What is akraine honey?


Even in the areas where honey beans grow (Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Bashkiria)akraine honey is quite rare. Therefore, it is unlikely to meet it on the shelves of local markets. But they order it through their friends, relatives or simply buy via the Internet. Of course, the latter option is rather risky, if you have not tried natural akraine honey before.

This variety is interesting in taste and composition, especially since the honey plant is a medicinal plant. Therefore deserves special attention. It refers to the "white" honey, since after the sugar is white.


Table of contents

  • Accuracy honey: taste and color
  • Ingredients: vitamins and minerals
  • Useful properties of Bashkir honey
  • Contraindications and harm
  • About the
  • Storage conditions
  • What are the main diseases that heal this honey?

Accuracy honey: taste and color

After pumping out, akrayevy honey is almost transparent. Sugachivaetsya quickly. After thatsimilar to cream or ice cream with a yellowish tinge.

This honey is for those who do not like bright, rich and sharp aromas. This variety is an alternative for people who in principle are not fans of honey, but they are attracted by the benefits of a bee product. The subtle smell of floral herbs is just for them.

Sour honey

The taste is gentle, not cloying, with a barely perceptible sourness. It is enjoyed with pleasure by children and adults.

After crystallization it acquires a fine-grained structure, can easily be raked with a spoon and cut with a knife.


Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

Hazelnut honey contains a large number of vitamins, minerals.

90-92% of it gets directly into the blood.

The composition is as follows:

Composition %
Carbohydrates 81
Proteins 1
Fats 0

Carbohydrates contain half of fructose and only a third - glucose.This allows this type of honey to be consumed by people with diabetes mellitus.

Packed honey in cans

By caloric content, it is comparable with beef.From trace elements there are iron, manganese, chrome, fluorine, copper, zinc and others. In addition, there are essential amino acids.In its composition containsascorbic acid, vitamins of group B, vitamin K and E, others. With contraindications for this type of honey can be found below.


Useful properties of Bashkir honey

Accurate honey can be eaten by people with diabetes without harm to health. Since it contains a small amount of calories compared to other varieties,this delicacy can be eaten, and do not be afraid to gain weight.

In the off-season, when there is a shortage of nutrients in the food, it will help us out, as long as its composition remains rich.

Cowberry Honey Cream

Honey helps to restore strength after overwork, and also calms the nervous system.

Sometimes akraine honey is called female due to the fact that it is used in cosmetology. Masks, which contain this grade, make the skin of the face fresh, and hair - silky and strong.

Accurate honey can not be diluted in boiling water. At temperatures above 40 degrees, it loses its useful properties and is used simply as a sweet.

Everyone knows the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of honey that help heal wounds. To do this, it is applied directly to the wound or pre-applied with gauze. In connection with such properties of the Bashkirakraine honey is useful to eat, slowly, so that the sweet mass envelops the oral cavity. If there are any wounds in the mouth, honey will heal them. This leaves a pleasant aftertaste.


Contraindications and harm

Accurate honey is not recommended to eat allergic to bee products.Before using this grade, although it contains a lot of fructose, diabetics still need to consult a doctor.

Refrain from giving ginger honey to children under two years of age.But, unlike other varieties, teenagers can eat it safely, as this delicacy does not cause an allergic reaction, like, for example, sainfoin, chestnut or rapeseed honey. The daily rate for an adult can also be increased. If other varieties are consumed in an amount of 80-90 g, then this delicacy can be eaten up to 120 g during the day.


About the

The honey of this honey ispsorian, which is often called akrai. Hence the name of honey.It is a weed that grows in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Psoraleya drupe

Blossoms with blue flowers in May - June.A plant is considered a medicine. It is part of some anti-alopecia drugs. It contains many essential oils.

As a honey he shows its qualities. But thanks to the specific taste and composition, the beekeepers willingly export their apiaries for collecting nectar.


Storage conditions

Accurate honey is candied quickly. This does not mean that because of this indicator, this grade should be referred to as "bad".Useful properties after crystallization are not lost. To conserve them longer, honey is stored at a plus temperature of 4 to 18 degrees.

It is not necessary to heat honey after its sugaring, since it loses its properties above 40 heat.

In the fridge is also not his place.Lower temperatures have a detrimental effect on the structure and availability of vitamins. Choose a storage room, a balcony, a cellar, and another room.

Important storage conditions are the temperature (mentioned above),relative humidity(60%), the absence of honey on the sun. You can even hide it in a dark room.

What are the main diseases that heal this honey?

Hazelnut honey is recommended to eat when anemia, because it increases the level of hemoglobin. This product helps to remove toxic substances from the body. Honey is used for acute respiratory infections, bronchitis.

Sugared honey

Due to its antibacterial properties, itpositively affects the functioning of the intestine, restoring the microflora. A solution of this sort helps to treat women from erosion of the cervix, thrush.

It can also be used in the form of lotions and compresses for cuts, rheumatism.Honey perfectly cleanses the skin, does not dry and nourish it, clears it from acne.

This variety perfectly helps with gastritis, ulcers, tachycardia, insomnia, and also cleanses the blood.

Hazel honey as a product of beekeeping has a beneficial effect on the human body. is he100% environmentally friendly. Fortunately, people have not yet invented a method for gene modification of bees. Therefore, we can continue to enjoy this natural product as an assistant to medicines, and also eat as a separate dish.

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