricity the refrigerator you like consumes per year, depending on its capacity. Such information must be duplicated in the technical passport of the unit.

On average, the annual electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours is in the range of 235-465 kW. Knowing the parameter, calculate the approximate daily or monthly numbers is not difficult.

To do this, it is enough to divide the declared value by the number of days / months in a year - 365/12. For example, if a device consumes 230 kWh per year, the daily rate is approximately 0.63 kWh. Similarly, monthly calculations are performed.

Power consumption calculations

To see the most correct statistics, you should consider a small error. To the number obtained in the calculations, it is usually recommended to add three of the tenths

Consumption classes are denoted by Latin letters ranging from A before G. Each of them is assigned a color graphic indicator for a clearer perception. Some symbols are supplemented by an index. «+».

Gradation is determined by dividing the actual consumption value by the standard indicator. The first digit is established during the experiments.

The second is obtained as a result of calculations using a complex formula, in which many components are involved - the volume of departments, temperature, technologies used, climate class, etc.

Information is provided to the user in the form of a percentage of the energy consumed over a specific time period to the specified standards. The alphabet of energy consumption of refrigerators looks like this:

  • A +++ - up to 22%;
  • A ++ – 22-33%;
  • A + – 33-42%;
  • A – 42-55%;
  • B – 55-75%;
  • C – 75-95%.

The most economical and rational is the category A with a green indicator of different shades, the most expensive - Gmarked in red. Aggregates A +, A ++, A +++ consume three times less than in the generally accepted norms.

Devices below class WITH practically no longer being produced, since they are malicious devotees of light. Energy consumption of such refrigerators from 110 to 150%. These values ​​are far from the norm and can "fly into a lot of money."

The equipment with marking is attributed to the average for energy consumption variant B and C. It saves approximately 15 to 35% of resources.

Information on the fridge label

In addition to the class and the annual percentage of energy efficiency, the label of the refrigerator contains information on the internal volume of cabinets, noise level, model name and manufacturer

The difference between refrigerators, classified in different categories of classification, is quite significant. Type aggregate A ++ you only need 143 kWh per year, while his fellow G consumes more than 900 kW / h over the same period.

Great to save the family budget will help model A +++which are 50% more economical than even equipment that has class A +. It is quite natural that they are much higher, but the subsequent savings will soon pay back investments in the purchase with interest.

Rules for choosing an economical refrigerator

Despite all the markings and miscalculations, the fact of how much electricity the consumed refrigerator will consume is influenced by many circumstances.

Some of them are hidden in the design and configuration, others depend directly on the user and on how favorable conditions he creates for the operation of equipment.

The number of kilowatts consumed by the refrigerator per day, month or year is not calculated on the basis of data from the data sheet only.

The parameters are also influenced by the filling, which the manufacturer supplies with its development. Wanting to find the most economical device, you should first consider the following nuances:

  • number and type of compressors;
  • cooling system;
  • chamber volume;
  • tightness and heat insulation;
  • feature set.


The range includes single and dual compressor models of refrigeration units.

Two-compressor refrigerator

In single-compressor products, one motor works for cooling the refrigeration department and the freezer. Otherwise, there are no fundamental differences, including energy efficiency.

As a rule, modifications with two motors are more convenient to use, since they provide more opportunities for effective temperature control and defrosting.

When choosing equipment, one should pay attention not only to the quantity, but also to the type of compressors. In terms of power consumption, the inverter wins by a significant margin.

The mode of operation of the inverter is different in that it instantly catches up the temperature to the specified values ​​and constantly maintains it, smoothly changing the power.

Comparison of compressors

Inverter motor is economical, relatively not noisy, wear-resistant, does not create large loads on the network. It is designed for a long service life, which is at least ten years

An ordinary compressor, however, reaches the required level longer, at the same time it is turned on at full power and then turned off.

As soon as the thermal sensor detects temperature changes, the mechanism starts again. This method of adjustment is called stepwise. In terms of saving electricity, it is imperfect.

Cooling system

Modern refrigeration units are equipped with two main cooling systems - drip or NoFrost.

In devices with a drip system, an evaporator that maintains a cold temperature is located on the back wall. Over time, the formed ice particles drip into the pan, where they evaporate.

Innovative technology NoFrost involves dry freezing, in which does not appear frost and does not freeze the ice. The evaporator is built above the freezer compartment or behind the back of the unit. Products are frozen in the process of blowing cold air, which is provided by fans.

Every few hours the fan stops, the heating component is turned on at this time, the melted liquid is transferred along special grooves to the sump and evaporates. Such refrigerators do not need to be defrosted.

System "Without frost" includes several subspecies - Full no frost, Total no frost. There is also a combined cooling that combines two main types.

According to statistics, the traditional cooling system is more economical. Due to the presence of additional fans and a powerful heater, NoFrost technology is more demanding for energy resources.

