Refrigerators Candy: TOP-5 models, reviews, comparison with competitors

An extensive category of potential buyers begins to choose the refrigerator with its value - it should be moderate. And this is with sufficient durability, functionality and excellent aesthetic qualities. Therefore, for such citizens a Candy refrigerator can be a good choice.

As any model of the brand has an attractive set of working qualities that ensure their popularity in the post-Soviet space and in the world.

The content of the article:

  • Pros and cons of Kandy refrigeration equipment
    • Comparison of Candy with competitors
    • The main advantages of the brand
    • Disadvantages of technology from Candy
  • General characteristics of technology
  • Accessibility and practicality above all
    • Model # 1: Candy CCDS 5140 WH7
  • Two-compartment average price refrigerators
    • Model # 2: Candy Candy CKBS 6180 S
    • Model # 3: Candy CKBF 186 VDT
    • Model # 4: Candy CKHN 200 IW
  • Multiple and side-by-side units
    • Model # 5: Candy CCMN 7182 IXS
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Pros and cons of Kandy refrigeration equipment

Founded in 1945 by the early seventies, a small Italian workshop had become a recognizable name in Europe. In addition, the acquired financial success has allowed at times to increase production.

This was achieved through the purchase of other enterprises specializing in household appliances, which made it possible for the Candy Group to become an influential player in its field.

Brand Candy

For many decades, Candy has been a recognized and sought-after European brand. This demonstrates the reliability and functionality of the product.

This is confirmed by nine large production sites located around the world, including Russia, China, France, Britain, Spain and a number of other countries.

Although the manufacturer is one of the most recognizable here and in the world, its main feature is the release of technology, which is generally available to almost everyone.

Available and popular Italian refrigerators

The popularity of products of the Italian manufacturer did not become the basis for overpricing. Household equipment from Candy is affordable for most citizens of CIS countries

Comparison of Candy with competitors

To be more precise, there are premium products among the products, but Italians rely more on buyers who need low-cost or middle-priced refrigerators.

Therefore, Candy's direct competitors are not world-famous brands like Electrolux, Samsung or Hitachi, but the more modest companies Gorenje, Vestfrost and even the Belarusian brand Atlant. Which mainly show activity in the same niche.

Compact model

Despite the fact that the manufacturer is famous and the quality of its products is sufficient, the bulk of the units supplied are inexpensive refrigerators, including many compact ones.

But do not think that the quality of the Italian manufacturer is mediocre - it is not. For example, a significant part of refrigerators is produced in the territory of the European Union, which in itself indicates a sufficient competitiveness.

In addition, the production of Candy uses quite modern technologies that provide sufficient functionality. Do not fall behind and aesthetic qualities. As well as a potential buyer should be aware that the Milan manufacturer in the segment of low-cost products one of the widest lines.

Abundant assortment of household refrigerators

The Italian brand offered one of the most abundant range of refrigeration equipment, which has options for families of varying size and wealth, there are three- and four-door models, mini-bars and units for summer cottages

And there you can find both popular two-door units and compact ones. Which quite comfortably will be able to be placed in kitchens of Khrushchev, small families and other housing with limited space, and we have plenty of it.

Among the Candy products there are enough models with the popular No Frost technology, but the drip defrosting method has not been forgotten. Therefore, there is a choice that does not allow every manufacturer, even among the most famous, for example, Hitachi.

Ergonomics of the internal space

Despite its small size, Candy compact units have sufficient internal volume, good performance, functionality and excellent appearance.

And this is a significant advantage, because refrigerators with drip defrost systems are more environmentally friendly than their counterparts with know frost. Yes, and store the products in the latter is more difficult - so that the food does not lose its qualities, you should buy special containers, packages.

The main advantages of the brand

Due to these features and strategies for promoting their products in low-cost segments, Candy has a number of advantages and disadvantages that are unique to them. So, the Italians have a very extensive product line, and the number of models in their niche they do not will give way to anyone, and this in itself is a significant advantage - you can choose the best option.

Ergonomic Refrigerators Brand Candy

Candy chillers are thoroughly thought out on aspects of ergonomics and optimal organization of internal space.

