Overview of wine cabinets, refrigerators: characteristics, models

Connoisseurs sooner or later think about the proper storage of wine for a private collection or for filing in a cafe, restaurant. If you do not have a huge cellar, the way out of the situation will be a wine refrigerator cabinet. It will help preserve the fine taste of the drink to fully enjoy its bouquet.

An example of an integrated wine cabinet with cooling in a modern kitchen

Content of the material:

  • 1What is noteworthy for a wine cooler
  • 2Types of wine coolers, characteristics
    • 2.1Shelf material
    • 2.2Doors
    • 2.3Functions and technologies
    • 2.4Right choice
  • 3Overview of wine coolers
    • 3.1Liebherr WKes 653 Grand Cru
    • 3.2Liebherr WKb 4212
    • 3.3Dunavox DAT-12.33DC
    • 3.4Caso WineDuett Touch 21
    • 3.5Cold Vine C12-KSF1
    • 3.6Vestfrost W 38
    • 3.7Cavanova CV007T
    • 3.8Pozis ШВ-120
    • 3.9Eurocave 013 La Petite
    • 3.10Gastrorag BCWH-68
    • 3.11Shivaki SHW-28VB
    • 3.12Gemlux GL-WC-8W

What is noteworthy for a wine cooler

Thanks to the arrangement of the refrigerating cabinet, it ensures the safety of the drink in all respects:

  • Darkness. The absence of light and ultraviolet rays prevents oxidation, which changes color and taste. Tinted glass will protect from UV rays.
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  • Temperature. The optimum temperature is + 10-14 ° C - then the wine completely reveals its bouquet. In overheated only alcohol is felt, and in the supercooled all taste qualities are not shown. Special sensors control the temperature, slowing down the processes of fermentation.
  • Ventilation. The ventilation system in the wine storage cabinets ensures the absence of foreign smells and mold.
  • Humidity must be at least 50% to avoid cork drying and penetration into the air. The cabinets maintain a humidity of 75% to 80%.

An important factor affecting the safety of drinks is peace. Since the cooling system of the wine cooler is based on the compressor, it is attached in a special way, without touching the walls. Also, the absence of vibration provides pallets from dense wood, equipped with shock absorbers.

Modern wine cabinet with cooling system and drawers for storing bottles

The compression principle of operation is based on cooling the air and distributing it in the chamber with the help of fans. Before entering the compartment, the air is cleaned with a carbon filter.

Modern models work on the principle of "crying wall". On the walls, moisture is absorbed inside, which drains into the drainage hole and is removed from the system. Electronic control with a display allows you to adjust the parameters of the operation of the equipment. Some models have a control panel.

Types of wine coolers, characteristics

There are cabinets designed for home, and there are for restaurants, bars, cafes. The same companies produce the same equipment as conventional refrigerators:Ariston, Bosch, Smeg, Electrolux. Choose depends on the type of wine: some are ripening during storage, others "wait" until they are opened.

The climate departments are created for wines that have not yet revealed their potential and must achieve certain taste qualities. The technique repeats the climatic conditions of the cellars, maintaining the optimum temperature of 10-14 degrees.

An example of an integrated wine cooler in the designer kitchen for horizontal storage of bottles

Temperature chambers are not designed for long-term storage. They allow you to prepare a drink for serving, so it is important to consider which varieties you are going to put in them.

Large stand-alone wine cabinet with cooling system and movable shelves for restaurants

  • Two-temperature. Such a refrigerator can be two-zone. In one compartment is maintained + 6-10 ° C, which is ideal for white wine, in the other - + 10-18 ° C for red.

Wine cabinet with two compartments and the ability to maintain two temperature modes

  • Three compartments allow placing sparkling, red and white varieties. Here they can be stored, cooled and brought to room temperature. The level is maintained from +16 to +20 degrees.
  • Multi-temperature. The number of departments varies from 4 to 6.

Chambers in multi-temperature refrigerators are designed for:

  • red wine (16 ° C);
  • sparkling (+ 6 ° C);
  • white, dry red, bordeaux, merlot (+ 12 ° C);
  • pink (+ 8 ° С);
  • white dry (+ 10 ° C).

