How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator

Often happens that in our "electronic pantry" there are extraneous aromas. Why this happens and how to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator, this article will be discussed.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of unpleasant odor in the refrigerator
    • 1.1Technical
    • 1.2Sanitary and hygienic
    • 1.3Storage Rules
  • 2How to remove smells from the refrigerator

Causes of unpleasant odor in the refrigerator

There are usually three:

  1. Technical.
  2. Sanitary and hygienic.
  3. Infringement of rules of storage of products.

Consider them in order.


Remove the smell of paint and plastic in the new refrigerator simply. At home, unpacking for example a brand new "Indesit"orAtlant, rinse it thoroughly inside and leave it open for a couple of hours. This will help to wipe out extraneous factory "flavors."

Attention! Having bought a cheap model with a low quality of plastic, know: to struggle with a sharp smell inside it is necessary long.

The smell in the old fridge can talk about:

  • malfunctions in the auto-freeze system;
  • clogged condensate drain;
  • accumulation and decay of moisture in seals;
  • clogging the deodorizer in the device;
  • power outages.

How to eliminate some of these problems at home, knows a technically prepared host. It is better and more reliable to conduct timely preventive measures.

It is necessary to regularly and accurately inspect, clean and rinse the system, from the rear wall to the plating and rubber seals. Also it is necessary to change the worn out parts and take care of stabilizing the voltage in the network.

To destroy a bad smell of freon at its leakage will be able only the master.

Sanitary and hygienic

Another reason for the unpleasant odor in the refrigerator is indirectly related to the first. We are talking about the planned maintenance of machinery, which the landlady must first of all remember.


  • once a week to do "revision" in the cell and easy preventive cleaning, eliminating stains from spilled products, grease and dirt;
  • every six months or a year completely defrost and wash the device with cleaning agents such as Topperr.

Before you wash, do not forget to disconnect the refrigerator from the mains. Check the cleanliness of the drain behind the camera. To handle and remove rotten odor use detergents.

  • The folk remedies are well help - solutions of soda (2 tablespoons per liter of water), ammonia (teaspoon liquid ammonia per liter), vinegar (one to one) or vodka with lemon (a tablespoon of juice and 10 spoonfuls of vodka liter).

  • Dry the shelves and containers carefully before putting them in the refrigerator. To refresh, put inside the tablets of activated carbon, one-time tea bags, lemon or gel absorber.

Storage Rules

Buying products, we do not always pay attention to the conditions and terms of their storage. Failure to follow recommendations can cause smell from the camera. From what and what place is put inside, too much depends. This is described in the instructions to the device.

Briefly recall the main recommendations:

  • Smoked hams, sausage, cheese, save in waxed paper. They are a source of strong smell, which remains for a long time.
  • Outside the freezer, meat and fish become the soil for the rapid growth of bacteria.
  • Cook spicy dishes with spices in tightly closed containers or pack in food film.
  • Periodically check the safety of perishable food. It may age, dry out or become moldy.
  • Leaving for a long time, do not leave quickly deteriorating products, disconnect or transfer to an economical mode the device. It is better to keep an empty camera in this period ajar.

How to remove smells from the refrigerator

If all the above measures have not yielded results, we will consider how to kill or neutralize terrible smells. Remove the smell of mold, foul meat, repulse old aromas help detergents, scent absorbers, ionizers and carbon filters of industrial manufacture. They are sold in hardware stores in a large assortment.

It is better to use eco-friendly and non-toxic. For example, OdorGone can cope with even a strong smell and bacteria in a few hours. Effectively operates the domestic "Indesit" with a spray. Napkins and spray in the Top House also serve to clean the contaminated surfaces. In total for 5-10 minutes a day the ionizer on batteries handles disinfection.

On a note! Drying after washing is best done by a fan heater.

In the fight against spores of germs and mold will help irradiation for half an hour with a blue lamp.

From the folk ways, let's focus on inexpensive and affordable substances. What absorbs extraneous aromas well:

  • baking soda stored in an open container and must be replaced at least once a month;
  • vinegar, diluted with water in the ratio delivered inside the device for a couple of hours;
  • rastolchenny activated or charcoal, placed at night in the cell.

A little less effective half of potatoes or apples, crust of rye bread or orange, a mixture of cinnamon and vinegar, ground coffee, salt or sugar.

Applying the above tips, you will get rid of problems - and the food in the refrigerator will always be fresh and quality.

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