Review of Dishwasher Gel Finish (Finish), customer reviews

Means and gels for the Finish dishwasher are popular in Europe and the domestic market. Many housewives prefer gel powders and capsules. What is the reason for such popularity, how to choose and use the tool correctly - we will give exhaustive answers to these questions further.

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  • 1Gel Finish: composition features
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  • 3Which gel is better: Finish All in One or Somat Gold Antiguer
    • 3.1Finish All in One (Calgonit)
    • 3.2Somat Gold Antiguer
  • 4User Reviews

Gel Finish: composition features

"Finish" trademark surpasses other detergent analogues due to its excellent dissolution rate in water, which is inferior to capsules and powders. The drug is suitable for any washing regimen.

What is the usual Finish All in 1 gel? A few years ago there were phosphates and surfactants in it, and today there are no these toxic components - the products have been produced by the phosphate-free product line.

A more environmentally friendly option is Finish Eco Power Gel. It contains not only phosphates, but also perfumes.

The manufacturer produces different types of packaging - small and economical: from, 5 to, l and more. The gel is suitable for various dishes, including silver and porcelain. The drug is designed for complex spots: tea, greasy, etc.

How to use

Gel-like means, similar to powder, are dosed taking into account the user's needs, water hardness, filling level of the tank and the degree of contamination of the dishes. And on each bottle in the instruction the dosage is registered: on not too dirty dishes the manufacturer recommends use 20 ml, for medium-contaminated dishes use 5 ml more, and for the most difficult contaminants pour in 30 ml.

If the MMP loading is incomplete (half), take less than the specified volume. It is convenient, that on some vials is painted, on how much will be enough bottles at the recommended dosages. 1300 ml of gel is enough for 65 washes (about 60 days, provided daily operation of the dishwasher).

The liquid is poured into the detergent compartment - this dispenser is located on the inside of the washer door. Pour is convenient due to the thoughtful design of the bottle with a spout.

Interesting! The phrase "All in one" does not mean that you can do without salt. If the water is too hard (the machine itself will determine the level of hardness, or check it with a test strip), use it.Why do I need salt in a dishwasher?First of all, to soften the water and not disable the ion exchanger.

Rinse aid if you wish - if you need crystal-clear dishes, then add. If the effectiveness of the gel is not enough, do not waste it.

Which gel is better: Finish All in One or Somat Gold Antiguer

We chose Antiguer in the rivals Somat Gold, because after the "Finish" it is the second most popular gel in Russia. Compare them to decide which is better.

Finish All in One (Calgonit)

Instant gel with efficacy on the shortest wash cycles. Completely besfosfatnoe tool. A unique formula for glass protection is provided. It is designed for 26 washing cycles (1650 ml).

Somat Gold Antiguer

As part of this tool, 5-15% of phosphates, as well as bronopol, methylchlorothiazolin, methylisothiazoline - a complex of these components can cause allergic reactions. And considering the same price as for Finish at a volume of only 600 ml, it is hardly reasonable, profitable and safe to purchase such a tool, despite a lot of enthusiastic customer feedback.

User Reviews

We found out whether the product is really as good as the manufacturer describes it. For this, reviews from online stores and forums were collected to reflect an unbiased opinion on the product of the "Finish" brand.

Valery, Kiev

Gel Finish All in One washed everything without difficulty. I found a couple of stains from the water on the glass cups, but this is insignificant. Plus, that after washing, you do not hear a sharp unpleasant odor, as when using powders. It is convenient to fill. I bought it purely for the experiment, to find out what is better - tablets, powder or liquid. Prior to that, he used Somat, but then he got into the composition and changed his mind. The only negative is the cost (if you compare it with powders).

Anna, Moscow

A terrific tool. I always used tablets so as not to fall asleep with salt. But I was given a bottle of this miracle at work, and the dishes began to be washed better. Well, salt is not a problem. But the dishes and the dishwasher after washing smell pleasantly, there are no drips and no washed places. Bravo!

Svetlana, Tver

Always amazed how the Finns create such quality things. Eco-gel Finish was no exception. I bought it on a whim, and decided to immediately check what's what. I poured some of the contents from the bottle - even with the naked eye you can see that there is nothing particularly harmful in it: I did not notice any aggressive impurities and odors. The manufacturer recommends 17 ml of the preparation for one cycle. As an economical hostess, I will say directly that there are enough 10 ml of dishes to wash the 9 sets of dishes. In the end, I had enough bottles for 65 washes! What was washed away: a touch of tea and coffee, greasy and old stains. Despite the name "All In Van a rinse and salt should be added, otherwise there will be divorces and other troubles. In general, I boldly sum up that this is the best remedy for PMM from those that I have tried.

Conclusion: Gel Finish (especially its ECO-version) - a convenient and productive tool for high-quality washing dishes. Good reviews and a safe composition inspire confidence, and experienced users recommend it. Try and share your own impressions in the comments!

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