Useful properties of bees


People of the modern world often think about where to get the missing elements in the body. As soon as the first signs of spring appear outside the window, immediately the problem becomes brittle nails, deterioration of immunity and lethargy of the skin.

At that variety of semi-finished products and products for snacks, such is not surprising. The use of the same drugs to fill the deficiency of the necessary substances is rather controversial, but from the natural and available supplements you can use an unusual product of beekeeping - pergus.

In this article, we learn about the beneficial properties of perga, let's talk about how to take, what are the indications and contraindications for the use of honey with Perga.


Table of contents

  • What is bee pengu, what healing properties does it have and what benefit does it have?
  • Proper treatment and prevention of bee bread: indications for use
  • How to use for cosmetic purposes to women
    • How to take honey with honey: recommendations for the use of granules
  • Contraindications for the use of this useful product of beekeeping

What is bee pengu, what healing properties does it have and what benefit does it have?

Let's start perhaps with what a bee-bird looks like.Perga is a pollen recycled by bees, which is placed in cell cells without access to air and is filled with honey.

From the influence of bee saliva and microorganisms, lactic acid, a preservative mass, is produced.

According to its taste, this product as rye bread with honey is considered a powerful biologically active food additive, a medicinal product, as well as an addition to cosmetic products.

Probably many are interested in the question: why such a variety of different versions of the composition of this product? There is a logical explanation for this. If you observe the working bees, you can see that they have gathered pollen of different colors on their paws.

Hence, it is collected from different types of plants.Each apiary, in fact, is unique, because it will have its own unique set of flora.Even in ten kilometers from this locality, the percentage of these or other plants will be completely different, so the difference in composition is inevitable.

The frequently asked question: what is the difference between pollen and pollen? Answer: these are two similar products of different effects.

Perga is already processed with bee enzymes, due to this, it increases the amount of nutrients and its ability to digest is increasing. Plus, some of the pollen allergens break up, which reduces the risk of an allergic reaction when applied.

Bees store it for the winter for personal food, so it is also called bee bread. Insects, all winter eating only with their own reserves, do not experience any deficit. Due to the fact that this product contains a whole storehouse of valuable compounds:

  • Monosahara
  • Hormone-like substances.
  • All of the known amino acids
  • Fatty acids (including Omega-6 and Omega-3),
  • Carotenoid (a precursor of vitamin A),
  • Vitamins (K, E, D, groups B, P, C),
  • Micro- and macroelements (K, Mg, P, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cr, I, Co)
  • Organic acids
  • Enzymes

What is the use of bee feathers?It is also important to note that useful substances are absorbed from the product perfectly.Only you need to know how to use it properly. Of the most recommended methods - to dissolve or slowly chew the bee bread in the mouth, so he is successfully absorbed by the body and will produce a healing effect.

What does natural bee penguin look like?

Proper treatment and prevention of bee bread: indications for use

What kind of abnormalities can be helped by bee bread? There are several aspects of health that can be significantly improved by treatment with bee bread:

  • Raising immunity
  • Treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • Allergic conditions
  • Disorders of the genital area
  • Benign tumors
  • Increased toxins in the body
  • Low adaptive ability and receiving a dose of radiation
  • Stress and depression
  • Premature aging of the skin

Strengthening immunity

How to take pergue for immunity? Thanks to the content of vitamins and nutrients, breads contribute to increasing the body's ability to resist viruses and bacteria. Helps to cope with inflammatory processes. Perga is a natural antibiotic, therefore it removes pathogenic microorganisms from the body.

Also you will be interested to know:

  • How to determine the quality and naturalness of honey.
  • Benefit and harm of honey for children and adults.
  • How to apply honey bee in medicine.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Problems with the heart and blood vessels in people at the moment are found everywhere. This has already become one of the global health problems.

A common cause is the lack of potassium in the diet. To increase its content in the patient's body, doctors usually prescribe medications. But they have to wait a long time for the effect - in our body only 10-15% of microelements from the total mass come to our body from artificially created sources. In perge, the content of potassium is very high, and the increase in its content in the body will not be long in coming - bee bread is assimilated by almost 100%.

There are some nuances in the treatment of high or low blood pressure. Hypertension is recommended to use this product on an empty stomach, while hypotensive patients should take it after a meal.

Making an extract from Perga

Treatment of allergic reactions

The use of bee bread in allergic reactions (rashes, sneezing, swelling) is quite individual. Dosage will be calculated in each case in its own way. The most gentle mode of reception is suitable for children - for them the dose will be half a gram three times a day (about a quarter of a teaspoonful). AT

It is important to remember that before using it is necessary to check the allergic reaction to the pengu itself - as this is a derivative of pollen, the chance of occurrence of intolerance is very high.

Treatment of sexual problems

For man's health, Perga is a golden find. With constant intake increases the blood supply of the genital organs, solves problems with erection, treats prostate adenoma and prostatitis. Most importantly - increases the number of spermatozoa, thereby preventing male infertility. Very effective as an adjunct to the main treatment.

And how useful is the bee to women?For women's health, it is indispensable during pregnancy and breastfeeding - improves the condition of the fetus and mum, promotes the production of breast milk and reduces the risk of anemia in the baby. Also, bee bread helps with conception, due to the content of a large amount of vitamin E. It is indispensable for the proper functioning of female genital organs, including for the very process of embryo formation.

Treatment of benign tumors

As observations show, perg is able to significantly improve the state of oncological diseases. With a three-day daily dose of three grams at a time, the condition of people affected by benign tumors improved significantly.

