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The puncher Interskol of Russian manufacture is a well-known brand of domestic manufacturer. Interskol is an internationally recognized company with its own power tool manufacturing in other countries and supplying products abroad. An extensive line of perforators will allow you to find a tool for any request.

General characteristics of percussion instruments Interskol

The perforator is designed for construction and restoration work related to the drilling of holes in stone and other hard materials. Operation of the device is permissible at an ambient temperature of -10 +40 C. It is impossible to work with a perforator in rainy weather. The tool meets the requirements of international and Russian standards.

Interskol features common to all perforators:

  • smoothly changing the speed of rotation of the drill or drill, depending on the force of pressing the start button;
  • reverse mode;
  • equipping with SDS +, SDS max cartridges depending on the type;
  • locking tool from the axle box;
  • setting the angular direction of the tool;
  • hole depth limitation.

The puncher Interskol has lateral fastening of the handle, an additional set of graphite brushes. The indicator for 8 hours will warn that brushes require replacement. Reliable tool for amateurs and professionals, compared with the models of leading global manufacturers, is heavier. But when working with the lower contour, this is a plus. The price of the Interskol puncher, which is significantly lower than that of foreign manufacturers, also attracts.

A common problem of all construction tools, including perforators, working in dusty conditions with large impact and torques. Purchase high-quality parts and consumables - to extend the life of the device. Timely replacement of nodes will save on additional costs. Spare parts for the perforator Interskol are easy to buy. They are produced in the same place as the unit itself. It is easy to order spare parts from dealers, buy at a service center, in specialized stores of construction equipment.

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Punch Interskol P-30/900 ER

The unit is designed for universal use. He works on drilling and chiselling of all building structures. Punch Interskol P-30/900 ER has a fourth mode of operation, intermediate, allowing to loosen the cartridge for clamping the working angle of the tool relative to the working surface. The safety clutch protects the tool and the operator when seized. Rubber pads on the handle perform the function of vibration damping and create a comfortable grip. The body of metal weights, but also increases the strength of the product.


  • power consumption - 900 W;
  • impact force - 3.3 J;
  • shock frequency - no more than 5100;
  • drilling holes in concrete is less and equal to 30 mm;
  • weight - 3 kg;
  • cartridge SDS +.

The cost of a powerful punch is 4899-7705 rubles. Complete set in a plastic case. Included is a breakdown depth limiter and a second handle.

Hole Interskol P-30/900 ER 2

The tool in question is a powerful piercer for domestic use. As a professional tool, when drilling deep holes, the gearbox does not withstand the load and overheats. The rest of the impact punch deserves positive feedback.

The model case is made of resistant plastic, declared as anti-shock. Three modes of operation, the SDS + cartridge and adapter to it make the tool versatile, with a weight of 3.3 kg and a power consumption of 900 watts. Smooth speed control, quick installation of cutting and impact tools, brush reversing allow using Interskol perforator - П30 / 900 ER 2 in the whole range of construction or repair of building structures.

When working with a perforator at a height, remember that a stable position is necessary for work. Stage, scaffolding must meet safety requirements.

Technical justification for the purchase of the instrument:

  • ; the number of operating modes is 3;
  • angular velocity - 1;
  • speed x / x - 1050 rpm;
  • number of strokes - no more than 5100;
  • reverse - there is a brush.

The tool can be packed in a case or cardboard box. Included is an additional handle, depth gauge, adapter and technical documentation. Warranty service device 2 years. Tool cost in a case from 6300 rubles.

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is needed Percussion instrument Interskol P-24 / 700ER,

A relatively small perforator Interskol P-24 / 700ER is designed for drilling and drilling holes:

  • in a steel sheet not more than 13 mm with a cure.
  • in artificial stone with a drill or drill up to 24 mm;
  • in a brick with a crown up to 68 mm.

High performance with a power consumption of 720 W and a weight of 2.75 kg is due to the device:

  • three modes allow you to drill, drill holes, you can use a puncher to remove ceramic tiles - light chiseling;
  • metal gearbox housing gives strength and durability of the product;
  • safety clutch will protect the user in case of a reverse impact;
  • brush reverse allows forward and reverse movement at the same speed;
  • chuck SDS + automatic will allow you to use the tool as a universal;
  • power cord in a rubber casing, durable, hard to break.

The demand for the device is ensured by the functionality, reliability and low cost. The price in IT from the manufacturer is 4150 rubles.

Punch Interskol P-26/800 ER 2

The construction tools of the company Interskol have long gained popularity among professionals and amateurs. The presented punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER 2 fully complies with the declared characteristics. The device supports:

  • three-mode mode of operation and an additional one for setting the bit at the right angle;
  • has a reverse from the engine brushes;
  • quick change nozzles by using the SDS + coupling;
  • network cable strength is guaranteed by a rubberized sheath.

For versatility, if necessary, you can use an adapter for working with round shank drills. With adjustable turns and x / x 1200 rpm, lightweight tool weighing 3 kg can be used for screw connections of parts, for screwing in screws and self-tapping screws. A blow of 3 J with a frequency of up to 5,400 beats per minute will destroy the material of any strength.

The limit section of the holes in concrete is 26, 13 cm in steel. A crown with a diameter of 68 cm can drill a brick. Cable length of 4 m does not limit movement. The unit price starts from 4,699 rubles.

The lightweight drummer Interskol P-18 / 450ER

Baby from a large class of drills performs only two functions - a hammer drill. The two-kilogram perforator Interskol P-18 / 450ER is indispensable when you need to drill a lot of holes with a diameter of 4-12 mm. These are the most common dowels used in finishing construction work.

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However, the tool is not weakly equipped. There is not only an SDS + cartridge, the adapter can be supplied with a Ѕ ”-20UNF thread and a drill cartridge with the same thread.

Low vibration is a characteristic feature of the low-power tool Interskol. The device has a reverse function, can perform specific operations using a screwdriver bit. Safety clutch as a guarantee of security during jamming is provided.

A simple control system and ergonomic design with a secure grip make the tool feasible for women's hands.

It is possible to work with a perforator, having previously studied the instruction manual, which is enclosed in the package.

Technical parameters:

  • power - 450 W;
  • speed x / x - 1650 rpm;
  • number of beats per minute - 7,500;
  • power of one strike - 1.2 J;
  • reverse - brush.

The perforator is used in professional work and in everyday life. The cost of the device is 3100-4500 rubles.

Punch Interskol П-22 / 620ЭР

One of the lightest punchers, but with good functionality. It is acquired by professionals working on the alteration of the premises. For example, the punch Interskol P-22 / 620ER is ideal for preparing the base for stretch ceilings. The ceiling is made of high grades of concrete. Punch weighing 2.5 kg find for work with ceilings.

Powerful engine allows holes in concrete up to 22 mm in cross section. The device at the cost of about 4 thousand rubles in these works is not inferior to the famous foreign punchers rivals. Two modes, drilling and drilling with a blow perform a wide range of work, thanks to the characteristics:

  • engine power - 620 W;
  • speed x / h - 1100 rpm:
  • frequency of beats per minute - 5060;
  • impact energy - 2.2 J;
  • turns - adjustable;
  • reverse - is;
  • weight - 2.5 kg.

Video about perforators Interskol

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