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Cakey potatoes are the most popular delicacy among sweeties. This cake is very light and easy to prepare. The main advantage of this dish is that it does not need to be baked. Just a few ingredients and a delicious dessert is ready. The most popular recipes of potato cake with a photo can be seen below in the article.

Classic recipe for dessert

There are a number of recipes for cooking this dish, but the most popular among them is the classic one. In order to please their relatives and friends with such a cake, it will take a minimum of time.

In order for all components to mix well, they must be at room temperature.

Ingredients for the preparation of pastry potatoes from cookies:

  • 320-350 cookies (you can immediately take a crumb);
  • a tablespoon of butter;
  • a jar of condensed milk;
  • 6 dessert spoons of cocoa powder;
  • , a glass of walnuts;
  • vanilla sugar if desired.

Staged cooking of cake:

  1. First, you should thoroughly crush the cookies. For this, it is best to use a blender. If there is no such equipment in the house, then it will be necessary to take a flea market and chop the cookies in a deep bowl. This requires more time and effort, but the consistency will be necessary.
  2. Walnuts clear the shell. Kernels should be placed on a pan or frying pan and dried thoroughly on a small fire. Instead of walnuts, you can use hazelnut or peanuts. Dry nuts also grind in a coffee grinder or blender.
  3. Condensed milk is put in a bowl and combined with cocoa. Mix the ingredients well until smooth.
  4. Combine the oil with chopped cookies.After the bulk is ready, you can add condensed milk and nuts to it. Also at this stage put in the dough vanilla sugar. For those who do not like him, you can not use.
  5. From the mass that has turned out, you need to form balls. Make billets in a mixture of sugar and cocoa. Put the dessert on a dish and put in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
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Cake of potatoes according to the classic recipe is ready. You can taste it right after you get it from the refrigerator. Bon Appetit!

Delicious potato cake recipe from crackers

This method of preparation differs only in the ingredients used. Instead of the usual cookies, they take vanilla crumbs. Everyone who prepared such a dessert, says that it is much more delicious than other recipes.

To make the dish beautiful, balls should be made the same size.

Products for making potato biscuits from biscuits:

  • 500-550 g of crackers;
  • 200 g of sugar;
  • a glass of fresh cow's milk;
  • two teaspoons of cocoa powder;
  • two dessert spoons of butter;
  • half a glass of powdered sugar.

Milk pour into the saucepan and put on fire. Put sugar in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Keep milk on the fire for as long as the sugar completely melts. Then add cocoa and butter to the container. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Dry the crumbs in a blender or with a meat grinder. Pour the crumbs into a deep bowl.

To crackers put the milk mixture, mix everything well and leave for 2-3 hours at room temperature, so that the dough is infused.

After this time, form the balls. Place cakes on a large plate, and sprinkle sugar powder and cocoa powder on top. After this treat to put in a cold place for several hours.

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If you follow the ratio in the ingredients used, the potatoes will turn out soft and not dry. This dish will be the best dessert of the whole family.

Cake with homemade biscuit

Dessert, made by this method, is incredibly tasty. But before you cook a potato cake, you need to do some baking.

To make a dessert, you need:

  • a glass of wheat flour;
  • half a dozen chicken eggs;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • two tablespoons of starch;
  • a glass of butter;
  • a bank of condensed milk;
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar;
  • 4 dessert spoons of cocoa;
  • a tablespoon of liquor;
  • vanilla sugar (optional).

Cake will have an interesting aftertaste, if you add a little crushed raisins to it.

First you need to bake a biscuit. For this it is necessary to separate the proteins from the yolks.In a separate bowl, grind a little sugar with yolks to a white shade.

Proteins put in a cold place for 20 minutes. After that, get it from the refrigerator and whip them with a pinch of salt until a dense foam is formed.

Yolks and proteins are connected together. Add the sieved flour and starch to the resulting mixture. All mix well. Do this with a wooden spoon in the direction from the bottom to the top. This will allow the mass to be better absorbed by oxygen.

Bottom and walls of the baking dish are greased with margarine or butter. In the middle put all the dough and level with a silicone spatula.Then put the container in a preheated oven and keep it there until the cake is ready. Before chopping a biscuit, it should cool down well.

Next, you need to combine the condensed milk, butter and the remaining sugar. You can also put a liqueur in the resulting mixture. Mix all the ingredients. A small part to put aside in order to decorate ready-made cakes.

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Combine the cream with the crushed biscuit. From the mass that has turned out, you should form the balls. In a separate plate mix a little sugar, vanillin and dry cocoa.Blanks carefully roll in the mixture. Top with each of them decorate with cream and send to the refrigerator.

This recipe for potato cake from cookies with condensed milk will turn out to be fragrant. Due to the presence of alcohol in the composition, the dessert will acquire an interesting aftertaste.

A recipe for potatoes from gingerbread

The secret ingredient of this recipe is raisins. To make the cakes soaked with its aromas, you should properly prepare dry grapes.

To prepare a recipe you will need to use:

  • 500 g of gingerbread without filling;
  • a glass of crushed nuts;
  • a can of boiled condensed milk;
  • half a tile of dark chocolate;
  • a handful of raisins.

Gingerbread should be crushed. Collect the crumb in a deep bowl with nuts.

Chocolate grate on a fine grater. Add the chips to the prepared mass. Mix the ingredients well.

To the mixture, pour out the condensed milk. Raisen the raisins for 20 minutes in warm water.Then grind it and add to the gingerbread. All the best to mix. Do it better with your hands, since it will be difficult to reach the desired consistency with a spoon.

From the cooked mass to form cakes. Often they are made in a round shape, but the dessert looks good in the form of a sausage. Each ball from above to pour melted chocolate. If everything is done correctly, the dessert will turn out to be beautiful and very tasty.

For those who want to please their loved ones and friends with an unforgettable sweetness, then the potato cake according to the classic recipe at home is what you need. Delicious, hearty and incredibly beautiful dessert, will be the best dish on the table.

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