Which refrigerator to choose: rating 2017, user reviews

In the stores of household appliances you can find refrigerators of all brands, sizes, functional features. Among various price categories, the range is also wide. Which refrigerator to choose? Which features to pay attention to, and which brand to give preference to? You will learn about this in our article. Also we will present the rating of popular models.

Content of the material:

  • 1Selection by parameters
    • 1.1Dimensions
    • 1.2Useful volume
    • 1.3Location and number of cameras
    • 1.4Method of cooling and defrosting
    • 1.5One or two motors
    • 1.6Climatic class
    • 1.7Energy Efficiency
    • 1.8Management type
  • 2What to look for
    • 2.1Functions and technologies
    • 2.2The most reliable brand
  • 3Rating of refrigerators of 2017
    • 3.1Hansa FM050.4
    • 3.2Liebherr Tsl 1414
    • 3.3Bosch KGN39SB10
    • 3.4Atlant ХМ 6023-031
    • 3.5Samsung RH-60 H90203L
    • 3.6LG GR-N309LLB

Selection by parameters

Before going to the store, determine the location of the installation. You must understand what kind of equipment will go into the allotted zone, and which one is not. Pay attention to the presence of sockets nearby.

How to install a refrigerator correctly, read in the previous article.

Let us consider each item in detail.


It will be unpleasant if, after delivery, it turns out that the technology does not fit in the doorway or in the prepared place in the kitchen, so clearly measure the distances. Small coolers differ in height from 1 to, meters, width to 60 cm. They are often used for mini-bars, hotels, offices.

Standard models in height reach, meter, width - 60 cm. Excellent fit in the kitchen area of ​​8-10 m².

The units of the European standard are suitable for large, spacious rooms. The height reaches 2 meters, and the width is 80 cm.

Pick up the technique in height so that it matches the rest of the kitchen set.

Useful volume

The volume of the cameras depends on how many products in them you will load, and consequently - on the number of people in the family.

The Asian type "C" has a capacity of 200-250 liters, which is suitable for 1-2 people. The case is round in shape, the freezer compartment is on top.

For 3-4 people the volume of 260-350 liters is quite suitable. Such refrigerators belong to group "B the freezer is located at the bottom, consists of several boxes and shelves. At the top location of the freezer, the capacity of the cylinder can vary from 50 to 140 liters.

The group "D" includes devices of the American type with a huge capacity - 350-800 liters. Such volumes will be useful in production or for a very large family. The freezing and refrigerating compartment is located in parallel.

Location and number of cameras

Today, manufacturers offer several varieties:

  • Single-chambered - the classic of the genre. Budget and easy to use option. The downside is that the freezer forms a strong ice on the walls, so the appliance must often be thawed.
  • Two-chamber - the most common. There are with the top and bottom location of the freezer. The case can be equipped with French Door - French door. From below is a large freezer, on top is a refrigerator compartment with two doors. Refrigerators with the system Side-by-Side - two-door.
  • Multi-chamber - from three to six offices. They are characterized by freshness zones where you can store fish, vegetables, greens without frost, but the products retain their original appearance.

Method of cooling and defrosting

The cooling system is different, it is important to choose the one that suits you. Types:

  • Compression. The refrigerant circulates through the circuit under the pressure of the compressor. The most popular, while having the strongest noise level.
  • Absorption. The refrigerant heats up from the heat exchanger, which causes it to circulate. This technique consumes more electricity than in the first case, but it works a little quieter.
  • Thermoelectric. It is installed mainly in mini-refrigerators. Cooling occurs due to the plates, which are heated from the supply of current. The most quiet instruments in operation, but the electricity consumption is higher than the rest.

The defrost in Soviet units was carried out manually. Modern models are equipped with a drop system or No Frost. In the first case, the condensate freezes, and then thaws on the back wall, then drains into the pan. In the Nou Frost system, cold air is distributed by the fan through the chamber, so the moisture on the walls is less. Despite this, the technique also needs defrosting, although less often.

One or two motors

Most often refrigerators are equipped with one motor. Modern household units include the function "Vacation". In this mode, the cold store consumes the minimum amount of energy.

Convenient devices with two compressors, each of which is responsible for the refrigerator and freezer. In addition, one part can be turned off and washed, while the second one will not stop working.

Climatic class

Legend on the body will tell you at what temperature you can operate the equipment. The most popular in Russian latitudes is class N (+ 16-32 degrees). To learn more, see the table and read the articleabout climatic classes.

Important! If the refrigerator breaks down and it will be proved that it has been operated in unsuitable conditions, you can be deprived of the warranty. Therefore, experts advise to pay attention to the designations.

