A drinking bowl for chickens own hands


People have been breeding chickens since time immemorial. For some, this is business, for others - pleasure, for the third - the desire to provide only themselves and the family with dietary meat and eggs.

But in order to achieve the result, it is necessary, as elsewhere, to work hard. If you or your relatives live in a rural area or you have a summer residence, then much can be done with your own hands for your own pleasure and save money.

A drinking bowl is an indispensable and necessary item in the cultivation of any poultry.It is not necessary to buy it. All or part of it is done by hand from improvised means.


Table of contents

  • General requirements for home conditions
  • Homemade nipple drinker
    • You can do it yourself and in another way
  • Vacuum variety with own hands
    • We make from 5 liter plastic bottles
      • Option number 1
      • Option number 2
  • Poultry fryer for chickens from a pipe
  • Drip model for chicks
  • Compare the types of water dispensers for birds

General requirements for home conditions

There are general requirements for them, which need to be considered if you intend to do them yourself:

  • she must beeasy to use. The water tank must be easily filled, if necessary manually or by means of a water supply system. It should also immediately think about free access to the bottom of the tank. For example, if you take a 200-liter barrel as a tank with a 10-centimeter plug under the plug, it will be easy to fill, but you can not wash or clean it from the inside;
  • safety requirement. Includes use for making quality material. If the container and pipes are made of metal, they are taken from stainless steel. If you choose plastic, PVC, other plastics - its substances can not be toxic and harmful to the bird. The material should not react with preparations soluble in water;
  • she isshould not be contaminatedlong term. In it, the bird should not swim, otherwise clog it. To do this, open areas of water in the area are minimized;
  • they are doingsustainableto rollover or are well fixed (depending on the construction) and are durable (material, construction);
  • their design must optimally perform its function - from itshould drink a bird unhindered, no problem.

Homemade nipple drinker

If your goal is to design a nipple drop drip, this requires the following:

  • nipple;
  • banker;
  • trumpet(water flows through it) with a plug and a tap;
  • capacityfor water (if it is not taken from the water pipe with a regulator (if it comes under pressure).
Nipple Drinking Device

If we take directly from the water supply system, the capacity can not be set. But preferable is permanent. Therefore, for example, consider the second version of the design. To the tank at a distance of 5-10 cm. from its bottom we attach a PVC pipe of the required length.

If one is not enough, by means of connectors we extend it from several. In the pipe at an equal distance, drill the holes for the nipple and separately - for the drip catcher.

Connecting the nipple
Note:The hole must be drilled for each nipple separately. If we use drip-drop, then it is installed next to the nipple.

One end crimps the pipe, the other has the shape of a spoon, in which water from the nipple accumulates during the time the bird drinks.The drift eliminator can be bought or made by yourselffrom a plastic bottle.

You can do it yourself and in another way

It is necessary to take any capacity with a capacity of 10-30 liters and nipples - 4 or 5 (depending on the diameter of the bottom). First, drill the holes for the nipple.

Drinking bowl of capacity

Then just insert the nipples into them. The capacity is suspended or placed on a tripod so that the bird can reach the nipple without problems. The design is ready.

There are nipples working at 360 degrees, there are 180 degrees (up and down).

The first is recommended for chickens, the latter for adult birds.


Vacuum variety with own hands

This design is mainly used for chickens. It supplies water with a vacuum, which constantly flows out of the container when it is needed, that is, until the poultry does not drink it. Then the container is filled again.

We make from 5 liter plastic bottles

Vacuum type construction is easy to make. In this case, you do not need to buy anything extra, as in the variant described above.

Option number 1

For this we need: One plastic bottle per, liter and one for 5 liters and 2 screws.

  1. At firstcut5-liter bottle as shown in the picture. We need only the lower ¼ of the lid.

    Pruning of drinkers

  2. From, -liter bottleunscrew the lidand attach it with screws inside the cover from the 5-liter. In, l. bottle pierce the hole diameter of 6-7 mm.

    The device of the vacuum drinker

  3. Screwingcover to 5-liter with attached cover from, liter.
  4. Top down, l. Capacity in the cut off 5-liter and screw on the lid. In the future, to pour water in, l. a bottle again unscrew it from the lid fixed on the large lid of a 5-liter. It pours out of the hole and fills the space of the cropped bottle to the level at which the hole is located.
  5. This design for convenience and rigiditybolsteron any support, for example, on a wall. On top of the wire loop holds a liter bottle, and from the bottom - 2 screwed into the wall of the rod.

