Malfunction of washing machines Mabe

Repair of washing machines Mabe - not too frequent phenomenon, they are famous for high quality and low level of factory reject. But the efficiency of the styralka is also influenced by external factors, so malfunctions still happen.

Owners of washing machines brand Mabe will find in this article a lot of useful:

  • Overview of typical faults of washing machines Mabe.
  • Error codes to help the user.
  • Self-repair of typical breakages.

Content of the material:

  • 1Overview of typical faults of SM Mabe
  • 2Error codes for the Mabe washing machine
  • 3Independent repair of breakdowns
  • 4Elimination of leaks in the washing machine Mabe
  • 5If the hoses
    • 5.1Powder hopper
    • 5.2Sealing Cuff
    • 5.3Filler connection
    • 5.4Water inlet to tank
    • 5.5Stuffing box
    • 5.6Tank
    • 5.7Tank drain connection SM
    • 5.8Sump pump
  • 6The noise of the washing machine Mabe
    • 6.1Imbalance of the laundry
    • 6.2Springs and shock absorbers
    • 6.3Problems with the counterweight
    • 6.4Flashing all the lamps on the control panel

Overview of typical faults of SM Mabe

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Collecting statistics from Russian service centers, we can conclude that the most frequent breakdowns in washing machines of the Mabe brand are the following:

  1. Constantly lit, all or several lights on the control panel flash. All the time the display lights up.
  2. Leak in the Mabe washing machine: the water went from below. The hose is damaged or leaks from the hatch.
  3. The noise of the machine when washing, or rather - during the recruitment and drainage of water.
  4. The CM does not start, does not respond to the "ON" button.
  5. The machine does not warm up the water.

Note! The last 2 faults are typical for all machines, regardless of brand, so we will not consider them separately.

Error codes for the Mabe washing machine

To help the user in the event of a problem, error codes also come: d01, d03, d10 and others. If the instruction manual for the washing machine Mabe (Mabi) has long been lost, then you can decode the trouble codes according to our table.

We will consider the most frequent codes that are characteristic of this brand.

Code Explanation
d01 Stiralka does not fill the water.
d03 The drum does not heat up the water.
d10 The machine immediately drains the water from the tank.
ER12 The hatch is not closed properly.
F04 If error F04, the AGR does not turn on.

Independent repair of breakdowns

Repair of the washing machine Mabe with your own hands is quite possible, if it is a question of light breakages and malfunctions of medium gravity. In case of serious problems, you should contact the master. It is better not to save on such jobs as replacing bearings or repairing the control board.

Elimination of leaks in the washing machine Mabe

Important! The first thing to do is to de-energize the washing machine.

It is easiest to eliminate leaks without the call of the master. The main thing is to find the place of rupture or deformation, through which water flows. Usually there are:

  • Place the cuvette for the powder.
  • Seal cuff.
  • Drain hose.
  • Water hose.
  • Buck (pi cause of depressurization).
  • An epiploon of a tank.

If the hoses

Typically, hoses have the property to flow in the places of their connections with the CMA housing and communication systems. In this case, the failure to eliminate simply - it is worthwhile tightening the clamps, and the seat of the hoses should be treated with a sealant.

In more complex cases, it is worth changing the gasket or replacing the entire hose in case of severe deformation or rupture.

Powder hopper

Many powders are poorly soluble due to poor quality, incorrect dosage or uneven water supply. This provokes the formation of drips under the lid of the dispenser - sometimes they drain to the floor. A similar result is due to the high pressure in the water pipe and the breakdown of the priming valve.

Sealing Cuff

The adjacent wall of the cuff could eventually deteriorate and become damaged. If the damage is modest, then you can impose a special rubber patch (as for bicycles or inflatable boats). After gluing the hole, it is necessary to rotate the cuff so that the defect is at the top.

To do this, you need to remove the clamp, which secures the cuff to the drum. Using a thin screwdriver, pick up the yoke, slide a screwdriver along the axis, remove the fastener - now you can work with the collar.

Filler connection

This tube is immediately below the top panel of the AGR. It connects the water inlet valve to the cuvette for the powder. If the nozzle has worn out and you have found damage on it in the form of cracks and holes, replace it.

Water inlet to tank

As a rule, this element is seated on the glue, but if under it there are streaks, it is necessary to remove the branch pipe, rinse and dry it. When installing the pipe into place, it is worth using a similar water-repellent adhesive.

Stuffing box

The gland carries its service in very difficult conditions of high temperature, aggressive environment and heavy loads during spinning. Therefore, over time, it is increasingly difficult to ensure tightness.

If the leak was detected on the tank, in the place under the oil seal itself, then you need to change it.


Over time, cracks and even whole gaps may appear in the tank. Changing the tank is expensive, so it's better to think about buying a new styralka.

Tank drain connection SM

This element performs the connecting function between the tank and the drain pump. It can clog debris and even small particles of laundry. Also, the clamps that hold the pipe can stretch. Fasteners can be tightened by treating the landing site with a sealant.

If you find any defects in the nozzle, it is better to replace it with a new one.

Sump pump

Doing repairs yourself will be difficult, so replace the pump with a good master.

The noise of the washing machine Mabe

The causes of noise can be:

  1. Uneven laying of clothes caused an imbalance inside the drum.
  2. Damped shock absorbers or springs broken.
  3. The counterweight mounts are loose, or there is damage.

Important! The washing machine should be disconnected from the mains. Unplug the power plug from the outlet.

Imbalance of the laundry

If you accidentally put laundry in the drum not too evenly, then the tank can start to swing, especially when spinning. If you have a vertical washing machine, then everything is simple - you can open the drum, lay out the laundry and continue the program.

In modern machines, as a rule, there is no such problem - they themselves know how to distribute laundry.

Springs and shock absorbers

The damping system in combination with the springs is responsible for the reliability of the tank installation in the housing. It is she who dies out the vibrations.

If the shock absorber or the spring is deformed due to a long service life, the tank will warp, and the machine starts to knock because of the contact of some moving parts of the machine.

It is necessary to immediately disable the AGR, replace the failed element.

Problems with the counterweight

Many models of Mabe washing machines have heavy concrete counterweights, the task of which is to stabilize the machine when it is pressed. If the fastenings are loosened, the load is unreliable and begins to beat the body, causing noise.

In the best case, you just need to tighten the mount. At worst, replace the counterweight. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive detail.

Flashing all the lamps on the control panel

If, when you turn on the AGR, you saw that several or all of the indicators are blinking at once, then it means that the control unit is broken. It crashes most often because of voltage drops.

The breakdown is difficult to diagnose, therefore it is worthwhile to instruct the master to diagnose, repair or replace the electronic control module.

As you can see, many of the Mabe's troubles can easily be eliminated, but be careful and always follow the safety precautions!

We hope this video will help you better understand the problems of the machine Mabe:

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