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To give a flat plane to wooden products without removing a thin layer of wood is impossible. Rubber Interskol is one of the woodworking tools. It can be manual or use an electric milling cutter. Of course, the electric tool is characterized by higher productivity, while leaving the carpenter with process control. But hand tools are used by cabinetmakers.

One-third of carpenters of professionals working with a hand tool have bruises. Do not forget the danger of contact with the open cutting surface of the tool when the safety guard is on.

Functional features of planers

In principle, any tool when processing a board or a bar must eliminate the burrs, the irregularities that occur when cutting and bring the part to the desired size. A cutter of any shape is required for work. In the hand tool is a knife, sharpened to a certain angle and leaving the body in a special slot with the desired slope. From the release of the knife in relation to the base of the planer will depend on the thickness of the cut layer, chips. The cleanliness of the wood depends on the quality of the blade, its width and the angle of inclination, which makes it possible to walk along the wood along the fibers smoothly. Hand planes work only along the fibers. The tool is used for finishing manually with barely noticeable defects after electrical apparatus.

Electric planes are equipped with a belt drive, which is necessary to check and tighten the weakened belts. Work without a casing with a belt drive is prohibited.

In electric models of the plane planes of Interskol, the cutter function with an electric drive performs the function of the knife. This tool does not care the direction of processing, it smooths the plane along and across the fibers. Manual this tool is called, because the direction is given by the person holding the handles. The electric drive can be of different power. The width of the material to be grasped and the depth of planing vary. Probably, in the course of planing it will be necessary to choose a groove, such a function in planes Interskol is present. In addition, the tool is selected according to the parameters:

  • height adjustment of the lowering of the milling cutter and chip thickness;
  • with two handles and with blockage from injury by incisors;
  • with a directional convenient removal of chips.
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It is taken into account whether it is possible to use the tool on a fixed platform. It is attractive if the start is made by turning the key using a soft start.

Prices for handheld electrical planes Interskol depend on the series of tools, its functional features and the quality of the components used. For the home model, a narrower milling cutter is used, and accordingly the power and cost of the planer are reduced.

Woodworking tools P 110 1100 M

It is a plane, with a cutting surface of 110 mm, which allows processing shaped blanks 100 mm wide without torn edges in one pass. The power consumption of the planer Interskol P 110 1100 M is, kW, the letter M indicates that the model is improved.

Changes affected the width of the knife. Its increase doubled the productivity of labor, as the standard bar is processed in one pass. The planer became heavier, and this allows you to lie flat on the surface being treated. Knives for the plane Interskol 110 mm made of special steel extended the working life to sharpening the tool. The locking button for turning on the tool was applied.

Before work it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the workplace. Remove all metal objects from the work area. Before using the boards, inspect the boards for nails. Work in safety glasses.

The tool works in any position, even with knives up. Therefore, it is convenient to handle a bulky construction. The runner is well centered, has a rubberized handle, which is the insulation of the worker.

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Technical indicators:

  • Consumed energy kW / h;
  • mains voltage - 220 V;
  • width of the knife - 110 mm;
  • The maximum chip thickness is 3 mm.

The price of the plane Interskol R 102 1100 M in different retail chains is from 5 to 6 thousand rubles.


Description of the model P102 1100 EM

A rare type of instrument in modern woodworking - the plane Interskol P 102 1100 EM. It is used in the processing of shaped parts with a width of less than 10 cm. The tool has a number of convenient functions. The engine on it is installed collector, graphite brushes are used. At idle, it develops 11000 rpm, which ensures the cleanliness of the cut. There is a knob of the regulator, setting in microns the depth of lowering the knives to, mm. Running an electric plane Interskol is not a jerk, but smoothly, which makes the job more secure. Electronic control provides engine shutdown, if overload is allowed and a stable operation mode is established. Using a seam stop, you can make a bevel with a depth of 15 mm.

The new machine should not be put into operation until the instruction manual of the device has been studied. The warranty does not cover breakdowns resulting from non-compliance with the instructions.

The ejection of sawdust can be sent on both sides. Non-working knives are closed with a special cover. There is a button that blocks accidental start of the device. Weight, kg. The cost of an average of 5 thousand rubles.

Model of woodworking tools P 82 710

Interskol P 82 710 is often used with the machine on the machine, so that the processed material passes over the cutting plate with the whole plane.

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  • Consumed energy - 710 kW / h;
  • speed х / х - 14500 rpm;
  • length of the cutting segment cm;
  • depth - up to 2 mm.

The tool uses carbide knives. With electronic control, soft start, block with overload and stable mode. Rubanok turns into a planing machine, using a stand in the kit. The cost of the device is 3400 rubles.

Powerful plane P 110 2000M

Rubber Interskol P 110 2000M rather refers to polufankanku on an elongated platform and the depth of a cut in one pass. The device can create a flat profile of uneven boards, leveling them on the thicknesser. A powerful 2 kW drive manages hardwood. The runway has navigation restrictions on parallelism and angle of inclination.

Using a plane in an inverted form, a woodworking machine is obtained. A frame with a well-designed construction for safe operation is supplied on a separate application. It is also possible to equip the machine with dust and chip removal by connecting the branch pipe to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Soft start and motor protection from overheating ensure safety. There are tools for chamfering, quarter selection, knife sharpening. Knives in the tool are double-edged, which allows you to use one consumable two terms before sharpening. Reduce vibration and create comfortable grip rubberized handles.

Technical characteristics of the machine:

  • feeding network - single-phase, 220 V;
  • power consumption - 2000 W;
  • angular speed of the milling cutter х / х - 15000 rpm;
  • chip thickness - not more than, mm;
  • depth of the longitudinal notch - no more than 16 mm;
  • protection against overload - no;
  • total weight kg.

The average cost of the device is 10 thousand rubles. Warranty from the manufacturer for 24 months.

Video review of the electric plane Interskol R-110-01

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