    Mounting to the base

Attention!In the manufacture of such a variety of vacuum construction, it is necessary that the rims of the 5-liter part of the bottle are located above the opening for water leakage.

Option number 2

A drink from a 10-liter plastic bottle can be made using a simplified scheme. It is also suitable for a 5-liter.


First we make a hole in a 10-liter bottle 6-7 mm at a distance of about 5 cm from the bottom. But the distance will directly depend on the vessel in which you put the bottle.If it is deep, then the hole is made higher.

Variant with a bottle and a vessel

Then we fill it with water and put it into the vessel. It will run out of the bottle as soon as its level reaches the hole. You can fill the bottle in place by unscrewing the cover from the top. This is also one of the types of vacuum feed system.

Important!The bottle is hermetically sealed with a lid.

Poultry fryer for chickens from a pipe

The device of an apparel from a pipe

From a sewer pipe with a diameter of ten to fifteen centimeters make an open-type drinking bowl. For this, several holes of rectangular shape with a length of 25-35 centimeters are cut in the tube. In doing so, make the first and last hole at a distance of 10-20 cm. from its edge.

The distance between the holes must be made also 10-20 centimeters.They cut out a Bulgarian or other tools. The edges are cleaned to avoid possible scratches and cuts.

T-pieces with plugs are installed on the edges of the pipe. When water needs to be poured, - remove the inlet plug, pour out - drain. You can connect this type of structure to the existing water supply network, if necessary fill it with water, then cover it with a crane. This will fill it without effort.

In the hen house for roosters and layers it is secured with clamps of the same diameter as the pipe. They are fixed in such a way that the pipe is raised by 15-20 centimeters from the floor (ground). Set it under a slight slope (1-2 degrees) to rinse the tube, and the contents are drained by gravity.

Water in such a construction quickly becomes dirty and loses freshness, the pipe is often washed. To do this, a plug is installed on the tee from the other end of the pipe, not a plug, but a drain cock. It's easier to work with a sink.

For information:This type of construction is not suitable for chickens, as they can choke or drown.

Drip model for chicks

It is preferable to put a drinking bowl for chickens either of vacuum type or nipple type. If you choose the first option, make sure that the chickens do not choke in the vessel in which the water comes from the bottle, that is, the sides of the vessel are not high.

The scheme and device of the pointer

If their number is small, buy a vessel for a homemade vacuum drinker (in the form of a saucer and turn over a glass jar).

Chickens in the first days of life are defenseless. If they are grown separately from the hen, they are taken care of by their people. With age, chicks become more active.This means that the drinker should be well fixed, to avoid the danger of its overturning and traumatism of young animals. In addition, because of accidentally poured water, the litter becomes wet, which leads to the disease of the bird.

Important!In no case can a chicken be placed for a simple vessel, especially with high sides - the likelihood that they will drown or drown increases.

It is not recommended to choose a drinking water drinker for them for the same reasons.

You can use a constructional version of the nipple drinker. Then it is important to fix it at the level of the head of the chickens.


Compare the types of water dispensers for birds

Nipple:easy to use, safe, clean water retains a long period, does not overturn. More suitable for adult birds. The central tube can be attached to both a large tank and a reservoir.

Also connected to the existing water supply. Among the shortcomings can be noted its high cost, because almost all the components of this type of construction will have to buy.

Vacuum:convenient, the water pollutes more than the nipple, provided it is well fixed is safe, does not require money for manufacturing, it's easy to do it yourself. More suitable for chickens.

Disadvantages: if it is not enough to fix it, there is a possibility of it being thrown over, it is necessary to constantly fill the tank with water. If its volume is small, you need to do this often.

Drinking bowl of a pipe:convenient, more used for adult livestock, durable, resistant to overturning provided good It can be used to drink a large number of heads, it can be connected either to a reservoir or to a tap system.

Disadvantage: not suitable for chickens, the water in it quickly gets dirty.

Choose what type of drinker to do their own hands better, based on the availability of improvised materials and financial opportunities.

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