The device and the use of okuchnik for motoblock on the dacha

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A motoblock with the help of trailed and mounted implements can easily carry out year-round work related to rural life. Hiller for motoblock necessary, you can create furrows for planting, cut the beds and spud plants. The effectiveness of tillage depends on the design of the tool.

Application of hillocks in the cultivation of soil

Rudders must, overcoming the resistance of the soil, lift it from a flat area upwards, creating a ridge. The pointed end should be lowered below the surface to a predetermined depth. It raises and loosens the soil, and in order to direct the soil to the base of the plant, there are guide planes that create camber on both sides. The design of the excavator for the motoblock looks like an arrow from above; on the side of the blade, they look like butterfly wings.

Design improvements relate to contours, reducing resistance, making the ridge higher or wider. The principle of operation of such an excavator does not change - it loosens, removes the layer of soil and throws it to the base of the plants planted in a row. In the same way cutting grooves for planting potatoes.

Another type of hilar for motoblocks is a pair of disks. Due to the thin rim, the design enters the soil to a predetermined depth with low resistance. They do not stretch in a stationary state, they spin, and thus overcome the resistance with less effort. But in order for the discs to create a stroke, they must have an adjusted vertical inclination angle and run angle. The distance between the disks on the frame is set according to the width of the row being processed. Take a look at the video of how they spud potatoes with a walking tractor on the stony soil of Simferopol:

Conventionally, all hillers in their form and principle of operation are called:

  • Lister;
  • disk.

In this case, Lister have different forms of bending of planes; an arrow going deep into the ground may have a massive tip. Flaps or plowshares have a bend, a slope, can have an adjustable and adjustable profile.

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The pairs of disc hillers for the tiller must match in size, circumference and weight. Otherwise, the comb will not work evenly. The system of regulation of the angles of gathering and inclination allows you to set the desired profile of the stroke.

For powerful heavy motoblocks, hillers mate, light pololniki for the MTZ motoblock are mounted in three.

The device facilitated and accelerated the hilling of potatoes with a walking tractor - video

How to make a turner for a walking tractor yourselfThey are made and sold separately. On the market of agricultural machinery to any kind of cultivators, you can find hiller, calculated under the power of your horse. But the problem is that the finished tool costs more than 10 thousand, and this is a considerable amount for a rural resident in modern conditions. But on the dump or behind the fence you can find everything you need to build a spade for the motoblock.

In order to install a propeller hiller, you need to make sure that your motor-block has a two-shaft engine with reversal, 2 speeds forward. Must be selected shaft.

First you need to decide what we will do on a disk or lister pile. Single or double row tool will pull the cultivator. Do I need to provide sliding wings, adjustable distance between the two tools. That is, before you build, okuchnik for the motoblock with your own hands, you need drawings and video, for example, is:

Of course, you need to have metal working skills. Not every villager in an abandoned barrel of a heater will discern nodes that are valuable for the farm. Therefore, go to the craftsmen for advice, asking for help.

But not only the disks, the device for fastening them must be thought out, and in order to help the master are offered drawings of disk hiller for the motoblock with their own hands.

Here, in addition to the disks, the dimensions and the section of the most important homemade hiller nodes are given.

The design will undergo significant changes if you manage to find discs from decommissioned cultivators or other agricultural equipment. In any case, in the manufacture of the frame will need to think about the adjustment system drives.

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The wisdom of the masters with golden hands is boundless. So if there are no discs, they can be replaced by a circular blade from a circular saw. Steel quality, the teeth additionally loosen the soil. You still have to create a bearing unit, otherwise the saw blade will not rotate. But instrumental steel and in the hands of a skilled craftsman a disc hopper for a motor-block will work effectively with its hands.

Creating a new device in the home yard, do not forget about safety measures. When carrying out welding work, you work with a mask. But at this time, "bunnies" can catch relatives, watching the craftsman. When working with a dangerous tool, take care of the safety of others.

Varieties of homemade self-made and factory hillers

The simplest unregulated hiller is a complete structure of their two diverging shaped plates, which are mirrored and have a common stiffener.

This is the basis, but if you add flaps in the form of adjustable plates to it, you will get an adjustable hiller of own production. Without plates, it is an excellent cultivator between rows of potatoes, in which the soil is compacted, and air does not flow to the roots.

Hiller with a fixed grip can be used on flat fields, with the same row spacing when using the planter. Such a tool is used with a low-power, as adjustable plates create additional resistance to the layer of the earth.

Medium power motorblocks are equipped with adjustable grip. Such constructions are used in narrow aisles about 35 cm wide. The paddle on corn is made exactly by such an excavator.

But creating a breakup mechanism and making it work are two different stories. To regulate the depth of descent into the soil, to create a smooth stroke, a frame structure with a hitch must be made. Only a well-centered node will spend a minimum of effort for good tillage. Immersion okuchnika in the ground occurs due to the vertically exposed rack. If the excavator for potatoes to the motoblock with their hands when setting goes low or on the surface regulate the angle of the rack. For lister double-row tools, when mounted on a frame, it is necessary to accurately set the distance between the arrows.

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Propeller Graders The devices, resembling a home fan, use translational and rotary motion in tillage. But you can install the tool on the unit with a two-shaft engine having a reverse and 2 gears. There must be a power take-off shaft. The propeller type rammer is more efficient than other models, but due to the complexity of execution it is expensive. Craftsmen took the idea, but the tool is not very similar to the propeller.

For manufacturing, you need high-quality steel, a welding machine and a grinder. Parts of the “propeller” are welded onto axles fitted to the frame. In one pass, there is a deep loosening of the ground and transferring it to the ridge. Hiller for the motoblock is made unregulated, so the corners must be set by experience.

Why do you need a hitch assembly for tools of the

motor-block In order for the excavator to fasten on the motor-block, besides the manufactured frame, there must be a hitch assembly, adjustable and reliable. By aligning the holes in the rack and on the hitch housing and fastening the implement will be integral with the unit.

The universal self-assembly coupling unit makes it easy to adjust the tool to its working position. It is in this node that adjustments are made for the position of the stand relative to the ground, radial angles. After adjustment, the nuts are tightened and the device is adjusted to the type of soil, soil moisture, plant height.

How to customize the hiller of any design for the work of

For any attached or trailed tillage equipment you need to adapt. Before you start working on the field, you need to make sure that everything is delivered correctly, secured and adjusted. A trial plot is selected and a test run is made. At this point, you should listen to the technique, check the stroke profile, the distance between the grips. On disks it is necessary to set the angles of attack, on the listers - the depth.

It is important to choose the processing speed that would correspond to the power of the mechanism and the quality of field processing.

Video about disc hillers for

walk-behind tractor

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