How to choose the best wine cabinet? Focus not only on the characteristics, but also on the possibility of placement. By the method of installation they can be built-in and detached.

Built-in perfectly fits in the kitchen set, under the countertop. Its dimensions can be 90x60x30 cm. It is also possible to embed the technique in a wall or to place it next to each other. There is an angular accommodation option, which is also convenient.

Is there no place to install a standalone version? Then choose refrigerators with a wine chamber. The climate there is observed as in a cellar. The type of work of the department depends on the motor. If the compressor is two, then the department can work in combination with the freezer.

A large combined refrigerator, in which there is a built-in wine cabinet with cooling

Separate instruments can be narrow and standard. The height of the case is from 28 cm (mini) to 180 cm.

A small small home cabinet holds from 18 to 20 bottles. Capacious devices are designed for accommodation from 200 pieces.

Shelf material

When stored, the bottles are placed horizontally. The cork should be lowered into the liquid and do not dry out, otherwise air will penetrate, the drink will begin to oxidize and evaporate. For presentation, the collection can be located at an angle of 45 degrees.

Retractable shelves can have stoppers or plastic stoppers along the edges. They are made of tempered glass, wood, polymer, metal. There are also combined of several materials.

Built-in wine cabinet with retractable shelves on storage racks for bottles

Sometimes the device is not equipped with shelves. Instead, holes for the neck in the back wall are provided.


Doors can be deaf. In this case, they are equipped with a registrar, which indicates the date of placement of the wine.

Transparent doors are made of quartz or tinted glass. The sashes can be repositioned to the other side, locked to the key.

Functions and technologies

A useful functional will help with the convenience of storing wine:

  • Small models are equipped with thermoelectric or absorption cooling. Therefore, the housing does not vibrate.
  • To install the equipment indoors without heating there is a heating / cooling mode.
  • The camera can have several holes at the shelves for good ventilation.
  • The coal filter lets only clean air into the compartment.
  • A beep warns of a door that is not closed securely.
  • The presence of the display allows you to monitor the temperature regime.
  • Lava stone is a moisture stabilizer. He absorbs excesses and gives them away in the dry air.
  • Elite samples have a pull-out bar. So you can brag of your collection. In some models, a humidor is provided - a compartment for cigars.

A large wine cabinet with three compartments and a built-in cooling system in the style of antique furniture

For prestigious houses and apartments, the design of the equipment must match. Manufacturers offer a wide choice from classics to the present. Finishing is made of natural wood: oak, walnut, cherry.

Bar options are made of plastic and metal. Wheels help to move the refrigerator.

Right choice

To choose the ideal option for your collection, pay attention to:

  • Capacity (how many bottles will fit into the compartment).
  • Body dimensions, installation method.
  • Number of zones and temperature modes.
  • Method of cooling.
  • Organic design.
  • Brand-manufacturer. There are firms that produce both household refrigerators and wine. And there are brands that deal only with special equipment: Tesler, Braun and others.
  • The cost.

We compiled a rating of popular models from reliable manufacturers. Let us consider each of them in detail.

Overview of wine coolers

The most popular brands of cabinets in 2017, according to buyers' reviews.

Liebherr WKes 653 Grand Cru

A small model, an excellent bar option. Can be embedded in a niche. The body is made of metal, dimensions: 6, x4, x4, cm. The Grand Cru series is the optimal solution for small rooms and small collections. 12 bottles (5 liters) are placed in the camera.

Compact model of the Liebherr WKes 653 Grand Cru wine cabinet for 12 bottles with a temperature regime

One zone is divided into three mesh wooden shelves. The multi-temperature operation is controlled electronically from +5 to +20 degrees. Climatic conditions correspond to the microclimate in the cellar. The device economically consumes electricity - 75 kW / year (A ++).


  • The possibility of storing wines before they fully ripen.
  • Carbon filter for air purification.
  • Forced ventilation.
  • The open door signal is triggered after 60 seconds.
  • Child lock allows you to save the collection, prevent accidental shutdown.
  • There is a storage box at the bottom.

