Dihr professional dishwasher overview for cafes and restaurants

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If you are interested in buying a quality professional dishwasher, pay attention to the trademark Dihr. It is suitable for restaurants and cafes, small bars and hotels. It is an average of 120-300 thousand.

We offer to get acquainted with the brand and find out what a good dishwasher Dihr is.

Content of the material:

  • 1About the brand
    • 1.1Company successes
  • 2Technologies in MMP Dihr
    • 2.1What the firm produces
  • 3Overview of the main models
    • 3.1GS40
    • 3.2H 600 E PLUS
    • 3.3GS 85
    • 3.4Glass Washing Machine (SMM) DIHR GS 35 DD + DP

About the brand

The company Dihr was founded in 1985 in Italy, the head office is located in Venice. Since the first years of its existence, a course has been taken to manufacture dishwashers - it has been in operation since 1988. Since 2003 the company has become a member of the group company ALI SPA.

Today the products of this brand are supplied to more than 80 countries of the world. Among the techniques for professional cuisine, "Dichr" occupies a leading place.

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Company successes

The main principles on which the corporation develops are innovations and investments. That is why the leading specialists of the company create original equipment, which is almost equal in the market. So, in 2012 the model TWIN STAR came off the assembly line, which experts recognized as the best novelty in the field of professional kitchen appliances. Novelty was the technology of vertical washing.

From 2013 to 2015, the company announced itself at a special exhibition "International Salon of Hospitality Industry HOST held in Milan.

Technologies in MMP Dihr

All machines "Dichr" differ a number of technical and functional solutions:

  • Savings in the consumption of resources due to the thermal generator provided in the design. Economy is also ensured by double rinsing and separate zones for washing and rinsing dishes.
  • Noise and thermal insulation of the highest level thanks to double doors.
  • The working parts of the machine are made of high-quality stainless steel - this guarantees a long and trouble-free operation.
  • The rounded edges of the tub make it easy to wash the equipment inside.
  • Thermostop controls the washing and rinsing of plates, glasses, appliances at certain temperatures.
  • Machines for cleaning devices have a UV lamp that neutralizes bacteria, ensures maximum disinfection of spoons, forks and knives.
  • Dihr dishwashers are multifunctional thanks to electronic control: their user panel is equipped with a membrane with buttons.
  • Simplicity in operation and universality is realized in each of products of this firm.
  • The client can optionally complete the PMM with special software, which will allow controlling the temperature modes and the general state of the machine, saving the settings in memory.

What the firm produces

Products Dihr includes the following types:

  • granulated PMM;
  • boiler-washing machines;
  • domed dishwashers;
  • front-end machines;
  • machines for cleaning the inventory;
  • bar equipment.

Overview of the main models


This Italian frontal dishwasher is suitable for small establishments: bars, coffee shops. The machine will cope with the washing of glasses, cups, cutlery, small utensils and small diameter dishes.

Features of DIHR GS40:

  • the body is made of high-quality stainless steel;
  • stamped tank of inclined type;
  • double door;
  • the streamlined roof protects against dropping;
  • safe closing of the door;
  • dispenser means for shine.


  • Wash up to 480 glasses per hour;
  • processes up to 30 cassettes per hour;
  • baskets 40x40 cm;
  • duration of the washing cycle - 2 minutes;
  • The capacity of the tank is 1, liters;
  • boiler can hold, liter;
  • water consumption per 1 cycle liter;
  • voltage - 220 V;
  • power, kWt;
  • weight - 37 kg;
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 5, x45x70 cm.

The market value is 7, 85 rubles.

Important! Instruction manual in 3 languages, including Russian.

H 600 E PLUS

Frontal PMM for catering can be used for washing dishes, glasses, cups and cutlery.

This PMM employs the patented DIHR PLUS system, which helps rinse with constant temperature and the same head. The pump pumps water into the boiler, after which it enters the nozzles of the rinsing system. This machine does not depend on the pressure in the water pipe, so reducing the pressure in the pipes will not be a problem.

The temperature during rinsing is constantly maintained at 85 degrees, because water is supplied to the boiler only after the cycle is completed. This eliminates the mixing of already heated water with fresh water. The Break Tank system blocks the return flow of the already used water into the water supply.

The machine has an AA class, which means maximum efficiency.

Features of the model:

  • conformity to the European standard 60х40 cm;
  • tank of step type;
  • autostart when the dome is closed and hitchhiking when it is opened;
  • a pump with a vertical installation, supplemented by the possibility of self-cleaning;
  • Separate filter unit with sedimentation tank and pump-type filter;
  • easy access to internal parts and components for easy cleaning, maintenance and repair;
  • The cover is of a special shape, which prevents drops from getting onto the already washed dishes;
  • built-in thermometer.


  • baskets of 50x50 or 60x50 cm;
  • processing of 60 baskets per hour;
  • cycle duration 1 2, 3 or 5 seconds;
  • voltage - 380 V;
  • power - 1, kW;
  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 7, х72х19, cm.

The cost is 279 950 rubles.

GS 85

GS 85 is suitable for washing dishes, cups and glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils. The GS series is an economical solution for restaurants, hotels, bars. Compact equipment can be placed even under a table or bar counter - it's not only convenient, but also aesthetically pleasing.

The machine has an impressive capacity, which has a positive effect on performance. The cost is modest: 12, 50 rubles.

Features of the model:

  • the body is made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • door double-layer, additionally equipped with microrelief, has thermal and sound insulation;
  • bath inclined one-piece - provides a convenient drain of water from it;
  • The overflow and discharge system is reported to protect the pump;
  • Dome cover - drops do not drain onto already washed plates;
  • Sleeves for washing and rinsing a lightweight type cope with problems with reduced pressure in the water supply system;
  • The nozzles are easily removed, which simplifies their cleaning;
  • the machine is protected from return water supply to the system:
  • there is a peristaltic sample rinse aid dispenser;
  • connection to hot water;
  • Thermostop provides rinsing with constantly heated to 85 degrees water;
  • you can optionally put an additional surface filter.


  • baskets 50х50 cm;
  • washing up to 40 baskets per hour;
  • duration of the cycle -3 minutes;
  • voltage - 380 V;
  • power, kWt;
  • dimensions: 60x59x129 cm (WxDxH).

Glass Washing Machine (SMM) DIHR GS 35 DD + DP

The machine for washing the glasses of the front type is equipped with a detergent dispenser and a drain pump.

Features of the design repeat the above described models PMM. Consider the technical specifications:

  • baskets measuring 35x35 cm;
  • washing 30 baskets per hour;
  • a cycle lasting 2 minutes;
  • the required voltage is 220V;
  • connection to hot water;
  • power, kWt;
  • Dimensions: 4, х40х5, cm (width, depth and height, respectively).

The cost is 86 805 rubles.

You can buy the described or other models from the official dealers of the company, which in Russia are many. If you need high-quality cleaning equipment for a restaurant or a cafe, Dihr has a suitable solution at an affordable price. Good choice!

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