Refrigerator Indesit does not work

If the refrigerator "Indesit" does not work, you can deal with the breakdown quickly, as it is not difficult to find parts for it: refrigerators from Indesit are manufactured in the Russian city of Lipetsk. That's why the technique is so popular - the price-quality ratio suits many users.

Content of the material:

  • 1Which faults occur most often
    • 1.1The starter relay does not work
    • 1.2Problems with the fan
    • 1.3The defrost heater broke
    • 1.4Malfunction of the motor-compressor
    • 1.5No light in the office
  • 2Refrigerator "Indesit" works, but does not freeze
  • 3The freezer does not work

Which faults occur most often

In the two-chamber refrigerators "Indesit" can refuse to operate the upper refrigerating chamber - there are several reasons.

The starter relay does not work

The relay is used to turn the compressor on and off in the refrigerator. As a result of prolonged work, the part could become stuck or its contacts burned out. Therefore, a thorough diagnosis and replacement of the relay is carried out.

Problems with the fan

On the problems with the operation of the fan indicate a few signs:

  1. The self-diagnosis system can output error code F04 to the display.
  2. Also you may notice that the fan does not rotate in the refrigerator with the No Frost system, the blades are covered with snow. Then, defrost the refrigerator and restart.
  3. If the blades do not rotate after defrosting, then the wiring of the fan motor is checked - the resistance is measured with a multimeter. If there is a problem, replace the fan.

The defrost heater broke

At the same time, F07 code can be displayed on the display, which will help you to find out the cause of the failure. A malfunction can be noticed by external signs:

  • on the walls of the branches snow and ice are growing;
  • the fan does not rotate;
  • the temperature in the chambers is below the set one.

In this case, the wiring of the heater is called up, fuses are checked, possibly, some of them are blown. A new heater is being installed.

Malfunction of the motor-compressor

If the motor starts to run noisily or does not turn on at all, you need to call the wizard to perform the diagnostics. The compressor could burn out due to voltage fluctuations in the network, as well as during prolonged use, when all parts are worn out. Determine the wear can be on these grounds:

  • The compressor starts for a few seconds and stalls;
  • near the shell oily streams are visible;
  • in the chambers there is no cold.

If a breakdown occurs, a new compressor is installed. The main thing - to choose the right part in accordance with the model of your refrigerator.

No light in the office

Having problems with lighting? Check the light bulb, but before disconnecting the refrigerator from the mains. If the bulb is closed with a lampshade, unscrew the fasteners and remove it. Then unscrew the spoiled and install a new light bulb.

Refrigerator "Indesit" works, but does not freeze

What if the refrigerator is constantly running, but does not cool? Understand the causes of the problem. It should be checked:

  1. Is the camera door closed correctly? If there is a gap through which warm air passes, then the motor will run without stopping, compensating for the temperature. It is necessary to take measures, replace the seal, tighten the door fasteners.
  2. Is there enough ventilation around the refrigerator? When the room is hot, the case is close to the wall or the battery, the technique starts to overheat, and the compressor works without interruption. Move the cabinet away from the furniture pieces so that there is a distance of 7-10 cm between them.

More serious faults are also possible:

  • Broken thermoregulator or temperature sensor. Now the module can not receive messages about the temperature in the camera, so the motor always works.
  • The control board is defective. In this case, the module does not correctly process the data, therefore, the refrigerator can not cool well, and the freezer can work. Requires flashing or replacing the board.

User comments

  • The evaporator tube is blocked. As a result of depressurization, a thrombus is formed in the tube, so it is better to call a master who will eliminate the blockage.
  • Refrigerant leaks result in a reduction of the refrigerant gas in the system, so you observe poor cooling in the chamber. It is necessary to find the cause of the leak and refuel the system with freon.
  • Deterioration of the engine - thus it is noisy working. The compressor parts wear out, they do not have enough power to create the right pressure to lower the temperature.

The freezer does not work

If a "thaw" happened in the freezer, first check the temperature regulator: if the correct values ​​are set there. Adjust the temperature.

To make it easier to determine the cause of the failure, pay attention to the work of the refrigerator "Indesit

  1. The compressor runs for 10 minutes and turns off. This feature appears in the two-compressor technique and indicates a breakdown of one motor in charge of the freezer compartment.
  2. The engine starts as usual, but, disconnected for rest, does not turn on again for a long time. It's about breaking a thermostat or an air sensor. The board does not receive temperature data, therefore the motor does not switch on for a long time.
  3. As a result of damage, a leak of gas-freon occurred. It is required to find the place of damage, eliminate leaks and refill the system with refrigerant.

To avoid such breakdowns, defrost the Indesit refrigerator in time, wash the compartments and give them time to dry well. The correct installation of the housing with a slight backward deviation is important. Follow the rules of operation, then the equipment will last you for many years.

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