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Propolis ointment at home

Propolis ointment at homeBee Products

People have long known about the healing properties of propolis. Two thousand years ago, Roman and Greek healers recorded the recipes and methods of using this beekeeping product in the treatment...

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Application of beeswax in cosmetology and folk medicine

Application of beeswax in cosmetology and folk medicineBee Products

. Our ideas about beeswax are superficial and are limited, perhaps, to information that it is useful for health. But do you know that it has been stored for tens and hundreds of years? At the same ...

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Royal royal jelly

Royal royal jellyBee Products

. Upper-mandibular glandsbees produce a special product - royal jelly. Its main purpose is feeding the larva, which in the future will become a uterus. It is from pergi that the royal jelly is extr...

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Therapeutic properties of propolis and contraindications

Therapeutic properties of propolis and contraindicationsBee Products

. Making honey bees is a well-known fact. But not everyone knows about other products that arise as a result of the activity of these insects. But there are not so few of them: wax, blizzard, propo...

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Useful properties of bees

Useful properties of beesBee Products

. People of the modern world often think about where to get the missing elements in the body. As soon as the first signs of spring appear outside the window, immediately the problem becomes brittle...

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The use of propolis tincture at home

The use of propolis tincture at homeBee Products

. Healing properties of propolis, known to all for a long time. People from ancient times used it in folk medicine to combat various diseases. It helps cough to children and adults. In addition, ma...

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