How to replace the cuff in a washing machine

Is it possible to replace the rubber band in the washing machine if it has become unusable? In this article we collected all the answers and advice of the masters.

The hatch of the hatch is one of the most vulnerable parts of the washing machine. If the manufacturer gives a guarantee for 5 years or more, the serviceability of the sealant often depends on compliance with the rules of operation.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of damage to the cuff
  • 2Remove the cuff
  • 3We carry out installation
  • 4Is it possible to repair

Causes of damage to the cuff

The part rarely repairs, so it's easier to replace it. Replacement of the hatch cuff may be required after too long service of the machine - this part has its own margin of safety.

There are other causes of wear:

  • Abundant use of detergents, because of which the elastic band "grows old".
  • Mechanical friction about other parts of the drum or about the buttons, rivets on the clothes.
  • Fungus. This pest slowly and imperceptibly contributes to the deterioration of the quality of the cuff.

  • Negligent treatment. Loading or unloading the drum, you can damage the rubber band.

Having understood the causes of wear, we can proceed to the next stage: how to remove the cuff of the hatch, if its repair or replacement is required.

Remove the cuff

Many models of SMA are designed so that to replace the rubber sealer, you do not need to disassemble the case. In some, without dismantling the frontal part can not do. But do not worry - you do not need to be an expert, even a beginner can cope with work.

The main thing - be careful, observe the safety rules and if you need a rubber cuff replacement, buy a strictly identical part.

Before replacing the manhole cuff with your own hands, assemble a small tool case. You will need:

  • Phillips screwdriver or electric screwdriver;
  • 2 slotted (minus) screwdrivers;
  • nose pliers and socket wrench (optional);
  • dish soap or gel-like soap.

Whatever was your washing machine, you need to act almost the same way:

  1. Examine the machine and move it away from the wall.
  2. Disconnect from communications: power and water.
  3. Unload clothes from the drum.
  4. Open the hatch.

The seal is secured with two clamps. Remove the first one, which is usually located on the outside of the rubber band:

  • Carefully fold the elastic band out by pulling it towards you.
  • You will see a detail similar to a metal wire (but the clamp can be plastic).
  • Pry the clamp first with a thin screwdriver, and with the help of a second pull the part to yourself.
  • If you have nippers, you can take them off. The collar is pulled together by a special spring: if it is stretched, it will easily come off. To stretch the spring, you need to insert the tool into its attachments and dilute the handle. The spring will be stretched, the clamp can be easily dismantled.

To remove the second (inner) yoke, remove the front panel of the machine. It is not difficult to do this:

  1. Unscrew a pair of bolts from the back of the stylalk that hold the top cover.
  2. Pull the cover toward you, remove and release.
  3. Remove the detergent casserole. Take out the receiver almost completely and press on the lock, which you will see in the center. Usually this is a small plastic bar covering the rinse aid container.
  4. All fasteners that you see behind the receiver of detergents, unscrew.
  5. Above the display panel, unscrew 2 more bolts, and then gently move the panel upward so as not to break off the wiring.
  6. Under the panel there are still fastenings - get rid of them.
  7. Stiralka should rest against the wall: tilt it slightly back, to make it easier to remove the fasteners from below.
  8. Open the service hatch at the bottom of the machine (front).
  9. Spread out the emergency drain hose and unscrew all the fasteners that you will find.
  10. Push the rubber band into the drum as far as you can.
  11. You can remove the front cover. To easily succumb, pull it up.

There are only a few actions left:

  • Find the clamp that presses the seal against the tank.
  • To loosen it, you need to unscrew the bolt. If it is uncomfortable, then hold the nut using the spanner.
  • If in your SM model the spigots are attached to the cuff, remove them from there, loosening the clamps and removing the clamp.
  • Now you have completely released the part, you can shoot it.

Attention! Since you have done such hard work, take advantage of a good moment and clean the front of the drum from accumulated dirt and scale.

Be careful: when dismantling the top cover, put on gloves, as the lower ends are sharp. And if the front panel is heavy, call someone to help, so as not to drop it on yourself.

Now, if you need a replacement cuff in the washing machine, then you need to take a new part and build a machine.

We carry out installation

Installing the cuff on the washing machine is a simple process. Follow our recommendations to quickly complete the assembly of the machine and change the sealing cuff:

  1. Inspect the new part, especially the grooves, which will lock in the gutters. If there are burrs, eliminate them.
  2. Turn the rubber band with the desired side down. In order not to get confused, look at the holes through which water flows.
  3. Soap solution with a soap solution.
  4. Tighten the cuff to the tank.
  5. Install the outer wire clamp. Firmly tighten it.
  6. Put all the panels back on.
  7. Replace the drain hose, fix the detergent drawer.
  8. With soap, lubricate the sleeve from the outside to easily snap it into the groove.

Important! To the clamp holding the elastic on the inside, it was well pulled, while tightening the fastener, press the part like it's a lever. When it is securely installed, the offset will stop.

All that's left to do is connect the machine to the communications and run a test wash to make sure that you did everything right and the machine does not leak.

Is it possible to repair

Usually they are not engaged. But home craftsmen assure that if the hole is small and located on top, you can use rubber patches (for boats or bicycle tires).

Now you know how to install the cuff of the washing machine hatch. If you have any questions about the dismantling or installation, watch the video:

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