The display does not work on the refrigerator

Refrigerators with electronic control have a display. It is located on the door as a connection between the "machine" and the user. The scoreboard allows you to conveniently set the modes, adjust the temperature in the camera, learn about the failure. But what if the display on the refrigerator "Atlant" or another brand no longer works? We will analyze what caused the breakdown, as well as options for self-repair of the problem.

Content of the material:

  • 1The main reasons for the failure of the display
  • 2How to repair the display

The main reasons for the failure of the display

If you notice that there are strange symbols on the electronic display, it does not always mean a breakdown. We'll figure out what screen work is normal:

  1. The error code is displayed. This is a set of letters and numbers that indicate a malfunction of the refrigerator units. To find out the place of breakdown, you need to decode the code.
  2. Flashing the icon may indicate the inclusion of a certain mode - you can find out more precisely in the instruction. If the temperature indicator blinks, then it has increased in the compartment. The reasons could be as frequent opening of the door, and leakage of gas-freon.
  3. After the door is closed, the display no longer lights up. This is normal, so the technique saves electricity.

Let's talk about the problems. If the LG refrigerator display does not work, Samsung, Ariston, such problems are likely:

  1. Incorrect operation of the electrical network. Insufficient voltage in the network can cause problems with the operation of the display: for example, because of this, the screen does not glow or does not turn on at all. Therefore, it is recommended to install stabilizers for powerful equipment.
  2. The circuit has been traced, the contacts are broken. From the electronic module to the display leads a plume of wires, it passes through the upper part of the door. Sometimes wires are damaged, as a result some segments on the scoreboard ("Samsung "Ariston") do not work. If the stub is heavily bent or the pins are out, the screen will not glow at all.
  3. Mechanical damage. During transportation or operation of the equipment, the scoreboard could be damaged.

Can the refrigerator not work because of the display? No. A serious breakdown is considered a malfunction of the control card, then the technician can completely refuse to work, not respond to user commands.

Most often, the board breaks due to power surges in the network. Its elements or contacts are burned. The condensate, which collects on the surface of the control unit, can lead to a malfunction.

Separately, it is worth considering the features of the display on the refrigerator Hotpoint Ariston. Users complain about the inclusion of a creeping line "dEon" on the screen, which can not be disabled. This means that the demo mode is enabled, so the refrigerator does not respond to commands. You can disable it by using the instruction, or by pressing the Mode - Select button.


How to repair the display

Immediately check that the refrigerator is connected to the mains, if the outlet is working. To check, connect another device to the socket, if it turns on - it means everything is in order. If not, you will have to call the wizard. Do not try to repair the electrician yourself.


  • After powering on the set, be sure to press the power button on the chassis panel.
  • Check the plug and the power cord. Probably, the insulation of the cord is broken or the plug forks. Then the elements are replaced.

  • Check the fuse. If it is burned, then the scoreboard may not work. For replacement it is better to call a master.
  • Check the contacts leading to the display and control board.

If after a self-inspection the screen does not work - he needs a replacement, or requires repair and reflashing of the electronic module. These are serious problems that can not be eliminated by our own hands. It is better to seek help from a specialist.

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