Why the dishwasher door is not fixed

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What should I do if the dishwasher door is not locked? You often open a bunker, every day you load dirty dishes, put detergents. If the door begins to fall, does not hold in the open position, the daily ritual turns into torture. How to find out the reasons and fix the problems, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the door broke
    • 1.1What does the fixing mechanism consist of?
    • 1.2Repair PMM with your own hands

Why the door broke

This is the only movable element that is constantly exposed to the load: load, load up the dishes, get the washed instruments. In some models, the door can be locked in a slightly open position. This is convenient when you need to ventilate the hopper after the washing cycle.

Specialists recommend that as often as possible to ventilate the chamber PMM, wipe its seals. This helps to prevent mold, fungus and an unpleasant odor.

What if the door is not locked in the dishwasher, suddenly opens and falls? It is necessary to find out the causes of the problem. Most often it is:

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  • breakage of the castle;
  • problems with wiring;
  • faulty spring lock.

If you recently installed a fully-fledged model and noticed this bug, do not rush to panic. Such PMMs are specially supplied with unregulated elements, so that you can easily fix the facade. At the end of the installation work, you independently adjust the opening and closing.

What does the fixing mechanism consist of?

It includes several elements:

  • the door spring;
  • tension cable;
  • the blocker is made of plastic;
  • a loop.

How is the door fixed? When opened, the loop pulls the cable, which in turn pulls down the metal spring. When you open, you apply force, the tensioner pulls the spring as much as possible, and the lock fixes it in this position.

When closed, the lock is released, the spring is shortened and the camera closes. In the end, you have to hold the door because it wants to close quickly.

Imagine that the lock is out of order. Then the spring is held in a stretched position only by your efforts.

How is it normally to open and secure the door? Repair will help.

Repair PMM with your own hands

If the hopper does not open normally, you need to take action. The assembly mechanism is the same in the dishwashers Bosch, Siemens, Veko, Ariston and other brands, so the instruction is one.

Do this:

  • Open the camera door until it stops. Hold it in this position.
  • Unscrew the screws on the inner and side perimeter.
  • Remove the upper inner part by pulling it toward you.

  • Before you open the mechanism.
  • Loosen the spring.
  • Remove the cover from the cable and remove the old lock. It can not be repaired, only replaced.
  • Install a new lock.

Before assembling, check that the new mechanism works normally. If everything is in order, then assemble the inner panel, fix the screws and continue to operate in the usual mode.

There is also another breakdown - the door is falling. In such cases, the cable and spring are checked. One of the elements is replaced.

How to adjust correctly, read the article.

There are other problems when the door:

  1. Do not close, do not block. It is necessary to check the lock and the lock. The lock locks the door in the closed position, and the lock locks it on the electronic level. Only in this case, the washing begins. If you notice that the program does not start, you should replace the electronic lock.
  2. Protekla. Seals were worn or torn. Erasers quickly wear out under the influence of mold, so be sure to ventilate the camera. To replace them is not difficult, just remove the old ones and install new seals.
  3. Screech. Loops and a spring are inspected and lubricated.

Additionally, watch the video that will help you cope with the problem without calling the wizard:

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