Temperature in the refrigerator freezer

Little is known: according to the European view, freezers are divided into classes. Why do you need? We believe it comes from the difference in storage conditions of products. Standards of the Russian Federation suggest: the temperature in the freezer is minus 18 - minus 24 ºС, the Europeans look differently. We consider the right approach. Will save energy without loss of quality. We are going to substantiate the point of view today. What is the temperature of the fridge freezer? Identify stored products!

At what temperature are food stored in the freezer

Mayonnaise. It is stored at a temperature of 0 - +18 ºС, frost is simply terrified. Conditions are indicated by the packaging label. Margarine( some are called petroleum products) will offer a completely different layout. See for yourself:

  1. When stored in conditions from +11 ºС to +15 ºС, the shelf life is from 30 to 15 days.
  2. When stored in conditions from +5 ºС to +10 ºС, the shelf life is from 20 to 45 days.
  3. When stored in conditions from 0 ºС to +4 ºС, the shelf life is from 60 to 35 days.
  4. When stored in conditions from minus 9 ºС to 0 ºС, the shelf life is from 75 to 45 days.
  5. When stored in conditions from minus 10 ºС to minus 20 ºС, the shelf life is from 60 to 90 days.

See: Freezer Margarine lasts up to 6 times longer. Obviously, whether the volume of purchases is large, the total amount of money cannot be spent by the cook, it is better to entrust the product to the reigning frost. Pay attention to sharp jumps around zero, +15, +4, minus 10 degrees Celsius. The marks on which the manufacturer focuses. The European class of the freezer is marked with asterisks:

  • 0 stars correspond to the temperature of the ice maker, which barely freezes;
  • 1 asterisk corresponds to the temperature of the freezer compartment minus 6 ºС;
  • 2 stars correspond to the temperature of the freezer compartment minus 12 ºС;
  • 3 stars correspond to the temperature of the freezer compartment minus 18 ºС;
  • 4 stars correspond to the temperature of the freezer compartment also minus 18 ºС, but belong to another class of devices.

Consumption models that provide these characteristics are different, as the price. Is it worth paying extra options? Decide for yourself.

Meat products

Buying margarine is rare, you lose the sense to spend, differently people who love to cook meat for a reason argue:

  1. Ice cream at a temperature of minus 14 - minus 18 ºС is stored for six months.
  2. Culinary products at a temperature of minus 18 - minus 22 ºС are stored for three months.
  3. Meat ice cream at a temperature of minus 8 - minus 12 ºС is stored for a week.

We see big differences when the temperature of the fridge freezer begins to change. What conditions are suitable. Slaughter touched the whole ram, the holiday is postponed, obviously, the classiness of the freezer below three stars avoid. Violating the recommendation, you have a chance to poison yourself, throw out the lion's part of the carcass. Of course, the option will have to pay: thermal insulation is characterized by resistance to the flow of energy, the potential is created by the temperature difference. Cooler freezer, more loss. Remember about the condenser located on the back wall. As the heat gets higher, the temperature rises. The condensation process will be difficult.

Chicken eggs in the freezer

Together the situation increases the cost of construction, causes additional waste of energy. It is a mistake to think that a simple rule is acting: the temperature of the freezer is lower, we better preserve the foodstuffs. A raw egg can last a long time frost. The temperature value is not too low:

  • Under the conditions of 0 ºС - minus 2 C, the egg remains 3 months.

The first time they heard the essence of the method of getting rid of rotten eggs. Should the temperature be lowered? The embryo of a chicken egg dies, killed by a temperature of +4 ºС.We believe that the consistency of yolk, protein will change, with a further decrease in temperature, the shell will simply burst, the coefficient of thermal compression of liquids is higher than that of solids. People say: a chicken egg will lie for a long time at room temperature( a couple of weeks), but we recommend to follow the State Standard 52121, prescribing the product to be stored in conditions of 0 - +20 ºС:

  1. Dietary eggs - maximum week.
  2. Table Eggs - extremely 25 days.
  3. Washed eggs - 12 days.

Gives an idea about the timing, confused by the silence about the gradation of the storage time depending on the temperature. So the people are telling the truth. It is understood that there is no high / low humidity in the room, the temperature is 20 ºС, at which doctors prescribe to live, SNiPs. The optimal temperature of the freezer will be exactly minus 2 ºС.Biologists, technologists have long considered. The refrigerating chamber possessing a zero quantity of stars, will approach the specified purposes.

Fish products

Let's discuss gastronomic preferences. What is the optimal temperature of the fish freezer? Relevant to areas inhabited by anglers. GOST 51493 explains: the catch is maintained at a temperature no higher than minus 18 ºС.The freezer is definitely powerless to technically provide the necessary lover of fried fish and scrambled eggs at the same time. GOST 1168 specifies storage periods at minus 18 ºС and below. The minimum temperature of the freezer does not exceed minus 10 ºС - the time is reduced by half( 50%).Below, the storage time of non-glazed products will be shown, for the usual methods used at home:

  1. Cod, sea bass - 4 months.
  2. Far Eastern salmon, pike perch, perch, pike, carp, catfish, whitefish - 6 months.

Most freshwater fish are stored for a maximum of 6 months. Feeling the need, readers will make inquiries, studying standards. Sea fish capricious, lies untreated 4 months, according to the standard. This makes it clear: it is necessary to take a three-star freezer. Minus 18 ºС.The best storage conditions will be provided.


Refrigerators for medicines are very different in at least three features:

  1. The presence of precise regulation, precise temperature maintenance.
  2. Alarms with sound, light mode out of range.
  3. The difference in operating modes. The temperature of the refrigerating and freezing chambers often contradict the capabilities of the stars.

In view of the special features, special home refrigerators for medicines are manufactured. They are much more expensive, they will support the preset modes. The maximum temperature of the freezer exceeds( absolute value) minus 30 ºС.When buying a special cooler, you pay attention to the range of possibilities. Temperatures should be suitable for the type of medication used. Often there are locks, protecting against burglary. Assumed reliable storage of medicines. Medical refrigerators are standard hacking resistance.

When choosing a refrigerator, pay attention to the climate performance, heat insulation to cold countries is supplied less powerful, the changes concern the compressor. The equipment will work more intensively, the tropical climate, the cost of devices increases. Cooling the coil is easier if the room is cool. Failure to comply with the operating conditions will cause the temperature of the freezer to deviate from the nominal. Work the compressor continuously, in the heat it will be difficult to achieve the desired output to the mode, if we have a model of performance class N in front of us. On the contrary, a tropical refrigerator costs more, does not carry in cold countries, therefore it is not always advantageous to search, buy.

At the end of the story about what the temperature in the freezer should be. It depends on the type of products and the expected further operations with them. It was shown that lowering the temperature leads to an increase in shelf life, but a thoughtless decrease does not always bring to good, as is the case with eggs. In the market of the Russian Federation mainly we will meet refrigerators with the temperature of the freezer compartment minus 18 - minus 24 ºС.Corresponds to the third star, I think, in this case, foreign suppliers play on the peculiarities of the Russian soul( features imparted by someone) to love solid. The lower the temperature in the freezer, the better. And the manufacturer is also good. Earn more!

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