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Benzocosus Calm is used in professional lawn care and public park care. In rural areas it is the most popular tool for hay making, instant weeding of weeds.

Types of techniques

Engaging in the choice, you need to know about all the popular models and types of gasoline trim tabs. Below are the markings of the models in order:

  1. Light braid. Models FS 38, FS 45 C-E, FS 50 C-E, FS 55, FS
  2. A powerful braid. Models FS 70 C-E, FS 94 RC-E, FS 100, FS 120, FS 130, FS
  3. Rechargeable braid.
  4. The electric braid.
  5. The brush cutter.
  6. Knapsack braid.

The most popular popular among gardeners are three models of Shtil gasoline pumps. To choose the right tool for gardening, lawn or landscape care, you need to become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Easy gasoline pump FS 38

It is designed for private plots of land, as well as for light landscaping. The optimal "finishing" tool. Brings in a perfect view lawns with lawn vegetation. It is very convenient and profitable to work for prevention, periodically cutting grown grass.

From the model lineup this is the easiest and most affordable model. The weight of the instrument is from, kilogram, the price is from 10 900 rubles at retail.

The working volume, like all 5 light models, is 2, cubic centimeters. Power, 5 kW.

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  • low weight;
  • low price;
  • simplicity in operation;
  • interesting design.


  • small area processing;
  • inflated prices for spare parts;
  • uncomfortable to work without headphones;
  • lack of belt included.

Benzokosa Stil FS 38 is an inexpensive tool for gardening, most buyers respond about this model only in a good way, only occasionally confirming non-essential deficiencies.

Easy gasoline stylus FS 55

Model of the same lightweight line, but with improved characteristics. Its weight is only a kilogram, but its power is already 5 kW. It is longer, slightly more powerful and, accordingly, more expensive. The price for gasoline Stil FS 55 starts from 16 thousand rubles. Of course, at this cost, the requirements for the instrument also increase. But the petrol pump justifies itself.


With this model, you can safely chop off a few cubic meters of forage grass every day, if you get knives with a tap. In this version, the Calm FS 55 will produce a fuel resource for 1 hour.


  • ease;
  • power;
  • fuel consumption;
  • reliability;
  • low noise level;
  • simplicity of assembly and operation;
  • minimum vibration.

Important drawbacks in the Stihl gasoline pump of this model are not revealed. Most users give out only:

  • insufficient volume of gasoline tank;
  • the knife in the kit needs sharpening.

Because of the longer tool length, those who are accustomed to the simplest models do not immediately adapt to good and efficient work with this particular model of the petrol pump.

It is worth noting that the FS 55 fuel pump is the best combination of price, quality and performance.

Powerful gasoline stylus FS 130

The penultimate power model in the line from Stihl. The description is better to start with the weight, but it's 6 kilograms, which hide in itself, kW of power and working volume of 3, cubic centimeters. The tank holds up to, liter of gasoline, when all lightweight models are equipped with a tank in, 3L.

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The length of the instrument is 180 centimeters - optimal for continuous operation during daylight hours. But for this model will have to give almost all of the salary, because the recommended price for a gasoline-powered calm FS 130 manufacturer - 30 thousand rubles. This amount does not include additional equipment.

Most models with powerful engines are classified as a professional tool, so the price should not be suspiciously low.

Here's the advantages for such money:

  • power;
  • reliability;
  • processing of any surface, including shrubs;
  • is classified as a professional tool;
  • high speed;
  • complete with a fishing line mowing absolutely any weeds in hard-to-reach areas and any kind of lawn is within its power;
  • "Bicycle" handle-holder.

Minor imperfections:

  • the weight;
  • first start;
  • it is possible to adjust the idle speed with time;
  • excessive consumption of gasoline;
  • without face protection it is impossible to quickly knock anything down.

Experienced users of this model recommend to immediately equip the coil with a fishing line. Due to the power it is necessary to provide complete protection of the body from the eyes to the shoes.

Buying it FS 130, you can not be afraid to buy a fake. The domestic market does not have a cheap "analog".

About spare parts

Any tool needs preventive maintenance. Even professional models need at least to be regulated, and do it correctly, according to the instructions. As for the repair, spare parts for the Shtil gasoline pump need only be purchased by the "relatives". Analogues are unacceptable.

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The models described above acquire "illnesses" after 4-5 years of operation, but they do exist. To protect an expensive tool from incomprehensible breakages, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. Close to read the instructions. It is important to know the proportions for gasoline and oil, and even better to observe them, measuring out to 1 liter. gasoline is exactly 20 g. oil.
  2. Do not save on gasoline. Strictly 92 and above.
  3. The oil is most quickly measured through a medical syringe.
  4. The mixture of fuel is not stored for more than 2 weeks, because gasoline enters the oxidation process.
  5. After the purchase, the gasoline must be run at maximum capacity. 15 minutes of work, then 15 minutes of rest. Develop this method to 5 tanks.
  6. Clean filters (air and fuel).
  7. Avoid winding grass on moving parts.
  8. Do not bump into a disc on the fences, stones, trees and other obstacles. Otherwise, engine failure with clutch can not be avoided.
  9. For prevention, once a year, lubricate the hard shaft with lithol-24.
  10. A break in the line will do less damage, but it's a working moment. Continue use can be correct pressing the reel.
  11. When cleaning the gear unit, this element must not be immersed in a container of water.

All models of the Stihl brand are safe, suitable for long-term use, without breaking, are subjected to maximum loads. The resource of the tool allows you to carry out the necessary work on the garden with pleasure. Selecting any of the described models, you can safely proceed to break-in the engine and further correct operation.

Review benzotrimmera Stihl fs 55 - video

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