What to buy egg boiler

Cracks on the boiled eggs is avoided by adding salt water. When this result is not guaranteed. If the shell has gone to pieces, throw out or make an omelet? Rice Cooker Eggies avoids the dilemma. White and yolk cooked without shell.

varieties of Rice Cooker

Today, two Rice Cooker line worthy of attention.

cooking eggs in their shells

The first family is designed for cooking whole eggs. Models vary, but the point is there is water pan. Slightly higher formochka by 4 or more eggs on top covered with a lid design. Cooking is a couple. The designers solved the problem for centuries to haunt the minds of scientists and ordinary people, with a hand to break the egg.

electric Rice Cooker

electric Rice Cooker

In devices of this type there is no choice. Before cooking the reverse side (with the bottom) measuring cup needle pierce the dull side of the egg. They are put into a mold for boiling down a hole. If the protein began to emerge, do the opposite.

I would like to mention a small measuring cup, where it is noted the number of eggs for cooking. On this depends the volume of water in the drinking tray. The video shows that it is necessary to fill the container to the top. The water is then molded to the risks. Rice Cooker Before use, read the instructions. Eggs are cooked in three different ways:

  • Hard boiled.
  • Runny.
  • In the bag.

If the water is metered correctly, egg cooker ensures the desired result. Priborchik audible buzzer persistently attracts attention, you can not miss the moment. The buzzer will not rest until the person does not pay attention.

Devices optionally electrically. There is at least one plastic pot of shape for packing used within the microwave oven. It is not clear how to determine the time and mode (gradation magnetron power of each model has its own), but we believe that details painted in the instructions. We have already talked about the pressure cooker for microwave ovens, confusing one: the platform with openings for the installation of eggs such as aluminum, and in the working compartment metal objects can not be placed, and microwave can burn. Do nuance instructions explain? Unknown.

Inside not put salt, cooking is for a couple, and the minimum amount of water. Frankly think Rice Cooker type invented to save. Of course, the established modes for all types of operations help are guaranteed to have the desired result. Cracked eggs as you can not cook, we had to invent a device for cooking eggs without shell.

Cooking eggs without shell

Using plastic molds, boiled eggs without shell. The method does not recommend that the polymer does not benefit a person. It is frankly in advertising expensive electric kettle, egg boiler but other policy. Using this technique, refill containers with water and carry out a complete cycle. Now, about the design.

Set an egg without the shell

Set an egg without the shell

Boiled eggs without shell. The contents were poured through a small neck in a small plastic container resembling Kinder surprise. The form is different from the egg to facilitate taking out the finished product. Please note: to smear sunflower oil tins do not need. Before cooking is allowed to pour the liquid egg hot spices, add a little milk to form a unique taste.

The second cooking advantage - the ability to cook a little cracked eggs. The shell is broken to fill. To control the time using the timer. Service is configured to respond to the temperature, the initial conditions are always different. If you just throw the molds in hot water to accelerate the process.

If the previous electric egg cooker, use this on any cooking surface. Small molds easily stored. Plastic containers are easily placed in the refrigerator tray designed for eggs.

mechanical Rice Cooker

mechanical Rice Cooker

Visible and disadvantages of the considered species Rice Cooker:

  1. Water saving is no more. Molds are thrown into the pot. The amount of water is not important, the main thing - the presence of a place. Cooking is different from the traditional opportunity to prepare beaten egg, there is no need to throw salt and, of course, the addition of spices if necessary. Of course, the process of watching the timer, thrown into the pot. Mechanical device, the equipment will not be affected. It is not known it is permissible to cook him chicken (quail) eggs in the shell, but the idea is good. Try it!
  2. The buzzer is missing, you can not move away from the pan. By the way, not the fact that in the first variant of Rice Cooker ringer turns off the power. For example, the device beeps yogurt, still warm.
  3. They say that protein turns soft when cooked in steam. The lack of it? Decide for yourself.

Add that resemble tins float for vertical arrangement of containers in water. Form boiled eggs is radically different from the traditional. Rather, it is a dome with a flat base. But, as they say in advertising, the eggs do not roll on the plate. Cooking on the nature and the country, in the gas and electric cooker, on the fire - where your heart desires. Small molds easily fit in a backpack, do not weigh anything. Observe a safety.

Eggs in Rice Cooker

Eggs in Rice Cooker

Advantages and disadvantages of Rice Cooker

Selection of Rice Cooker model lies in the application plane. At first glance it is not clear necessity. In fact, there are pluses.

  • The first thing you notice is the low consumption of water in electric models. If this is important (in summer conditions with bottles), take the appropriate egg boiler. Six pieces you need 50 grams of water. It's just a record. Water savings of 90 percent or more. Boil eggs in dirty water is not necessary. Mineral substances can easily penetrate through the skin, so long and poison. Chicken excrement easily penetrate, giving products disgusting taste. Wash the eggs.
  • Convenient buzzer in the other cases. This will not be distracted, doing their own thing. Pleases persistently timer. We believe that day is not far when the Rice Cooker will cook timer and wake up in the morning the owner cheerful buzz. Select a good egg boiler, and do not need an alarm clock.
  • Molds just marvelous to invent original recipes cooking eggs. Pepper, coriander, milk, cumin will make a good omelet. Included with the Rice Cooker often go for protein separation spoon or yaytserezki. Before you buy look for recipes for delicious omelets to try dishes for molds possible.
  • Opportunity to get cooked eggs valuable for many: the time missed, the salt nasyplesh wrong. The pierced bottom measuring cup eggs do not crack. This is also important because you do not want to wash the shell of bird excrement. The Rice Cooker will still have to do cleaning, but the steamed shell easily be washed under the tap. The instrument will have to wash, from this point of view, the molds look better.

Eggs are in first place among the causes of the disease salmonellosis. Be careful. The bacterium dies in thorough cooking. Boiled eggs consume prohibited.

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