Additional functions in the refrigerator

Increase energy costs and complex functions that are endowed with a refrigerator: the lighting of individual components, rapid freezing of large volumes of food, automatic defrosting, ice dispensing

Number and size of cameras

As for the number of compartments, the best option for the consumer are two-chamber models. Single-chamber counterparts are not so “voracious”, but they are usually installed only in those rooms where the space does not allow to accommodate impressive dimensions.

The volume of refrigeration affects the energy consumption index: the more it is, the more palpable the consumption.


Before buying a refrigerator, you need to check the quality of seals and insulating enclosure configurations. Their lack of reliability is dangerous due to excessive loss of cooled air, which provokes an increased load on the compressor and, accordingly, increases energy consumption.

Even the color of the product is reflected in the kilowatts consumed. It is established that the silver material has a lower emissivity and releases heat more slowly.

Impact of external factors on energy consumption

In order to achieve high-quality operation in the mode of maximum possible economy, any refrigerator should be provided with the necessary conditions.

Most of them are manufacturers indicate in the instructions that are attached to the product. In general, energy consumption will depend on:

  • air temperature in the room where the device is installed;
  • the degree of workload of food working chambers;
  • frequency of closing / opening doors;
  • timeliness defrosting.

Ambient temperature - one of the leading criteria. In the process of research and scientific experiments, it has been proved that refrigerators operating in rooms where average readings of 16–17 degrees Celsius are recorded save the budget by about 1.5 times.

This does not mean that the equipment can be installed in a critically cold environment. In such conditions, the compressor simply will not turn on or, worse, it will fail at all.

Refrigerator in a hot room

Refrigeration units, which are in the kitchen, where the air temperature is about 30 degrees, spend twice as much energy relative to the norm

Camera load. Before filling the refrigerator with products, you should study the technical parameters and recommendations of the manufacturer in this regard. You can never download it "to the eyeballs".

It is also necessary to distribute the food along the shelves and departments evenly, otherwise the air circulation will be hampered, which also is not the last value for energy consumption.

Defrosting. If the refrigerator is not equipped with an automatic system, do not forget about regular self-defrosting.

Snow in the refrigerator chamber

Excessive growth of ice and snow cover on the walls leads to deformation of parts, reduced heat transfer and increased energy consumption

Exploitation. With frequent opening of the unit door, the load on the motor immediately increases. This is due to the fact that the accumulated inside the cooled air quickly goes outside.

Accordingly, to compensate for the losses, the device starts to work at maximum power, increasing the cost of electricity.

TOP-5 economical refrigeration units

Having set out to acquire the most economical model, you should study the offers of leading manufacturers in more detail. The range of refrigeration equipment is rich and to find the best option that satisfies the needs is not difficult.

We offer to get acquainted with 5 economical units from the best manufacturers.

Model # 1 - Liebherr CBN 4815

The CBN 4815 aggregate of the Liebherr brand is distinguished by a high price, averaging 72 thousand rubles, but also by the most economical consumption category at the moment - A +++.

Appearance Liebherr CBN 4815

The energy consumption of the CBN 4815 model in question is much lower than the average: 186 kW / h per year, 15 kW per month and 0.51 kW / h per day.

Despite such modest needs, the manufacturer was able to combine many innovative developments in the aggregate.

It provides convenient, flexible temperature settings using a touch-screen display, a super-freezing option, a built-in activated carbon filter that cleans the air from bacteria and pollution.

The doors are protected by a reliable replaceable seal that matches the color of the case. The only drawback of the modification stems precisely from the main advantage - efficiency.

Freshness zone in Liebherr fridge

The Liebherf refrigerator has a decent volume of 343 liters, is equipped with a NoFrost system and an additional freshness zone BioFresh

It's about the low power of the compressor, which takes a long time to catch cold when turned on.

For entry into normal operation, it takes about a day, while the majority of modern and Soviet refrigerators reach the desired temperature within 10-30 minutes.

The interior of the model CBN 4815

Of the additional features, the Liebherr CBN 4815 has a supercooling and super-freezing mode, as well as light and sound indication, informing the owner about the open door and temperature increase

The following video with a demonstration of the main features of the model and the layout of the internal space of the working cameras will help to form an opinion on the CBN 4815:

Model # 2 - LG GA B489 YEQZ

Capacity and high technology GA B489 YEQZ brand LG equipment class A ++ is cheaper than the previous model. The cost of this model starts with 51 thousand rubles.

Refrigerator LG GA B489 YEQZ

The total volume of the internal departments of the refrigerator GA B489 YEQZ is 360 l. His praise for a stylish design and thoughtful ergonomics

Energy consumption - 237 kW / h per year, 20 kW / h per month, 0.65 kW / h per day.

The unit operates on an economical and relatively quiet inverter compressor. It has a ten year warranty period.

No frost applies to both chambers, so the freezer compartment does not need to be defrosted manually. LED lighting is installed in each compartment.

