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The blue kitchen is the most successful solution for those who live in a hot sunny country. After all, the main property of blue is the ability to create an atmosphere of peace, while "cooling" and refreshing the interior. But is it appropriate in cold Russia, where the kitchen should be the warmest and cozy place in the house? Our answer is yes, it is appropriate if you use it in the right shades, combinations and proportions. For those who are in search of design ideas for their future or existing blue cuisine, We present a selection of 100 inspirational photos and 5 tips on using blue in interior.

Color Characteristics

To successfully include the blue color in the interior of the kitchen you need to know its properties.

  • Impact on mental and physical condition:blue color, like green, is short-wave color, that is, our eyes rest on it. It also has a calming effect at the same time: it reduces appetite, reduces blood pressure, on mood and nervous system, and, at the same time, promotes concentration of attention, develops creative thinking. From these properties it follows that the blue interior is especially suited to people watching for food, quick-tempered, impulsive and too emotional people, as well as hypertensives.
  • The blue interior is especially recommended for:well-lit kitchens with windows facing south, as well as for decorating small and narrow kitchens.

  • Interaction with space:blue unlike blue does not "weigh" objects and does not "eat" space, but on the contrary - it increases it and expands, so almost all variations blue can be used in large masses, for example, in the design of walls, large furniture, for example, a headset and even a floor and a ceiling as shown in the photo below (leaf through).
  • Interaction with other colors:blue shades found in nature in a very large number, because it is the colors of the sky and water, and therefore they are combined with almost all the colors of the rainbow, and Especially: with neighbors in the spectrum - green and blue, with opposites - orange and yellow, and also with achromatic colors - white, gray and black.
  • Matching styles:The kitchen in blue colors can be decorated in any style, but the styles are especially organic: classic, provence, country, cheby chic, Mediterranean, sea, Spanish, Scandinavian.

5 tips for coloring the kitchen

  1. In large masses, blue, especially gray and light blue, can be introduced into a melancholic, too relaxed state. To avoid this effect and to balance, for example, blue wallpaper on the walls, you need to complement the interior with invigorating colors: yellow, red, hot pink, orange.

  1. The main rule of application of blue in the interior: since this color is cold, its It is necessary to counterbalance by inclusion of "warm" colors: beige, cream, brown, yellow and others tones. The photo below is a perfect example of a beige-blue kitchen in an interior in the style of Provence.

Also try to apply more matte, rather than glossy textures in the finish and furniture. Another sure way to add warmth and coziness is to use a lot of warm natural materials, that is, table textiles, carpets and curtains made of natural fabrics, wooden furniture.

  1. Depending on the saturation and brightness, the blue color in the interior can play the role of a background, the role of a complement to the main color and accent:
  • if the kitchen is small, then light blue or light gray-blue - the best paint for walls or wallpaper, as they visually increase space and do not "extinguish" natural light. In addition, with such a quiet background, you can often experiment and modify the design of the kitchen, replacing only the decor, textiles and some pieces of furniture;
  • If the windows of your kitchen are facing north, west or east, then the blue color in the interior is better to use only as a accent, for example, in the decor, dishes, apron finishing, in kitchen textiles, but completely blue curtains and wallpaper will make the kitchen uncomfortable;
  • if you want to use a bright blue, azure, turquoise color in combination with other bright colors, then a large proportion of white color and a large number of natural materials.
  1. The most harmonious colors-companions - are, as already noted, shades: green, blue, orange, yellow, and also white, gray and black. To more accurately determine successful color combinations, look for inspiration in nature, and use proven color schemes and color combinations. Self-help to draw a palette of the interior will help you this lesson:
  1. And here are tips on selecting companion colors in three main scales:
  • in a monochrome palette of blue is combined with all related colors and shades (blue, turquoise, azure, gray, mint, etc.);

  • in a neutral gamut, an alliance with close tones is harmonious: light green, light purple, light pink, gray, beige;
  • In contrast, the combination will be in harmony with the additional color - yellow, as well as with orange, red, black and white.

Photogallery of color combinations

Combination with white

The white and blue interior will never go out of fashion and will be appropriate in any style, because the union of these flowers is as harmonious as the sky with clouds or sea water with foam.

  • Tip: blue and white can be taken as the basis of the color design of the kitchen, and adding to it any other contrasting, bright or neutral color, you will create a win-win combination.