In addition, you should pay attention to a number of features that brand refrigerators have:

  1. Structurally, they are designed for many years of operation.
  2. Reliable - this is confirmed by statistics, indicating that Candy gets into the service for repair no more often than products of any other well-known and not so great manufacturers.
  3. Functional - Italian engineers in the development of using the most popular technology.
  4. They have high aesthetic qualities - the buyer will be able to choose a model for any interior.
  5. Eco-friendly - R600a isobutane is a coolant in all refrigerators of the brand, and traditional freon is not harmful to humans and the environment.

It is also important that the increase in work efficiency is carried out with the help of our own developments.

As well as Candy products are ergonomic, especially for models without No Frost. Since the absence of fans or fewer of them gives users more space.

Spaciousness of compact models

A feature of compact models can be the presence of only one or two refrigerators, that is, a freezer is built in above or below. Single-chamber products - a great option for vegetarians, which confirms the photo

It is worth noting such an important advantage as compactness - refrigerators will not occupy too much space, this will especially please residents of small apartments.

Disadvantages of technology from Candy

Since the reliability and functionality of the Candy model is not deprived, the owners rarely face serious troubles. Most of the shortcomings are minor.

Flaws assembly. Sometimes something can squeak, rattle. For the most part this applies to the most cost-effective units, but sometimes the described disadvantage can also manifest itself in more expensive ones.

For example, there are insufficient quality sizing of the seal, not always perfectly fitted plastic panels and other similar trifles.

Material. For finishing the chambers, a not very durable material is sometimes used - accidentally damaging the internal plastic panels simply in any refrigerator. And in some inexpensive models of the Italian manufacturer to do this elementary.

Therefore, owners should be careful to move the contents of the camera or at least the aesthetic properties will be degraded by a hole in the plastic.

Fittings. The quality of door handles and other accessories does not always meet expectations. So, you can meet complaints about the difficulty in outweighing the doors, their regulation due to insufficient quality elements of the structure. There are other similar flaws.

Also, the owners of the Kandy refrigerators periodically complain about the lack of equipment on certain models. For example, sometimes there are no trays for storing eggs. It happens that they are, but they are designed only for 8 eggs, which is inconvenient.

Containers for fruits, vegetables

Regardless of size, volume, Italian refrigerators are equipped with a large number of shelves and containers, which allows you to store different types of products separately

Such drawbacks are usually found in compact budget units, but if these things are important, it is better to check when buying models of any class.

In addition, sometimes there is not enough powerful lighting, which to some extent makes it difficult to manipulate inside the loaded food chambers.

As a conclusion, you can point out that the manufacturer Candy can meet a number of flaws, but it should be understood that they do not seriously affect the quality of operation. Although minor troubles are presented to owners.

Reliable performance of Candy refrigerators

Household equipment from Candy is long. Even refrigerators launched several decades ago are still in operation, rarely broken. Although there may occasionally be a poorly assembled copy within the party

And you should also know that the identified shortcomings are promptly eliminated. For example, only one unsuccessful series of models can differ by any characteristic nuance, and the company will not allow the repetition of errors.

General characteristics of technology

Nevertheless, in its own design center near Milan, constant research is being conducted on ways to make refrigerators more efficient and economical.

Bottle Shelves

For easy search and retrieval of products, all interior space is transparent. In addition, this feature makes the interior look more expensive

And this is what the Candy engineers do well, since their technologies have a positive response from specialists and are demanded by buyers.

These include:

  1. Dual cold system - is a double circuit that allows you to cool the air only in the chamber where it is currently needed. For example, if warm products were placed in the freezer, the control system will be engaged in more active air cooling there, and not the entire volume.
  2. Turbo cold system - the best results on cooling and storage time without loss of quality can be achieved with a constant injection of cold air masses, for which this development is intended. It is a fan located in the ceiling of the refrigerator. This allows you to effectively blow all the contents, eliminate the warm air after opening the doors, as well as perform all of the above economically.
  3. Branch Bio Safe - such an isolated container is a kind of freshness zone and makes it possible to store fish, meat, dough, a number of other products many times longer. Moreover, the procedure is performed without loss of the best properties.