Cleansing the body of toxins


Perga activates the work of the liver (when poisoning the liver takes on the main load, the toxins settle and are neutralized it is in it), and the active components from its composition help the physiological systems to excrete poisonous substances from organism.

Factory products from Perga

Increase of adaptive ability and removal of radiation

Stability of the organism to various changes (climate change, pressure drops, change of daily routine, etc.) can be significantly increased by taking a beekeeping product. When irradiating radiation, bee bread helps very well: it speeds up the regeneration of damaged tissues, does not allow tumors to grow from damaged cells, reduces the overall level of radiation.

Treatment of stressful and depressive conditions

Due to the unique composition and high level of digestion, perg has a general positive effect on the body and the condition of the person as a whole. The presence of vitamins B, iodine, zinc and magnesium contained in bee bread, gives the effect of natural antidepressants. Bee bread increases mental performance.

Prevent premature aging of the skin

In perge there is a huge stock of antioxidants and other substances that contribute to the natural process of collagen protein production. It is collagen that responds to the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Vitamins A and E, found in perigue in a significant amount, are considered by merit among cosmeticians as indispensable elements for maintaining a health-shining skin.

Perga has a positive effect on the work of the kidneys and adrenals, helps restore intestinal microflora, increases appetite. Effective bee bread to improve vision, alleviate anemia, chronic diseases of the digestive tract and even AIDS.

How to use for cosmetic purposes to women

Perga is one of the best supplements in cosmetics. Its use positively affects the skin not only when ingested, but also when applied externally. You can make masks twice a week. The skin of the face will become velvety in the shortest possible time, will acquire a healthy shade. Also, the work of sebaceous glands is normalized.

The combination of honey and perga

Honey with bee bread is not only a delicacy, but also a universal resource for folk methods of treatment. Most Frequent:

  • Fight against constipation.
  • Treatment of enteritis and colitis.
  • Treatment of prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.
  • Early healing of wounds.
  • Treatment of oral mucosa and gums
  • Treatment of anemia.
  • Fighting hemorrhoids and preventing it.
  • Treatment of skin diseases - eczema, skin peeling and intertrigo. General improvement of skin condition.
  • Fighting inflammation.
  • Used ka fortifying agent.
  • Relieving pain(premenstrual state).
Application of Perga in Cosmetology

How to take honey with honey: recommendations for the use of granules

And now let's talk about how to use bee penguin. The doses are indicated for an adult. To calculate the dosage for children, divide the indicated dose by 70 (as many as an average adult weigh) and multiply by the weight of the child.

For a general improvement of the condition: one or two tablespoons of honey with morning meal, along with breakfast or 15 minutes before it.

To improve the skin condition with eczema: 3-4 times a day on a tablespoon of honey with Perga.

For treatment of poisonings and diseases of the digestive tract: Take 3 times 3 gr.

For the treatment of anemia: in, l warm, but not hot water, first add 180 g of honey, then 50 g of pepper. Hold the mixture for several days at room temperature to start the fermentation process. Then take 3/4 cup for half an hour before meals.

For treatment of prostate problems, with painful menstruation and premenstrual syndrome: 2-4 grams of perga 2 to 3 times a day or a tablespoon of honey with perga 3 times a day.

Honey with Perga is recommended to be used as an auxiliary, but in no case is the main and only means of treating a particular disease. We remind you of the need to consult a doctor before you start taking the product.

Contraindications for the use of this useful product of beekeeping

In addition to the positive qualities of Perga, there are also contraindications for use. Unfortunately, with all the advantages of bee bread, not all people can use it. Even such a useful product can harm the body. Who should be afraid and be sure to consult with a specialist?

  • Patients on stages 3 and 4 of oncological diseasesobligatory consultation of the doctor before the beginning of application of bee bread is necessary.
  • Uterine fibroids in womenalso requires expert opinion on the inclusion in the diet of bee bread.
  • Autoimmune disease"Basedova's disease" puts patients at risk, because perga stimulates immunity, namely, its hyperreactivity is the engine of this disease.
  • Insomniaor increased excitability. With caution, it is worth taking the product in these cases, as possible exacerbations.
  • Individual intolerance to the components of bee bread.To check if there is an allergic reaction, use a grain of the product. Observe the reaction of the body during the day, preferably with the participation of a doctor. If an allergic reaction was not followed, then apply 3 times more perga and again watch for another day. If there are signs of intolerance, then in this case it is necessary to completely abandon the reception.
Although in most cases, the pepper is not contraindicated and is a safe supplement, with serious or chronic diseases is strongly recommended to consult a specialist before reception.

The use of strong drugs also automatically puts patients at risk. The use of biologically active substances should occur only with the permission of the doctor.

Application of Perga with honey

Having studied the material of this article, you can say that perg is a unique and valuable product, its benefits are invaluable, it is a huge gift to mankind. By the content of nutrients in it and digestion by the body, artificial pharmacy funds are losing significantly.

It is also important that bee bread is a completely natural product, does not cause side effects and is pleasant in use.But do not forget that in all matters the golden mean is important - do not abuse. It contains fat-soluble vitamins, they have the property of accumulating in the body, which in turn leads to hypervitaminosis.

Now you know about all the beneficial properties of bee pengu, how to take pergu with honey, what medicinal properties it has and how useful it is to our body.

And in conclusion a small video about what is useful for Perga and how to take it right.

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