Modes and washing time in washing machines Zanussi

Since modern washing machines have a lot of programs and functions, the user needs to be able to use them. To do this, the manufacturer indicates the washing modes for the Zanussi machine on the control panel, marking each with a symbol.

Decoding of such icons can be found in the instruction manual. But if you do not have the opportunity to look into it, then our article will come in handy.

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Zanussi program table: description and symbols

On Zanussi's washers, the designations are practically the same as for other models. Around the pivoting tumbler are drawn icons, descriptions of which you will find in the table below. The basic and additional modes allow you to effectively care for the laundry.

You can select the modeZanussifor a particular type of tissue or the degree of contamination of things.

Symbol Titles Values Approximate washing time *
Cotton Suitable for cotton white and colored underwear. Long-term washing at a temperature of 60-95 degrees allows you to wash even work and heavily soiled clothes, towels and bedding. 120-175 minutes
Synthetics Synthetic things are erased at low temperatures of 30-40 degrees. After the spin is finished, the anti-crease function is added. Suitable for underwear, towels, tablecloths, shirts. 85-95 minutes
Power Saving Mode An additional function that connects to the main programs. For example, the activation of the function at a temperature of 90 ° will reduce it to 67 °, and at 60 ° reduce it to 40 °. This approach saves electricity. Can not be used with "Quick wash". -
Delicate With the program you can wash clothes from thin and lacy fabrics, as well as things marked "Hand washing". 65-75 minutes
Jeans Proper care of jeans products avoids moulting and pre-fading. 130-140 minutes
Wool Using a special program, woolen things do not sit down or roll down. The regime passes with minimal spin or without it at all. 50-60 minutes
Children 30, 40 Suitable for the care of children's underwear at a water temperature of 30 and 40 degrees. Washing in a large amount of water, provides complete rinsing of detergents. 30-40 minutes
Hygienic 90 Washing at a high temperature of 90 degrees allows you to get rid of dust mites and allergens. Three intermediate rinses help remove the powder. about 120 minutes
Blankets 30 and 40 Suitable for washing things with different fillers, passes at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. 65-75 minutes
Footwear 30-40 Wash your shoes at a temperature of 40 degrees. The program includes a basic mode, three cycles of rinsing and spinning at 1000 revolutions. from 120 minutes
Night Wash A long cycle passes as quietly as possible and with minimal energy use. After the end of the cycle, the program stops with water in the tank. It is necessary to turn on the spin by yourself. about 120 minutes
Prewash Passes at a temperature of 30 degrees. Used for heavily soiled laundry, to improve the quality of washing. 40-115 minutes (depending on the type of fabric)
Stain remover To use the function in a special department of the dispenser, pour in the detergent to remove stains. The water temperature is 40 degrees. -
Additional Rinse You can turn on the mode after the main programs to effectively get rid of the powder. 50-60 minutes
Pressing If the laundry is not pressed enough, connect a second spin. 10-20 minutes
Draining Forced draining is useful in the "Night Wash" mode. 0-10 minutes

* The table gives an approximate time frame. The cycle time can vary within these limits or go beyond them - it depends on the particular model. Look in the instruction to your typewriter - in the majority in the table of programs there is also an expenditure of time.

How to select and activate the mode on the washing machineZanussi

The user must know how to properly configure and set this or that mode. To select, you need to rotate the program selector and stop it in the desired mode. Activate additional functions by pressing the buttons. The cycle time depends on the installed program.

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