Other innovative solutions that increase the comfort of the owners are also used. For example, shelves Multiboxused in the doors of refrigerators, easily get from there and can serve as dishes, which is convenient and practical, as it saves time for cooking.

Peculiarities of storing products in Candy refrigerators

To achieve maximum results in the duration of storage of products and in the maximum preservation of quality characteristics allows a special ventilation system of refrigeration chambers

Although the manufacturer does not indulge buyers with a variety of design solutions and even a large selection of colors, but most of its refrigerators are notable for their visual appeal.

No Frost System

The product line contains a sufficient number of units with and without No Frost system. What allows the potential buyer to choose the necessary

Above were given the general characteristics of the line, but the potential owner should be familiar with the features of models belonging to different classes. This will help make a decision.

Accessibility and practicality above all

Since the Italian manufacturer is most actively promoting its products in the budget segments of the market, it is unlikely that a potential buyer should expect any revolutionary solutions or the most innovative ones.

And most well-known manufacturers ignore this niche, but not the Candy company, which traditionally makes it possible to buy inexpensive, but functional and practical refrigerators. Their advantages and disadvantages can be seen on the example of popular models.

Model # 1: Candy CCDS 5140 WH7

The most attractive offer at a price from the manufacturer of household appliances Candy is distinguished by compact dimensions and surprisingly spaciousness for similar sizes. The depth of the refrigerator is only 58 cm, the width of the case is 55 cm, the height is only 143 cm.

The miniature size of the case is successfully combined with an impressive net volume of 204 liters for such dimensions. Moreover, the share of the freezer allocated as much as 38 liters of the total displacement.

The quality and efficiency of any cooling procedure provides a modern control system. The control is electromechanical, that is, simple and reliable. As indicators, the usual signal lights are used, which is simple and clear.

In the refrigerator compartment there are 3 shelves that allow you to store products separately. They are made of glass that can withstand a large load, and it is also difficult to scratch it, which ensures aesthetics throughout the entire operation.

The refrigerator compartment is defrosted by the simplest drip method and, although the back wall will traditionally be wet, but such a view is simpler, it means there will be less breakdowns and problems with repairs. The freezer will need to be defrosted at least twice a year by hand.

Duty cycles are very quiet, since the noise does not exceed 42 dB. The unit consumes energy very economically, according to the criteria for energy saving, it is classified as class A. The only compressor responsible for the operation of the refrigerator. No ice generator.

LED lighting makes it easy to find the right products, even when fully loaded. It is convenient and economical, and in addition, durable - such sources of lighting can last the entire life of the refrigerator.

Two-compartment average price refrigerators

In this category, one can see the so-called “average price” models, which differ from the budget proposal described above in their larger sizes and, accordingly, in their expanded capabilities. And also the excellent appearance inherent in more expensive offers.

But most importantly, with high reliability and functionality, these models are among the most affordable among the two-chamber units.

Model # 2: Candy Candy CKBS 6180 S

The net volume is 285 liters, while the freezer is almost 2.5 times larger than the previous version and reaches 83 liters. The equipment strikes a solid capacity with relatively small dimensions. Width with a depth of only 60 cm, body height 185 cm.

The body is made of silver plastic with metal inserts. The refrigerating chamber is equipped with shelves from shock-resistant glass.

The control is carried out by an electromechanical method, that is, by pressing buttons, therefore it is simple. In terms of energy consumption, the model is classified as class A. The freezer compartment is defrosted manually, and the refrigerating chamber is made by drip scheme.

Defrosting occurs by drip method, but this applies only to the refrigerating chamber. The same operation with the freezer is performed manually, which is considered a relative disadvantage.

The noise of the work is insignificant and does not exceed 40 dB, therefore the comfort of the owners will not be disturbed. Both chambers are serviced by a single compressor. Ice generator is not provided.

Model # 3: Candy CKBF 186 VDT

The volume refrigerator designed for comfortable operation with a freezer located at the bottom and a freshness zone in the refrigerator compartment. The total volume of the unit is 292 liters, of which 83 liters are allocated to the freezer compartment. 3.5 kg of meat blanks ideally freeze in it.