Below are examples of white and blue cuisine.

White is especially organic when the kitchen design has ethnic motifs in decor and decoration: Russian gzhel, Spanish tiles, Chinese and Delft porcelain.


Combination with beige

No less successful combination of blue with all shades of beige. This is another combination of colors, borrowed by designers from nature itself - azure sea with sandy beaches and sky with wheat fields.

  • Tip: Although the warm beige and cold blue are mutually complementary, they both have a calming effect, more relevant in the bedroom. However, in the kitchen it is worth adding a few impulsive, invigorating colors. Look closely at these beige-blue interiors in the photo below - bouquets of bright pink flowers appeared on the tables not by chance, but were specially selected by professional designers.

Combination with green

Blue and green are close neighbors in the spectrum, so they perfectly harmonize with each other. Since in nature this union of flowers is most often represented by plants (these are cornflowers and bells in the grass, hyacinths with their tender stems, algae in sea water, the crown of trees against the background of the same sky), then the most successful in pairing with blue will be natural plant shades.


Combination with blue

The blue color is obtained from blue, which was diluted with white paint. In the vicinity of blue, the blue becomes softer, a game of colors is created, and the effect of freshness and coolness is intensified, so it is better to avoid such a combination in the design of the "northern" cuisine.


Combination with yellow

It is believed that yellow is the color opposite to blue and blue, and therefore additional and especially suitable to it. In fact, the opposite of the blue color is the orange color, but yellow is combined with the blue one no worse than it. The cheerfulness and warmth of the yellow is more than offset by the coldness and poise of our hero, so this pair is appropriate in any kitchen - even northern, though southern, but if you want to model a quiet atmosphere of the kitchen, then use yellow in muffled, pale, gentle tones, or in a small quantity.


Combination with pink

Pink color paired with blue can create a different mood depending on the shade. If you use bright pink colors, then the design of the kitchen will become more dynamic and emotional, if you apply a gentle pink tint, then restrained and too calm. Therefore, you can use such combinations: bright pink + soft blue, soft pink + turquoise, soft pink + soft blue + yellow or orange (invigorating colors), bright blue + bright pink + beige (balancing color) and etc.

A few examples of such combinations in the next photo slider.


Combination with brown

Brown can also supplement and "warm" the blue range, especially if it is wooden furniture and floor.



Combination with red

This contrasting color combination is not so often used in kitchen design, but it can be quite harmonious, especially if it is pink-red or orange-red.


Combination with gray

To the gray-blue kitchen did not seem too cold and gloomy, complement the interior with warm shades, an abundance of white and wooden furniture.

Combination with black

The white-blue kitchen with black accents is a bold and unshakable solution, especially popular in the design of interiors in Scandinavian style.

  • Black and blue color in the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence

Photo gallery of ideas

Provencal blue kitchen

If you are in search of an interior style of the future cuisine in blue, then look at the style of Provence, for which this particular shade is characteristic.


The set is blue in the interior

The blue color for the kitchen set is an original alternative to the popular white and beige tones, because it also visually increases the space. In the next selection of photos are blue, cornflower blue, gray and light blue sets in the interiors of different styles - from Provence to Scandinavian.

Blue wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen

Wall-papers in a vertical strip - an excellent choice for a kitchen with low ceilings, wallpaper in a cage "Vichy" or in a flower will complement the kitchen in style country and Provence, wallpaper in the style of Spanish Azulejos will revive the cuisine in Scandinavian, Mediterranean and, of course, Spanish style.


Blue walls in the kitchen

Light blue and light gray-blue walls are the most versatile and safe options, walls turquoise and blue shade - are more suitable for highlighting the accent wall as shown in the photo below.


Blue Apron Headset

The apron headset in blue is a great solution, because this color is quite practical and associated with cleanliness, but keep in mind, that if the tone of the blue goes more into the blue, then the products will not look very appetizing, so it's better to choose shades close to turquoise.


Blue curtains in the interior of the kitchen

And finally, the latest selection of photos on the topic of curtains for the kitchen and the last tip: single-color blue curtains are better to hang in the dining room, bedroom or living room, and for kitchen windows prefer light curtains to a cage, a strip, with flowers and patterns, then they will be less marquess and more suitable for such utilitarian premises as kitchen.

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