Energy Efficiency

The technique is powered by electricity and works without interruptions. Therefore, it is important to choose an energy-efficient model. What should I look for? The classes:

  • A, A +, A ++ - the most economical. Spend only 55% of the nominal amount of energy.
  • B - the flow rate is 75%.
  • C is 75-90%.
  • D is 100%.

To find out how much the consumption is a year, look at the technical passport. Sometimes on the case there are stickers:

To ensure that the refrigerator does not overflow electricity, try to install it away from appliances, heating, stoves, ovens. Otherwise, it heats up, and the compressor works with a doubled force.

Management type

The simplest electromechanical control is presented in inexpensive models. The regulator rotates by hand, which allows you to monitor the temperature in the compartment.

The electronic type requires a display, a touch panel. They can set the temperature, select one of the functions.

A separate category is remote control, which is presented in Candy. You can "manage" through the application in any place.

We examined the main characteristics that are important during operation. Of course, when you go to the store, you first of all appreciate the design, the company-manufacturer. An important factor is the price category, as well as the placement method - embedded or detached.

What to look for

While studying the technique more meticulously, look at:

  • The quality of the shell coating. It should not have scratches, stains, peeling paint.
  • Shelves. It is believed that the best option - the lattice, as the air circulates well and the contents are stored longer. Often you can find shelves of glass and plastic.

  • Seals on the door. Its quality depends on the tightness of the door to the body.
  • Pay attention to the smell. If you smell cheap plastic, rubber, choose another option.
  • Lighting. Much more convenient when the lamps are on the side. They do not overlap with dishes, so the products are better seen.
  • Pens. If the place in the kitchen is at a minimum, select the recessed handle-notches. This will help not to cling to protruding holders.

Well, ifthe door can be re-positioned, then regardless of the location, you can easily open the camera.

Functions and technologies

In order to find the best technique, choose the functional that you really want to use.

  • Antibacterial coating. This is a good way to get rid of unpleasant odors. The walls are covered with unlimited silver, in some models antibacterial filters are installed. This approach prevents the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Open Door Sensor. If the camera is not closed securely, a beep sounds. This allows you to react in time and avoid the rapid deterioration of the motor, which is forced to work hard when getting into warm air.
  • Superfreeze. Allows you to quickly freeze the stuffed products. The temperature drops to -24 degrees so quickly that it allows you to preserve flavor and useful substances. In some units, the function is disabled manually, in others the automation is activated.

  • Holding temperaturewhen the electricity is cut off. The latest models can keep the temperature up to 22 hours.
  • Ice maker.A separate box with molds, to which water is automatically or manually poured. As a result, you will always have fresh ice for drinks.
  • Door in the door. Behind the main door is another one. This compartment serves for products that are used most often. So the user does not need to search for everything necessary.

The most reliable brand

Well-known firms for years earned a reputation. Therefore, there are brands that are most popular among users.

  • Liebherr.
  • Bosch.
  • Samsung.
  • LG.
  • Atlant.
  • Gorenje.
  • Candy.
  • Zanussi.
  • Beko.
  • Whirpool.
  • Hotpoint-Ariston.
  • Electrolux.

What brands are the most reliable, according to users? We have compiled a rating of the best refrigerators: small and cheap, and big and expensive.

Rating of refrigerators of 2017

We present the rating of the claimed models in 2017, according to buyers' feedback.

Hansa FM050.4

Single chamber refrigerator with electromechanical control. Inexpensive and compact, it can be built into furniture; its dimensions are only 47 × 4, × 4, cm. A year consumes 106 kW.

The upper freezer is manually defrosted, the bottom is equipped with a drop system. The capacity is 46 liters. The shelves are made of glass. The door can be repositioned for easy opening. The noise characteristics reach 35 dB.

The cost is from 5 000 rubles.


FM050.4 works noiselessly, perfectly freezes. In the kit is a pallet, if it is placed under the freezer, then the contents will also freeze. Capacity is small, perfect for storing cool drinks in summer. The two front legs are adjustable in height. I chose for the dacha, I liked it. One minus - the shelves from the door drop out, you need to constantly put in place.

Liebherr Tsl 1414

Small appliances, however, are much more spacious than the previous version. Dimensions of the case: 5, x62x85 cm. It is interesting that it has a climatic class SN, ST, which allows operation in rooms without air conditioning. For example, in cottages.

The energy consumption class - A +, consumes 177 kW per year. The freezer compartment is located on top, needs manual defrosting. The total volume is 122 liters. The ability to keep the temperature when power is cut off is 10 hours.

The price is from 14 000 rubles.


I was looking for a small unit, because I live alone and at home I rarely eat. All other similar models look like Soviet, and "Liebher" has a nice and modern design. Works quietly, freezes well. The only thing that the upper shelf is not functional, there's practically nothing to fit. I recommend to buy for bachelors or small families.