In terms of dimensions, this refrigerator is absolutely similar to the previous model. Its two chambers also serve one compressor-motor. Pleases quiet work, economical, according to the parameters of electricity consumption, the refrigeration unit is assigned class A.

Management is intellectual, i.e. electronic, on the door there is a display for tracking the parameters of the equipment and temperature regimes. The defrosting of the freezer will have to be carried out manually, the refrigerator is defrosted by droplets.

For convenience, all internal devices for storing and placing products are made of impact-resistant glass and reinforced transparent plastic. This makes it easy to find, extract, initial, or reverse install.

The silver toned body is made of plastic with metal additions. Internal sliding and removable elements are made of reinforced glass and durable transparent plastic. However, the developers of the aforementioned model again did not include an ice generator in the kit.

Model # 4: Candy CKHN 200 IW

The leader of sales according to online trading and trade statistics in real life. Impressive appearance, ergonomics and solid useful space, the refrigerator is only 70 cm in depth and a little more than 60 cm in width. The height of the case is 195 cm. It holds 340 liters.

Freezer for easy storage of blanks in it is located in the lower zone. Its displacement is 100 liters, the possibilities for freezing are 15 kg of meat per day. There is a system that allows you to maintain the temperature in the freezer during the holidays of the owners.

The refrigerating compartment and the freezer do not need to be defrosted, as The model has a No Frost cooling scheme. When a power outage equipment can autonomously maintain cold in one of the chambers for 20 full hours.

Service of both departments is assigned to the only powerful compressor. In terms of energy consumption parameters, this refrigerator received category A. This means that the owners of this household appliances will not receive breathtaking bills. The refrigerator is quiet enough, sounds up to 43 dB.

This model is equipped with electronic control, on the door there is a display showing the characteristics of the work and warning of errors. There are systems for super-freezing and supercooling of ready-made food and semi-finished products.

In the manufacture of the case used white metal and plastic. The shelves are made of glass reinforced during production. Ice generator again, no.

Multiple and side-by-side units

These types are the most expensive products. There are not many of them, since the manufacturer does not show much activity in this niche, but they exist and are in demand among people who are not financially constrained. The reason for this is excellent functionality, durability and reasonable price.

Now only one three-door unit is available for sale on the domestic Internet market, but periodically other Candy models of similar functionality appear.

Model # 5: Candy CCMN 7182 IXS

The doors of the refrigeration compartment of the three-chamber unit swing open in different directions, which allows you to get convenient access to all the contents and make optimum use of the internal space. A large number of individual chambers provides the best conditions for storing food related to to different types - fresh vegetables, ready-to-eat meals, drinks, semi-finished meat and other blanks.

In addition, the division of the internal area of ​​the refrigerator into zones, the presence of convenient shelves, containers and similar devices eliminates the mixing of odors. This fact has an extremely positive effect on the characteristics of chilled and frozen foods.

The volume of the spacious refrigerating chamber is 371 l, and that of the freezer is 85 l. The model easily freezes up to 8 kg of meat per day. To preserve the useful qualities of food, anti-aging technologies are used, Dual Cold, Bio Safe. What makes it possible to create the necessary temperature conditions without any deviations, errors.

Side shelves significantly expand the possibilities for placing and storing supplies, as they are able to withstand impressive weight and allow you to contain a large number of products

Cooling is carried out according to the principle of No Frost. Electronic control is provided - as a result, any manipulation is performed using a touch screen located on the outside of the door. If there are problems with electricity supply, the cold is maintained for 12 hours.

The great advantage is the indication of the temperature of each chamber separately, as well as the possibility of adjustment. Modern compressor provides quiet operation - the noise does not exceed 43 dB.

The case is silver, in its manufacture both metal and plastic are used. Provides protection from children, there is a function of supercooling and the same freezing.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video will introduce the features of restoring the technical characteristics of Candy refrigerators:

Candy brand refrigerators are of sufficient quality and functionality to provide owners with the comfort they need over the years. Their aesthetic properties are also top notch.

An important advantage is a large number of models at an affordable cost, which is not encouraging all well-known manufacturers. At the same time, there is no particular choice in the expensive segment, which is a considerable drawback.

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