The review of the tablets Somat( Somat) for dishwashers

The way the machine will wash the devices, depends on the chosen detergents. The mandatory list includes salt, detergent, rinse. Many prefer pills that replace everything else.

The article will discuss Somat tablets for dishwashers. Compare manufacturers promises with customer reviews.

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  • 1 Somat tablets review for PMM
    • 1.1 Somat All in 1
    • 1.2 Somat Classic “With soda effect”
    • 1.3 Somat Gold Overview of the tablets with the soda effect
    • 1.3 manufactures and manufactures products for washing dishes. On the Russian market, funds began to be supplied in 1997, it was a series of powder, salt, rinse.

      Somat 3-in-1 Tablets have been launched since 2004.One piece includes cleaner, rinse aid and salt, so the user does not need to buy everything individually.

      Today, on the shelves of stores you can find improved designs of manufacturers: Somat "Tabs 7-v-1" and "Perfect"( 10 functions).Let's take a closer look at each product.

      Somat All in 1

      All-in-One tablets include an activator that works in cold water. Choosing a program of 40 degrees, you not only can save energy, but also get clean appliances at the output.

      Thanks to the ingredients in the composition - salt, the amplifier "Cleaning Booster" - means:

      • removes dried food residue, traces of tea and coffee;
      • prevents stains and stains on the surface of dishes;
      • attracts limescale deposits, preventing scale formation;
      • removes burnt food;
      • ensures hygienic processing;
      • provides shine and purity to glass devices.

      In the pack 84 pieces. Price - 920 rubles.


      “Somat” for dishwasher 1 in all is sheer disappointment. Often goes to the action, and therefore bought to try. It would be desirable, that it was inexpensive and well washed. Each tablet is packaged in a separate bag that does not dissolve. I used one entirely and the result was shocking! Where is the promised "radiant purity" from the packaging? The machine worked at a high temperature for almost three hours. As a result, I got unwashed knives, plates with divorces, and the cup of coffee did not wash off at all. I was disappointed, I do not advise.


      Dishwasher I have been in use for 4 years. During this time I tried a bunch of tools. I decided to try SOMAT "ALL IN 1", as they were following the action. For the full cost would not take too expensive. Tablets are red-blue, well pressed, can be cut in half. I am satisfied with their work, the dishes after the feast washed off with a bang. Here is a photo:

      The main thing is to load the equipment correctly and set a long mode.

      Somat Classic "With the effect of soda"

      Dishwashing tablets allow you to get rid of dried food particles, wash the burned areas, complex contaminants. It is recommended to use with salt and rinse aid. Before use, remove the packaging, place the Somat Classic in a special compartment.

      Cost of 36 pieces - from 399 rubles.


      Buying a dishwasher decided to choose a classic tool for it. In addition to Somat Classic, you need to separately buy special salt and rinse aid. Fat, dried oatmeal and buckwheat wash well, so that the result is satisfied. Pleases the lack of a strong odor and ease of use.

      Somat Gold

      This is a phosphate-free dishwasher. As part of citric acid, which allows you to deal with scum. Even in cold water, Somat Gold effectively copes with bloom from tea, coffee, burnt dirt. Suitable for any dishes, protects glass devices from corrosion, does not leave stains. Allows you to remove dried dirt without soaking.

      Price for 60 pieces - from 890 rubles.


      Always used another detergent, but recently the choice in stores has decreased. Only Somat tablets are available from us nearby. Took several packages at once. As soon as you open the pack, there is no smell, because the products are additionally packaged in sachets. In this sense, I like Finnish products, since the packaging itself is dissolved.

      As it turned out, the tablets have a strong smell, even after the washing cycle. You open the door and the "aroma" literally hits the nose. And if you install a short program, there is even foam at the bottom. After examining the composition, we can conclude that the manufacturer stuffed a bunch of chemistry there. Therefore, it does not need the use of salt and conditioner .But the dishes were washed off well, the pots and plates glitter. I did catch a tablet in half. Then the result is excellent, and there is no smell. If you are not too lazy to constantly bother, then I recommend.

      After reviewing customer reviews, you can decide whether to take Somat funds for permanent use or not. Be sure to check the composition on the package before you buy products.

      Watch a video on the topic:

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