The door is made of tempered glass. The chamber is hermetically sealed. How much does WKes 653 Grand Cru cost? You can find it for 94 000 rubles.

Liebherr WKb 4212

The cabinet from the Vinothek series from Liebher is narrow enough to fit comfortably in the kitchen or in the bar. In total, WKb 4212 holds 200 bottles of, 5 liters. Dimensions: width - 60 cm, depth - 7 cm, height - 165 cm. The side walls of the body are made of steel. Glass tinted doors do not allow UV rays to pass through.

A vertical wine cabinet with a transparent door and high shelves for storing a large number of bottles

Inside there are 6 wooden shelves. The rear wall provides excellent air circulation. The temperature range from + 5 ° C to + 20 ° C is set on the keypad and displayed on the display.


  • Power Cooling technology effectively cools the air and circulates it through the camera. When the door is opened, the sensor triggers and the fans turn off, which saves energy.
  • A low-vibration compressor will not break the storage process.
  • The activated carbon filter Fresh Air lets in fresh air in the compartment.
  • The control panel helps to control the humidity in the chamber.
  • The built-in heater allows you to prepare drinks for delivery. For example, red wine is served at + 18 ° С.
  • The door is equipped with a signal to open and lock from the children.
  • The door can be repositioned.

Inside, the backlight is organized for convenient selection.

The price is from 75 000 rubles.

Dunavox DAT-12.33DC

A shallow desktop cabinet for 12 items. Dimensions of the model: 2, × 5, × 6, cm. The laconic and restrained design of the case is black steel. The glass door is enclosed in a black frame, glass tinted with protection from ultraviolet. Beautiful curly shelves are chrome plated. Thanks to the thermoelectric system, condensation does not form in the chamber.

Miniature shallow wine cabinet Dunavox DAT-12.33DC, designed for 12 bottles for storage

  • Touch control panel.
  • The temperature is from +12 to +18 degrees.
  • Defrosting system No Frost.
  • Economical energy consumption, class A - 133 kW per year.
  • Coal filtration technology, high-quality ventilation inside.

Storage in DAT-12.33DC is convenient and practical. Inexpensive choice - 23 000 rubles.

Caso WineDuett Touch 21

Two-door device with two zones. The upper compartment is suitable for placing white wine (+ 7-18 ° C), the lower one for red wine (+ 10-18 ° C). The stylish black case is equipped with glass tinted doors and ergonomic handles. The temperature is separately regulated in each zone. Capacity - 21 bottles.

Large two-chamber wine cabinet with the possibility of setting individual thermal conditions

Cooling is based on the Peltier effect - thermoelectric, so the technique is vibration-free. You can turn on the blue backlight in the camera. The display shows the operating conditions of the refrigerator.

The cost is from 31 000 rubles.

Cold Vine C12-KSF1

Works on the compressor. The steel case is made in black, the glass door frame is also steel, metallic. Dimensions: 5, x3, x52 cm.

Square small wine cabinet Cold Vine C12-KSF1 with the possibility of longitudinal and lateral storage

Inside, three wooden shelves are arranged, not lacquered. Two pull-out shelves on the box can accommodate 4 bottles of red on, 5 liters, as well as sparkling champagne. The lower shelf allows you to place drinks in two rows. A total of 12 pieces are placed.

The control panel is located inside the compartment. With it, you can set the mode from +3 to +22 degrees, and also turn on the blue backlight. This freestanding refrigerator will be a worthy decoration of your interior.

The price is from 25 000 rubles.

Vestfrost W 38

Compact two-door wardrobe "Westfrost" can be built in under the countertop due to the dimensions: 5, × 5, × 82 cm. There are 38 compartments for accommodation. Two zones contain 19 bottles (5 liters each), and the regime is set individually: from + 5 ° С to + 18 ° С. Therefore, you can use a refrigerator for white and red wine.

A spacious two-door wine cabinet Vestfrost W 38 with the function of setting the thermal mode in each chamber

A cleaning filter with charcoal is installed. Therefore, the contents are protected from foreign smells. The compressor maintains a constant temperature and dampens vibrations. Defrosting is performed by a drip method.

