Review of Siemens dishwashers 45 cm

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The pride of the Siemens home appliance concern is a dishwasher 45 cm, it's these models that have become the choice of thousands of users. The popularity of these dishwashers have earned not only thanks to the quality of the German assembly - an important role is played by the functional and technical features of these PMMs.

This review is devoted entirely to dishwashers brand "Siemens" with a width of 45 cm. You will learn about the main advantages, technical features and functionality of these machines.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features PMM Siemens 45 cm
  • 2Pros of MMP Siemens 45 cm
  • 3What influences the choice
    • 3.1Hopper capacity
    • 3.2Washing efficiency
    • 3.3Connectivity
    • 3.4Functions and options
    • 3.5Why you need a "half" mode
    • 3.6Additional options
  • 4Browse popular models of Siemens 45 cm
    • 4.1Siemens SR 64E003
    • 4.2Siemens SR 55E506
    • 4.3Siemens SR 24E202

Features PMM Siemens 45 cm

The following characteristics were appreciated by almost all users of Siemens:

  • The manufacturer equips all the latest models with an inverter motor that provides not only performance but also reliability. Such machines wash dishes 3 times faster than competitive analogues from other brands. An additional plus - these engines work noiselessly.
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  • In all PMM there are flow-through water heaters. This is a complex of modern hydraulics with preheating for the convenience and efficiency of the use of machinery.

  • Attractive design provides clarity of lines, elegant style and bright color solutions.

Pros of MMP Siemens 45 cm

When purchasing a Siemens dishwasher, you should know in advance about all the "pitfalls" and advantages of the equipment. The pluses are such moments:

  • Easy integration. You can install it in a kitchen set without handles and open the door with one touch.
  • All narrow 45-centimeter machines provide innovative functionality, which we will consider below.
  • Ergonomic boxes, in which you can wash the glasses with special holders. In the cameras of Siemens narrow machines, even kitchen utensils - pans and pans - are easy to enter. All the shiftable and customizable elements are colored, so you can easily understand how to properly place the dishes in the dishwasher.

  • Brilliant washing and drying, and in the literal sense. Despite the fact that in most models the condensation type is drying, it copes with the task several times better than similar PMMs of other brands. German designers involved in the creation of drying natural mineral, which quickly absorbs moisture, transforming it into heat energy.
  • The notorious high-quality German assembly - some PMMs, provided they are properly connected and operated, are operated by dozens of children.
  • The economy, which quite compensates slightly inflated prices.

What influences the choice

At the points described below, it is worth paying attention if you are seriously thinking about buying a PMM "Siemens" with a width of 45 cm.

Hopper capacity

Do you think that a narrow machine can not be roomy? The main thing is to think it all right, and it turned out well for the developers. Why overpay for a full-size dishwasher for 11-12 sets, if most of the narrow machines quietly contain 9-10 sets of dishes. This will completely satisfy the needs of a family of 3-4 people.

Washing efficiency

To use the machine to its fullest, pay attention to the efficiency indicators - this is the flow of water and the consumption of electricity for one washing cycle. In narrow dishwashers, the first characteristic is usually at the level of 10 liters, and the power consumption should not be lower than Class A - up to 1 kW / h.

Important! To date, the energy efficiency class A is far from the highest. You can find cars with energy efficiency A +, A ++ and even A +++, but, as a rule, they belong to the "premium" class.


Choosing between connecting to cold or hot water, it is worth dwelling on the first option. With our tariffs for hot water it is much more profitable to use a cold one, the more it is cleaner at times. Yes, and the operability at PMM, designed to connect to a hot pipe, no longer than 4-5 years.

Functions and options

The number and diversity of programs for many is the determining factor. In PMM 45 centimeters you can find such functionality:

  • "Normal" mode for everyday washing. According to statistics, this is the most used cycle, which is suitable for medium-contaminated dishes, including large objects - pots, baking trays, frying pans.
  • "Intensive" will effectively eliminate persistent dirt, wash the dirt and food remnants from the most inaccessible places.
  • "Economy" is the mode for medium-contaminated plates and other utensils with saving of resources: electricity and water. However, such cycles require more time.
  • "Express-washing" or "Quick mode" - useful when you just need to rinse the dishes, bring it to shine, refresh before a banquet or dinner.
  • "Soaking" or "Prewash" - an additional cycle, on which you can clean burnt pans or baking sheets. Soaking requires up to 15 minutes - by increasing for this time any program, you will get an ideally clean dish at the exit.
  • Automatic programs - for fans of quick solutions. "Smart" technology itself will assess how dishwashing utensils are, and will choose the appropriate mode and time for washing.
  • VarioSpeed ​​is a novelty from Siemens, accelerating all processes 3 times while maintaining the highest class of washing.

Why you need a "half" mode

The "half load" function in the dishwasher will not be superfluous if you are not accustomed to saving dirty dishes and washing it as it gets soiled throughout the day. When you start ½ load, you save time and resources.