Bosch KGN39SB10

A two-chamber device with a bottom freezer compartment. Body dimensions: 60x64x200 cm. There are variants of white and black color.


  • Air Fresh Filter - Carbon Filter destroys odors and bacteria.
  • Economical mode Eco mode allows you to save electricity. In the refrigerator, the temperature is +6 degrees, in the freezer -16 ° C.
  • The "Vacation" mode will help you save extra kilowatts while you are on vacation. In one compartment the temperature is +14 ° C, in the other -18 ° C.

  • Economical LED-backlight.
  • No Frost - freezing without ice on the walls. Thanks to the ventilation holes, the cold air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber.

  • Quick cooling allows maintaining the optimum temperature in the compartment.
  • The extra Big Box container, 29 cm high, accommodates large-sized products.

It consumes 383 kW per year. When the light is turned off, it keeps the cold for up to 18 hours. The total volume is 315 liters. The shelves are made of glass. The operating class is SN, T (normal and tropical conditions).

The cost is from 55 000 rubles.


"Bosch" maintains its reputation. Functional and roomy KGN39SB10 perfectly fitted into the kitchen. Products last longer due to freshness. The door is equipped with a sensor, with a loose closure a signal is issued. Management is simple, electronic. There is a small minus: the side walls differ in color from the doors.

Atlant ХМ 6023-031

An affordable and roomy model with a capacity of 359 liters. Two chambers, drip defrost. For each camera responds to its compressor, so when you turn off one compartment for cleaning, the other will work. This is an excellent choice for those who like to freeze for future use - the volume of the freezer is 154 liters. It is divided into boxes of transparent plastic.

The energy consumption class is A (391 kW per year). Dimensions: 60x63x195 cm. Electromechanical control. The "Super Frost" option is activated, as well as the door bell sound. The noise level is small - 40 dB.

The price is from 16 000 rubles.


A capacious model from Atlant, we were pleased: two compressors are working quietly. For a year only once it was defrosted by the freezer, it works perfectly. Some write that the plastic shelves are uncomfortable, or the tray is only 8 eggs. I think that these are trifles, with any plastic you need to be careful. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Samsung RH-60 H90203L

Model with double door - Side by Side. The dimensions of the body reach 9, × 7, × 17, cm. The total capacity is 605 liters.


  • Show Case - frequently used products in easy accessibility. The compartment is divided into 6 parts, where you can place drinks, ready meals. In addition, each box has three zones, where each member of the family will find everything that he needs.

  • Door with a partition Metal Cooling. Even with frequent opening, the plate keeps the cold in the chamber.

  • Samsung Food Showcase - a stylish and modern design will be an adornment of your kitchen. Recessed handles confirm the ergonomics of the device.
  • System All-around Cooling - at the level of each compartment there are holes for distribution of cold flow.
  • The shelves are raised, pulled out, folded. Now you can place any products and use all zones.

  • Large containers hold large meat products.

Electronic control with display. The shelves are made of glass.

The cost is from 120 000 rubles.


The two-door "Samung" looks very modern. There used to be a similar refrigerator, there is something to compare. In the RH-60 H90203L the case is compact enough, despite the large capacity. I liked the function "Door in the door all guests are surprised that each compartment is separated by a door. The lower part is allocated for the baby, conveniently gets yogurt, do not need to stand on a stool. In the freezer, the frost is perfectly preserved. I want to say that technology is worth its money.


A two-compartment refrigerator can be built into the furniture. Dimensions of the case: 5, × 5, × 17, cm. Electricity consumption is 330 kW per year (class A).


  • Technology Total No Frost. Defrosting and cleaning the device can be done every six months.
  • Multi Air Flow - multi-stream cooling ensures an even distribution of cold.
  • Freshness zone Miracle Zone with a separate temperature controller: -1 ° C (fish), -3 ° C (meat), + 2 ° C (fruit).

  • Container Moist Balance Crisper for storage of fruit. Its lid has cells that accumulate moisture and evaporate it, not allowing it to settle on products.
  • Superfrost allows you to keep the maximum of nutrients.
  • Ice container with swivel mechanism.

The total volume is 245 liters. The noise level is 37 dB.

The price is from 53 000 rubles.


After the repair in the kitchen decided to take a built-in refrigerator. "Elgi" liked the functionality and spaciousness, as well as positive feedback. I defrost rarely, only when I need to wash, although the manufacturer says that Know Frost does not need defrosting. It is convenient to select the desired function on the panel. I advise everyone who wants to buy a quality device and hide it in furniture.

Now you know how to choose the right refrigerator for your home, what to look for. Feedback from users and our advice will help you draw conclusions.

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