Two doors of tinted glass protect the wine from light. The shelves are made of wood.

The cost is from 71 000 rubles.

Cavanova CV007T

The Spanish brand is engaged in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the storage of collections. This is a narrow model, where the bottles are stacked on top of each other. In total there are seven pieces. Unusual design allows you to compactly install CV007T between kitchen furniture, in the office or other room.

Narrow wine cabinet pencil case Cavanova CV007T with the ability to store up to seven different bottles in a stylish design

The door is hermetically sealed, has a chrome handle throughout the length. Dimensions: 1, x54x82 cm. The compressor helps to maintain optimum conditions. Adjust the indicators in the range from +5 to +20 degrees.

The price is from 39 000 rubles.

Pozis ШВ-120

Produced in the factory named after Sergo in Russia. All models are made in the classical style of precious wood. This compressor option can be used for home collection or for restaurants. Dimensions of the case: 195х61х60 cm. Capacity - 119 pieces.

Large wide industrial wine cabinet Pozis ШВ-120 with an opaque door for a large number of bottles


  • Quality air creates carbon filters.
  • The constant temperature is maintained by the electronics: + 5-18 ° С.
  • LED-backlight does not heat the air, but economically highlights the contents, saving 70% of the electricity.
  • The compressor is equipped with vibration protection.
  • Humidity is maintained at 50%.
  • The tinted glass on the door prevents UV rays from entering.
  • Inclined shelves allow you to present your collection.
  • A pull-out stand from below serves to transport the beverage.

The cost is from 51 000 rubles.

Eurocave 013 La Petite

The French firm is considered the leader in this industry. Several series include both conventional models and custom designs. Model 013 La Petite has a modern design. Compact dimensions of 81x30x45 cm make it possible to install the device on a table, in a headset or elsewhere.

Compact wine cabinet for the house Eurocave 013 La Petite from the French manufacturer with additional shelves

Capacity - 12 bottles. The Sowine technology complements the device with new features. Now the wine can be stored not only in a closed form (10 pcs.), But also in the open (2 pcs.) By the principle of a mini-bar. The Neofresh function quickly cools the camera, contributing to the conservation of energy.

The price is from 110 000 rubles.

Gastrorag BCWH-68

Excellent choice for restaurants, cafes, shops and home conditions. The technique combines two in one:

  • The area for wine from the top, consists of two chrome-plated shelves. You can place 8 bottles of, 5 liters. The panel can be set to + 8-18 ° C.
  • Lower section for drinks. It consists of two shelves-lattices. The volume is 4 liters.
  • On the door there are also lattices for cans.

Mini refrigerator Gastrorag BCWH-68 with two cameras for storage of wines and other drinks of different forms

Universal BCWH-68 performs a different purpose. It does not have a compressor, but operates on a thermoelectric device. Swing door.

The cost is 15 000 rubles.

Shivaki SHW-28VB

Products of Japanese production, can accommodate a bar. The model is made of steel in black. Glass door with toning. Comes with three chrome shelves for wine. The remaining six trays can be used for fruits and vegetables or soft drinks.

Wine cabinet from the Japanese manufacturer Shivaki SHW-28VB with five rag shelf for safe storage

Dimensions of equipment: 46 × 5, × 7, cm. The touch panel will help to set the climate: + 6-18 ° С. Thermoelectric mode of operation does not require defrosting the compartment. The inner walls are covered with an antibacterial layer. Inside there are 28 bottles.

The price is from 13 000 rubles.

Gemlux GL-WC-8W

Used for short-term placement of wine of any kind. Three wooden shelves-lattices place 8 bottles. The temperature is kept from + 7 ° С to + 18 ° С. Principle of operation is compressor-free, thermoelectric. The case does not vibrate, so the contents are better preserved.

Wine cabinet Gemlux GL-WC-8W for storage of eight wine bottles with transparent glass on the door

Dimensions: 2, х4, х5, cm. Touch control with LCD display. The price is from 8 000 rubles.

We hope that our review will help you make the right choice. If you are a connoisseur of wine, then you will certainly choose the best variant of climatic equipment for yourself.

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