Additional options

Typically, manufacturers offer an almost identical set of additional functions. Basic:

  • Delayed start. Relevant for those users who use the night mode of washing at low electricity rates.
  • A turbidity sensor that monitors the degree of purity of the water. A find for those who love economy. The sensor shows when the water in the system is completely cleared, and makes it possible to stop the dishwasher prematurely. With this sensor every liter of water and kW of energy will be saved.
  • The possibility of using "3-in-1" means for busy users. You do not have to buy and pour / pour at once three funds: washing, salt and rinse, if you switch to the use of universal capsules or tablets from the "3-in-1" series.

  • Rinse aid indicators andregenerating salt. You do not need to check if there is salt and rinse aid. The system itself will notify that the money is spent.
  • "Ray on the floor" - the addition is particularly convenient when it displays not just a point, but the remaining time before the end of the washing cycle.

Browse popular models of Siemens 45 cm

Siemens SR 64E003

Narrow PMM, dimensions: 45х55х81 cm (WxDxH). Fully integrated in the kitchen. It is designed for 9 dish sets. Classes of drying, washing and energy efficiency are higher: A. Lightweight electronic control without display.

In the design, a flow type heating element is provided. Water and electricity consumption: 9 l and, kW / h, respectively. Noise at the level of 49 dB.

4 programs: "Express "Economy "Soaking" and automatic program. The manufacturer has provided 3 modes of water temperature and condensation drying. Convenience and economy due to the possibility of partial loading.

Options and features:

  • Delay of starting PMM from 3 to 9 hours.
  • Full type of protection against leakage.
  • It is acceptable to use capsules or "3-in-1" tablets.
  • Alerting the end of the cycle with a beep.
  • Indicators of the rinse aid or salt are present.
  • Inside the bunker is made of stainless steel.
  • The basket serves height adjustment.

In the complete set the holder of wine glasses is delivered.

The cost according to YandexMarket data starts from 25 600 rubles.

Reviewed by: Elena of Moscow

I am a fan of German technology. In my whole life this is my third dishwasher. Before that, we bought Bosch twice. At this time, the choice fell on a narrow machine of 45 cm, as many other techniques were added and it was necessary to save space. For 4 people it is quite enough. I use twice a day - morning and night. Pleasantly surprised by the noiselessness - from the bedroom we can not hear a sound. The quality of washing put a separate "plus".

Siemens SR 55E506

Partly built-in narrow model, designed for 9 sets of dishes. Dimensions: 45h57h82 cm (WxDxH). The color of the outer panel is silver. Classes for washing and drying are higher - A, energy efficiency - A +. On the external panel there is a display. Economical PMM with a water consumption of 9 liters per cycle of washing, electricity - only 8 kW / h. The duration of the normal mode is 170 minutes. Noisiness - 46 dB.

Functionality is not limited to conventional programs (there are 5 modes), there are "Intensive "Economy" and "Express" modes. There are also 4 temperature variations and condensation drying. There is a "half" load.


  • delay start up to 24 hours;
  • complete protection against leaks;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • the possibility of using universal tablets;
  • indication of rinse aid and regenerating salt;
  • stainless steel coating of the hopper from the inside;
  • adjustable cupboard;
  • in the complete set the holder of wine glasses;
  • function VarioSpeed;
  • iQdrive motor;
  • sensor loading.

The cost of 32 690 rubles.

Siemens SR 24E202

A stand-alone white dishwasher, 45 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 85 cm high. Weight - only 40 kg.

Higher classes of drying, washing and energy consumption - A. Electronic control, not burdened by the display, is a function of "parental control" (blocking accidental pressing by children). The resource consumption is standard for narrow models: 9 liters of water and 8 kW / h of energy. The duration of the standard mode is 170 minutes. Noisiness is slightly higher than in embedded models - 48 dB.

Functionality is embodied in 4 washing programs and 3 thermal modes. There is condensation drying and partial loading of the hopper.


  • possibility of deferred start up to 9 hours;
  • full type of protection against leakage;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • It is acceptable to use tablets and capsules of universal type "3 in 1
  • inner surface - stainless steel;
  • the basket is adjustable;
  • there is a holder of wine glasses;
  • inverter motor;
  • double top impeller with rotation function.

The price is from 22 000 rubles.

Reviewed by: Marina, Taganrog

The purchase took place on April 1 (chose the same day!), And carried back already 3 numbers. The quality of the sink is poor - before that the old Indesit soap is much better, if not broken. The inspection showed an industrial fault. Exchange in the store refused to hold, said to wait for details for warranty repair, although this is a violation of the law, so they applied to the authorities of the shopping center with a complaint. We are obliged to issue a substitute similar machine! But it turned out that there are no such models anymore. Imagine, such a well-known company, and produced so few cars. Maybe the firm is good, but with a dishonest dishwasher we were unlucky. P.S. More instructions in the kit was not.

In general, Siemens dishwashers with a width of 45 cm are fully functional and modern units. Factory marriage, described in the previous review, is quite applicable to any brand, even the most famous, and this is not insured by any buyer. Typically, this is 1 case per 1000.

Objective data speak in favor of the manufacturer and his technique, so we wish you a successful choice!

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