Than lubricating the stuffing box of the washing machine tank

Despite the fact that the washing machine is in constant contact with water, there are parts in it that do not need moisture. To a large extent, this applies to the drum bearings, which wear out quickly when the lubricant is washed out. From the penetration of water, the bearing protects the stuffing box seal.

Some users are wondering: should I lubricate the stuffing box of the washing machine? Let's understand.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why you need to lubricate the stuffing box in the washing machine
  • 2What grease for oil seals to choose
    • 2.1Anderol for washing machines
    • 2.2Ambligon
    • 2.3Litol-24
    • 2.4Litol-24M
    • 2.5TSIATIM-221
  • 3We make a replacement

Why you need to lubricate the stuffing box in the washing machine

First, let's look at the device and the principle of the stuffing box. No stiralka can do without this detail.

This sealing rubber ring serves to protect the bearing at the joints from the water. For a high-quality sealing, the gasket of the washing machine tank should sit as tightly as possible. That's why it is recommended to replace it with the bearings.

A metal bushing passes through the central axis of the tank, which, during rotation, contributes to the wear of the stuffing box. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use a water-repellent grease for stuffing boxes.

What grease for oil seals to choose

Some users use folk remedies, such as butter or fat. Of course, this seems economically more profitable, since a grease that meets all standards is expensive.

Dear users! Do not forget: saving on lubrication, you reduce the life of the stuffing box. Subsequently, you will have to spend money on new parts and replace them.

Before replacing the oil seal, let's figure out what kind of lubricant to choose.

Properties that must have a lubricant:

  1. Moisture-repellent.
  2. Without aggressive chemical components. Otherwise, under their influence, the parts of the machine will be destroyed.
  3. Resistant to temperature changes.
  4. Viscosity for long service.

Specialists recommend the use of silicone water-repellent lubricant for LIQUI MOLY oil seals "Silicon-Fett". It is able to withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to + 200 ° C. It is considered the most effective of all presented.

Other means are also popular. Than else you can lubricate the stuffing box in the washing machine, read below.

Anderol for washing machines

Lubrication of Italian production has a neutral chemical composition, water repellent properties. Withstands temperatures up to + 190 ° С. Perfectly retains its properties when heated. Suitable for any kind of stuffing box.


Amblygon - grease for oil seals from the Italian manufacturer. The product perfectly retains its properties when exposed to temperatures from -28 to + 192 ° C. It has water-repellent properties, it is chemically inert. It is packaged either portionwise in syringes of 2 ml each, or in packs of 100 g.


Multi-purpose grease is water resistant. Unlike non-professional products, it does not harden when heated. It is able to withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C. It is chemically and mechanically stable.


The product has a moisture repellent effect, reliably protecting components from corrosion. Withstands temperatures in the range from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C. Compatible with other lubricants, does not compact in water, is mechanically stable.


Homogeneous grease with a multi-purpose application.

Replacing the stuffing box in the washing machine provides that the grease must withstand temperature changes. TSIATIM-221 is capable of withstanding from -60 ° C to + 150 ° C. Successfully used in knots of friction, does not lose its properties when boiled.

However, there are also disadvantages: the lubricant is hygroscopic, therefore, absorbing moisture, it becomes denser and loses its properties. In addition, it can not be used together with other means. Chemically inert.

Make your choice and get a suitable lubricant.

Now consider how to change the oil seal.

We make a replacement

Let's see how you can get to the omentum. Here's a step-by-step action.

  1. Having disconnected the machine from the network and communications, drain the remaining water from the drain filter. It is located under the front panel, behind a small hatch.
  2. Remove the two screws from the back to remove the top panel. Now unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the back panel, set it aside.
  3. Remove the drive belt from the drum. After locking the pulley with the handle of the hammer, unscrew its central bolt and remove it from the tank.
  4. Disconnect the wiring that can be attached to the drum. Usually it is fixed with plastic clips, so use a wire cutter.
  5. Having disconnected wiring of the motor, unscrew fixing bolts and pull the electromotor from the case. Also unfasten the wires from the TEN.
  6. Unscrew the bolts of the upper counterweight of the tank. Take it to the side.
  7. Remove the detergent dispenser by pressing the center latch. Loosen all the bolts that hold the control panel. Unscrew the plastic latches, remove it and place it on top of the case.
  8. Loosen the clamp of the fill valve and disconnect it from the tank. Pull out the powder hopper along with the priming valve. To do this, unfasten the wire from the valve and unscrew the bolts from the rear.
  9. Remove the pressure switch hose, which is usually fixed to the tank.
  10. Open the door of the hatch, bending off the sealing rubber, remove the outer yoke. Fill the cuff inside the tank. Unscrew the screws of the UBL lock by running your hand over the body of the AGR, pull out the lock and unfasten the wiring.
  11. Unscrew the screws at the perimeter of the front panel, pull it up and set it aside.
  12. Remove the counterweights from the tank by unscrewing the bolts.
  13. Unscrew the shock absorbers, remove the tank from the hooks and pull out.

You coped with the dismantling of the tank. Now let's see how to properly get and put the stuffing box in the washing machine.

  1. Unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the tank. Using a screwdriver, release the latches and remove the upper half.
  2. After hitting the sleeve several times, knock out the drum from the tank.
  3. Remove the oil seal by screwing it with a screwdriver.

Before installing the oil seal correctly, apply lubricant. Start to lubricate the outer surface with a thin layer. Once the seal is in place, apply a lubricant to the inner surface using a syringe.

How to change and lubricate the oil seal, you understand. It remains to assemble the car and enjoy its uninterrupted operation. Related videos will help you:

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