Kitchen with island - all the features of planning and design

  • In what area and how can you accommodate the island?
  • What are the advantages of the island?
  • What you need to know about installing and equipping
  • Identify with the design

The island is a multifunctional table located in the center of the kitchen, so that it is convenient to move within the "working triangle" (refrigerator, sink, cooking area). This is not the most necessary piece of furniture, but its availability significantly increases the comfort and functionality of the kitchen.

The interior of the kitchen with the island in the living quarters came from the restaurant business where it was important To ensure the work of several cooks at the same time, for which the tables were made with the possibility of approaching two sides.

In what area and how can you accommodate the island?

  • Kitchen with an island is actual, as a rule, in country houses and apartments in the segment of elite real estate, where the area of ​​the kitchen area exceeds 25 square meters. m and there is a separate dining room.

  • A small, mobile island or peninsula can be installed in the kitchen 15-25 square meters. m, so that the passages between the island and other kitchen furniture were not less than 1 m wide.

  • It is desirable that the kitchen island completely repeats the outlines of the room itself - that is, only square in a square room or stretched in a rectangular.

The total minimum area of ​​this zone moved to the central part of the room can be 3 square meters. meter with the following dimensions:

  • The width is 60-150 cm;
  • Length - over 120 cm;
  • Height - in the range from 85-90 cm.

These dimensions are certainly worth considering if you want to make an island in the kitchen with your own hands.

What are the advantages of the island?

Having installed the island table, you will lose from 1 to 3 square meters. m square and a few centimeters of height (to bring the communications will need to raise the floor). But you will get much more:

  1. Ergonomics - the island stands in the center of the kitchen, being one of the vertices of the working triangle, and at the same time it contains many useful functions. Moving around the kitchen in the process of cooking is very convenient, while cooking and communicate for him, several people can.

  1. Functionality - theoretically the island in the kitchen is able to replace a full-fledged set, completely freeing the wall. After all, it can accommodate:
  • The hob and oven (in this case, an extractor is installed over the island);
  • Household appliances: dishwasher, small refrigerator or wine shelf;
  • A capacious countertop replacing the cutting table, and if necessary - a bar counter;
  • Additional storage places for dishes, cutlery, etc.

  1. The island can play the role of a table or bar counter (breakfast rack). That is, if the dining room is better to have supper and dinner with the family, then breakfast and snack is more convenient in the kitchen at such a table-island.

  1. In the interior of a large kitchen, it looks chic and monumental, but the design of the island can be performed in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Therefore, even if your kitchen is not so spacious that you do not need to think about saving space, you can choose narrow and small models.

  1. The island delicately but clearly separates the space of the combined kitchen-living room or kitchen-dining room.

What you need to know about installing and equipping

  • If you want an island with a sink or a dishwasher, then at the repair stage you will need to think about the transfer and carrying out of water and drain pipes;
  • If you plan to install an island with a hob, oven, then take care of the electricians on the floor also during the repair phase;
  • Keep in mind to conduct all communications, the floor will need a bit to raise;
  • Consider that the layout of the kitchen with the island must necessarily include a hanging (island) hood, the installation of which is not self-made, but will require the participation of professionals;
  • If you plan to install household appliances, then it is chosen exclusively stationary, and not a mobile table;
  • In addition, the island should be additionally illuminated - for this purpose separately hanging ceiling lights;
  • If shelves are made in the island's housing, they are individually illuminated, for example, LED;
  • You can choose the modern transforming furniture made in the factory, and you can use your own hands make a set of standard modular elements, unfolding them to each other and covering the total counter top.

Identify with the design

In order to make the kitchen island comfortable and practical, you need not only to observe the necessary dimensions, but also to choose the optimal shape and style for the room.


Most often the island part is made square or rectangular, but can be oval, semicircular, round and even zigzag.

The island can be multilevel - moving into a table, with a side bar, etc.

Most often, the island and the kitchen set are made in the same style, in the same colors and materials.


But this rule is not a dogma, the suite and the island can be different in color and material.

Especially if it's a mobile table-island on wheels. It can be metal or wooden.


As for the styles, most often the kitchen island is made out as follows:

  1. Classics - there are stained glass windows in the doors of lockers, carved facades, stone countertops, arched open shelves with interesting balusters. All materials are necessarily natural, and the installed hood is of a fireplace type.


  1. Country - it's wooden open tables, pretty calico curtains instead of facades, wicker baskets instead of boxes.

  1. For kitchens in the style of Art Nouveau, the preferred materials are metal with glass. The worktop is streamlined, and the facades are smooth. Handles in the furniture will not be visible, and the technique is installed in the built-in.


  1. The design of the kitchen with an island in the style of minimalism and high-tech distinguish functionality and conciseness. The worktop and cabinet can be glass, metal, stone, glossy.

  1. In Scandinavian style, the island is also laconic and simple not only in shape and color, but also in material. For example, the table top is preferable from solid wood, not stone. The frame can be made of metal, brick, wood, even concrete.

And finally, here is an example of how you can fit a small island into a perfectly ordinary apartment in Alma-Ata with a combined kitchen-living room.

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