Foldable shelf in LG device

The design provides a separate folding shelf. Quickly folding it, you can free up a lot of space, which is not enough for high cans and pots

The peculiarity of the model is the unusual structure of the cover of the block for vegetables / fruits. It made the cells that trap condensation, not allowing drops to fall on the products.

Thus, the optimum humidity is maintained, which is necessary to preserve the taste and beneficial properties.

Model GA B489 in the user's kitchen

In the refrigerator there is a zero zone for short-term storage of fresh seafood and meat, the function of quick freezing, leave and other

Model # 3 - Bosch KIS87AF30

German-made built-in appliances, distinguished by an interesting design and compact dimensions, are the ideal solution for cramped kitchen spaces.

The Bosch KIS87AF30 refrigerator is characterized by the class A ++, in which it consumes 226 kW / h per year, 19 kW / h per month, 0.62 kW / h per day. Its cost is an average of 49 thousand rubles.

The interior of the refrigerator Bosch

The declared volume of both chambers is 272 l. They have many branches and zones for different types of products.

The equipment is controlled via an electronic sensor unit that allows you to set a favorable temperature regime for both the refrigerating and freezing compartments.

The inner surface is treated with an antibacterial mixture that suppresses the spread of microorganisms and bacteria.

Model KIS87AF30

Bosch’s KIS87AF30 features quick cooling and freezing, an audible indication of an unlocked door, and a holiday mode. The device works almost silently

Model # 4 - Samsung RB-31 FERNCSA

Model Samsung RB-31 FERNCSA with a set of good technical characteristics and an affordable price.

The internal space of Samsung RB-31 FERNCSA

The producer specifies A ++ as a class of energy consumption, however, consumers note that the actual indicators still correspond to category A +

At the declared level, the parameters are in the mode "Vacation". Nevertheless, the unit is quite economical: 257 kW / h per year, 21.5 kW / h per month, 0.70 kW / h per day.

The volume of the chambers in the refrigerator rather big - 304 liters. They have a well-organized inner space.

Design elements such as a tray for sauces, a convenient drawer in the freezer, a shelf on wheels, allow you to quickly extract the necessary products from the farthest corners of the chamber. For meat and vegetables made a special branch with a zone of freshness.

Cooling system in the fridge samsung

Thanks to True No Frost technology, food is cooled evenly without the formation of frost and ice crusts on the inner walls and surface of food.

An inverter motor is integrated into the device, operating in five effective modes. It is noiseless, rather durable, not afraid of changes in performance in the power grid.

Model # 5 - Siemens KG39NXB35

Stylish Siemens KG39NXB35 with thoughtful technical content and touch controls. Energy class - A ++. To complete the work spends 273 kW / h per year, 23 kW / h per month, 0.74 kW / h per day.

Model of Siemens KG39NXB35 refrigerator

The refrigerator is endowed with quick freezing capabilities with subsequent automatic shutdown. And still autonomously maintaining cold for 17 hours by a well-established multi-flow cooling system

The useful volume of equipment is impressive and amounts to as much as 366 liters. Inside the refrigeration department, a freshness zone is built in, providing the necessary conditions for long-term storage of vegetables and fruits.

In addition to standard adjustable shelves of tempered glass, there is a chrome metal grill for bottles. The freezer has a freezing calendar.

An expert video review will help you in more detail in the model capabilities:

How to prevent overuse of electricity?

The actual figures of energy consumption, for which you will have to pay for the receipts, largely depend on the correctly chosen installation site and compliance with the normal operating conditions of the refrigerator.

Product Storage Rules

It is not recommended to store liquid in open containers in the chambers of the refrigerator. Such neglect of operating rules disrupts the normal functioning of the evaporator.

In order not to get upset because of too high amounts, you should take note of some useful tips:

  1. Do not set the temperature in the freezer at the lower limit of the norm, unless you plan to store large volumes of food in the chamber for a long period.
  2. Adjust the thermostat to the fullness of the unit and the ambient temperature.
  3. Open the doors of the device only when there is a reasonable need. Keep the equipment open for a minimum time, and then close the door tightly.
  4. Before putting food and products in the refrigerator, cool them to room temperature.

When installing equipment indoors, you need to leave a gap between the back of the case and the wall. The minimum gap is 10 cm.

The same applies to the sides. It is desirable that the device is not in direct contact with nearby furniture and appliances.

There should be no heating equipment near the installation site. It is necessary to try to protect it from close contact with radiators, stoves, ovens and other sources of heat.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

An experiment to measure the amount of energy consumed by a two-compressor refrigerator per day:

Economical life hacking from one of the users:

Having set out to purchase a refrigerator that will be a great helper in everyday life and will not increase the overall the amount in the monthly bills for the light to exorbitant numbers, it is enough to take into account the above rules and tips.

Choosing an economical unit, it is wiser to dwell on a high-quality two-chamber model of class A with an inverter motor and only those functions that are really needed..

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